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Astonishing New Radio Robot Jewelry

Radio Robot is a combination of crystal radio technology and cartoon animation.
Radio Robot is a combination of crystal radio technology and cartoon animation.

Yes, it’s here, and I feel almost “led” to them by a higher force, possibly a Marketing Angel, so I’m presenting them, for what it’s worth. What is a Radio Robot? I’ll try my best to explain:

It all starts with the preparation of the plate, where I roll out the metal prior to embossing. This has to be done right, or the piece doesn’t come out imbued. The rollout process is something akin to rolling out the bakery dough — that’s where you imbue with prayer and blessings, all within this single process.

Then comes the embossing, final clean-roll and of course, the mounting in a capsule, flip or silver or 14k gold bezel, or on a backboard as a lightweight and inexpensive earring set, but that doesn’t explain what the Radio Robot is and does.

The Radio Robot design is an incorporation of a simplified crystal radio circuit that would actually work if it existed in radio component parts and, of course, it does — it’s what makes the SuperBeacon and every other crystal radio apparatus function, which is a detector and tuning mechanism within the receiving radio circuit. Continue reading

Death, Spirit, Remembering, Awakening, Enlightenment

Why my coins are not hobo nickels:

Simply put, I have a fine-art approach to the coin carving, not a numismatic one. I don’t care much for hard-edge art and care even less for literalism and so-called “realism”, which isn’t anywhere close to realness. I use a free-form line, more drawing and sketching than the tightly repressed world of gravure you generally see, although there are more artists discovering coin engraving every day, and more artistic renderings are available.

Look on eBay to see many examples of recent hobo nickel art and other coin carvings.

The story of the hobo nickel arising out of the hobo jungles of the 1929-1939 Great Depression is simply that when you got hold of a spare nickel, you could carve it into a dollar’s worth of food and lodging. I like to use the same spirit in carving my coins as the hobos enjoyed in their day, meaning that I scratch at it — I don’t slice and cut the way a modern engraver would and should do. My approach is more “Paleo”, more basic, more street-wise and less technological, less dependent on civilization to maintain it.

Most hoboes used an ordinary 6-penny nail or a broken file to scratch their carvings into the nickel, and it’s those moves I’m trying to duplicate. Continue reading

Bob & Ray Explain the Komodo Dragon — early radio broadcast

Betcha you can’t listen and not laugh, but this is what most human conversations actually sound like, if you listen really carefully.

Had not Stan Freberg done this “Broadway show without a stage” — meaning that it might have had a chance as a stage show, but it never made the grade or found the sponsorship, I suspect, as it was wildly advanced thinking for its day — you’d never know the real stories behind the United States. At last, you can hear the truth, as only Freberg can tell it, and there’s adequate and funny music, too. As a matter of fact, there’s tap-dancing, and considering that this is a record, not an actual show, it might be the first time someone danced on an audio-only product. We did it on KVMR a number of years back, with sacred dance and music on radio only, no tv, but we did have a live audience of over 350 that day.

There are AT LEAST 11 parts from this first volume of Stan Freberg’s United States of America on youtube. Find out more about Freberg…who was he? What did he do? Why did he do it? Then what happened?

See You At The Top!!!


The God Frequency & the Quantum Antenna

Yes, Virginia, there really is a God Frequency. It’s a cycle of energetics existing upward of space-time constituents, exclusive of matter and raw energies. All frequencies refer to the number of times something happens per cycle of timeline. What that means is that vibration causes sound and sound causes vibration. Cause & Effect Are One & The Same.

How does that affect you? Continue reading

Babylonian Radio Discovered


Claude and I are currently examining and testing a Babylonian Radio. Technically speaking, it’s roughly equivalent to the GI Foxhole Radio of WW II. We’re thinking there’s a matching spark-gap transmitter, although this was clearly built as an interdimensional religious artifact, used for alpha/theta wave induction and Schumann Harmonics effects, similar to a Brane-Power amulet. Potentially, there’s no reason why we should not someday find an ancient SuperBeacon somewhere in the ancient ruins of Babylon.

Continue reading

Hapi Hour with EJ Gold

Tune in for the Hapi Hour with EJ Gold on http://www.justin.tv/gorebaggtv/ where I’ll be using the Hapi and from time to time filming tutorials — can’t quite bring myself to use the term “instructible” or “instructable” — they’re wrongly constructed terms. Watch the ICW this morning for demos and more about the two shows…oh, did I not mention “Gorebagg’s Tags”??? It’s a show where I demo how to construct barbershop quartet “tags” and much, much more. Tune in to both shows every day. Follow me on twitter and facebook for the latest info on shows, because they’re at odd times until I can settle into a routine with them, if that’s even possible.