Mindfulness And High Attention — MaHa

$45,000 page from Mint State Lincoln Set.

“Maha” means “Mindfulness And High Attention in my book, but in the Hindu scriptures it means “Great” or “Big”, as in “Big Ruler” or “Big Spiritual Guy”, as in “Mahabharata” and “Mahatma”, respectively, not to mention “Matahari”, which has absolutely nothing to do with the subject, anyway — besides, she was framed.

Okay, forget about Matahari. So what is “MaHa”, and how does it affect you?

MaHa is Mindfulness And High Attention. It is a spiritual technology that uses Special Directed Attention to accomplish its goals, which is to make you more aware, more conscious, more enlightened, more awake, more sensing and feeling and more dedicated to life beyond the box.

You will instantly FEEL BETTER and more centered, more poised, more assured and more certain. A profound CALM and SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT and SERENITY will come over you and stay around you in a protective bubble of peace and harmony.

You will experience a freedom from the time-binding of space-time, due to the time-bending properties of the coinage you are handling, with the quantum-entanglement connection to the time-frame of the coin.

My “MS-63 RED GEM” vintage Wheat-Backed Lincoln Cents are called “Clear-Channel Time-Benders”. The sense of freedom from the time-frame gives you a certainty on your soul-travel through ENDLESS time and space.

You will feel an INSTANT sense of SPIRITUAL FREEDOM from the confines of the organic world, or your money back. Come to think of it, you’re buying money, so you already HAVE your money back!

Jeez, you get a refund even if you’re satisfied??? You bet you do, and there’s even more payoff than that.

If you carry out your Coinology Course Assignments correctly, you will see a “feedback effect” — a definite visible and spendable result of your efforts, mainly in the form of money, specifically an income derived from the sale and trade of coins garnered through the skill-building exercises of Coinology, plus all the other invisible benefits of the practice, including just feeling better about yourself and your life and the world in which you find yourself living and surviving.

These are the grade side of the MS-60+ Early Dates at the top of the article.

One thing I can absolutely guarantee: you will feel 100% more CONFIDENT and SECURE when you handle large amounts of money, whether it’s actually worth anything or not — just handling money is therapeutic in the extreme — ask any psychologist.

Okay, so how can you get the skills you need?

Read the instructions that come with the kits, and watch the videos if there’s a video associated with that exercise — some exercises don’t need a video. Utilizing “Special Attention”, which I give you the training to do, you can direct your attention to the finding of very occult and difficult-to-see details on a specific coin — namely, the U.S. “Lincoln Wheat-Backed Cent” issued between 1909 and 1958.

This is a very collectible series, arguably the most-collected of all U.S. coins, merely because it was so cheap to create a collection, especially when the coins in question were still in circulation and could be found as “pocket change”. Even if you have to buy them, they’re still cheap to obtain compared to other potentially valuable coins.

The U.S. Lincoln Cent is the most likely to yield high-end results for the money, especially in the realm of MINT ERRORS. You’re very likely to find mint errors every night of the week in Lincoln Cent searches, because there are literally tons of them, some worth more than others.

MAKING A COLLECTION — You want to start a basic collection in order to familiarize yourself with the general field, so you know the coin. It’s not just one coin — every year and every mint production is slightly different, and every time a new HUB was made or a new DIE was punched, there was plenty of room for mistakes, and some of them slipped past the quality inspectors and are perhaps sitting unrecognized in your pocket or purse or on your kitchen counter.

Back around 1934, several breakfast cereal companies produced what were called “Premium Cards”, promotional cardboard coin-holders that displayed your Lincoln pennies in print-marked spots, calling for “1909-s VDB” all the way to “1934-d” in the earlier cards and up to “1939-d” in the later cards.

These Premium Cards can cost a whalloping $100 apiece, but it’s well worth it, because it does NOT call for the 1922 “No-D”, which is the only error coin in the albums produced today, and is not properly considered part of the intentionally-issued series, which is reflected in the rest of the album’s content, notably in the Dansco.

If you think about it, you’ll instantly realize that there are two coins that don’t normally reside in a modern album today, and that’s the 1909-s VDB and the 1922 No-D, both of which MUST be slabbed, for your protection and for the protection of your heirs and assigns.

In short, don’t make authenticity an issue anywhere in your collection by failing to obtain “third-party” identifications and grading, notably with PCGS and NGC.

Myself, I’d rather put together a GREAT collection of just the KEY coins IN SLABS in the Lincoln Set — if you want a book, you can always buy an entire “almost complete” album and put in near your KEY collection, if you feel so inclined.

My personal preference is to create a piece of WALL ART that can be displayed, rather than a book that has to be hauled out like a picture album anytime you want to show it.

I can create a number of different wall displays with the materials I have at hand — notably, coin pages and album pages that I had made for me by the Dansco company.

There’s nothing like a beautifully-framed COINOLOGY wall display, priced from $49.95 all the way up to $1,850 for the Framed Premium Card Lincoln Cent Set, or you can select the coins that go into the card at individual “A La Carte” prices in the Gallery, where all my coins are on display, including White XF Peace Dollars Complete Set at only $1,950 and a Barber Half Complete Set is offered at only $2,850, if you can believe that, and I’m getting in a FABULOUS BUFF NICKEL SET on consignment from a collector, which I believe will be less than $7,000 with a drop-dead gorgeous ’37 three-legged buffalo and the double-date is FULL-HORN!!!

In the case of the Lincoln Full Set, the album is there only to give context to the KEY coin collection but, with knowledge, your audience won’t need it, because they’ve themselves already put together one of these collections and they have a very good concept of the traversing of time and territory by these famous American Pennies.

By the way, they’re quite improperly called “pennies”. The penny is very English, and represents a modern variant of the Carolingian Denarius, which is why the official abbreviation  of “d” was first used.

“Penny” is also the modern informal name for the American Cent, which started out life very differently, of which I have several examples in the Gallery, some of which are mounted in 14k gold, Gold-Filled and Sterling Lockets, notably one very reasonably-priced Fugio, the very first U.S. cent issued by the Continental Congress following the American War of Independence, often called the “American Revolution”, quite improperly, as you can read in “SlimeWars”.

I can’t remember how many there were, but that’s definitely going to be one of the questions on the Term Final, and I’ve already written my paper on the subject and submitted it before I entered the SIM.

Saves me time so when I get back to my schoolwork, I’ll be able to play a couple of rounds of Bardo Safari or Urthgame before dinner, like we’re doing now, if you can remember yourself.

“Remembering Yourself” is what it’s all about.

Who are you? Where are you? What are you doing right now? What’s going on? What’s the big secret? Is it all a Big Ironic Joke? Why is it always this? How does it seem to you now?

If any of those questions evoke real answers, it’s worth the effort asking.

Coinology practice is a five-minute-a-day practice, at least at first. After you turn up your first $100 coin during a coin-search, you’ll be thoroughly hooked and you might not go back to the day job.

Am I kidding?

No, I’m totally serious. A DEDICATED and KNOWLEDGE-HOLDING Avatar — that’d be you — should be able to generate a comfortable and maybe more-than-comfortable livelihood from the buying, selling and trading of coins.

Lots of folks actually do that right now, today, and they’ve been doing it since Roman times, when coin shops dedicated just to the collection of coins and antiques existed on the streets of Rome, Herculaneum and Pompeii — both of which were weekend getaway resorts for the wealthier citizens of Rome and me.

I was never wealthy, but I always managed to end up in the resorts and tourist towns, if you’ve never taken notice for the past several dozen centuries.

If you can park a car or wait a table, you can live in a resort town.

If you can make a living from trading coins, you’re free of specific location, which in the coming months and years might not be a bad idea, if you’re not of the Corn-Belt Variety of hominid.

When you’re trading coins, nobody asks you if you’ve accepted Jesus as your personal savior — at least, not yet.

You can travel easily with rare coins, and if you have the skills, you needn’t land anywhere with a stash of cash — you can start trading right away, with items you don’t own and never need to own in order to trade them.

Skills are FAR more important than things.

Expensive high-end stuff doesn’t sell in a panic — small change is best, no big bills, no big bucks, no diamonds, no gold.

Those all invite thuggery.

Just skills. Trading skills. Find out what is being traded — what the local currency is — and start trading around it.


How to learn those skills?

First job is to learn to SEE. This is the goal, anyway. Presumably you want to be able to peer through and beyond the box.

So what are the Immediate Personal Goals of Coinology?

  1. THE FOLDER — Create a mini-collection of all the COMMONS Lincoln Cents for the First Littleton “Green Folder”, from 1909-1929, at a cost of $33 plus packing & shipping anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. It’s gonna be slightly or extravagantly more for overseas shipments, depending upon how corrupt your local government happens to be — ours is now the most corrupt, as you’ll have noticed in recent days, so be prepared for wild unexpected taxation from the U.S. government, which may include postage fees and graft and bribery for local inspectors of various kinds.
  2. THE GRADING SKILLS-BUILDER — Search a real pile of dough — well, cheapo “flattie” Wheaties — for the gems that you KNOW are in there amongst all the garbage coins, because YOU PUT THEM IN THERE yourself, after studying them. I send you a kit consisting of a bag of GUARANTEED SEARCHED coins that have NO quality coins in them — they are G-4 to a MAXIMUM of F-8, so they make a great “flattie” bland background against which to search EASILY, for those “CA$H” quality coins. The Grading Kit Basic contains 100 totally bland and uninteresting Lincoln Cents plus 5 VERY HIGH-GRADE but inexpensive coins that come to you mounted in flips with identification and coin information handwritten on them by me. You get a “reference” set with writing on the flips, and a “finding” set in blank flips — you remove the “finding” set from the flips in order to use them in the search, and keep the reference coins in the flips to look at to remember what you’re looking for in the pile. All the directions needed come with the set, which costs only $66 for everything you need to carry out the exercise many times.
  3. MINT-MARK TRAINER — Learn how to ACTUALLY SEE the mint-marks, read them correctly and understand their technology and limitations. The coins used for this exercise are 100 mint-mark Wheaties of various dates and in a number of widely differing states and conditions. Cost of this kit is only $66, and of course comes with full clearly explained instructions. Coins can be used many times and this exercise is very useful in calming and relaxation.
  4. MINT ERRORS 101 — Learn to spot mint-errors in any coin series by looking for the anomalies, the unusual, to find the rare. There are some common themes about mint-errors, and they persist in the coinage of coinage all the way from ancient Greek and Jewish coinage right up to today. You can be sure the U.S. Mint is still making the occasional boo-boo in the production of coins, as it always has. This kit costs $50, which includes full instructions on this FUN project. You just might run into some RPMs and DDOs that can be worth up to $22,000 apiece!!! Please take note: you will be searching 2,500 common CURRENTLY IN-CIRCULATION coins for this exercise, but it is predicated upon the previous exercises, so don’t skip the basics!
  5. UPGRADE YOUR COLLECTION — Now it’s time to get the next level of Lincoln Cents for your book collection. Remember, you’re still working in the Green Folder, not yet ready for the album. This First Upgrade will cost you about $150 if you buy the coins outright, but you might be able to search them for a bit less, however, I’ve priced the coins in the kit at the G-4 — the lowest — price possible, for each coin, so I doubt you could beat that. Of course it’s below my actual cost, but I make it up in volume — well, not in volume, but in quality, by selling the better coins to total strangers and keeping the junk coins for my friends, which in the higher sense, makes cents.
  6. SEARCH AN UNSEARCHED BAG — This is your first real introduction to coin search. Think about it for a moment, and you’ll realize that even the coins you’re used to seeing in your pocket or purse will soon be gone forever, and you’ll eventually be driven to actually BUY coins at a premium. The best bet here is to obtain your coins at wholesale prices, which is what I’m recommending and offering to my Coinology students. Cost of this exercise will vary on your own decision. The number of coins will stay the same, but the cost will vary, depending on the decade of the coins. I recommend you search AT LEAST 1000 RAW UNSEARCHED COINS. I’ll help you figure out what search you’re able to handle, based upon what I see of your grading skills, and your ability to ACTUALLY SEE THE COIN.
  7. SELL A COIN — This is more or less the Muscle-Test of consciousness and conscience. If you can sell a coin, you can introduce someone to Coinology and make them happy with how they’re spending and using their life. You needn’t spend the $10,000 to open the door and $3500 a month to keep the space open on a retail shop — you can get your own retail space as a member of the Bardo Basics Group, which has a donation of $100. If everybody contributes, it’s manageable, but if one person carries the ball, it won’t work. Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. Your face is one of many, represented in the Gallery Space. You can place your coin search results in your gallery space. I’m researching the many ways to present a penny, including tons of jewelry-findings, which are available wholesale right on eBay. Fill your space with interesting and fascinating “bait” for the tourist trade! YOU get to KEEP the first $100, after selling costs such as paypal fees, that your space earns, and about 60% of the sales after that bar is YOURS to do with as you wish!!! The gallery takes about 40% of the sales after calculating credit card charges — you know, the usual.
  8. SECOND UPGRADE FOR YOUR COLLECTION — Again, about $150 will bring you within easy reach of completion, just your KEY coin slots remain open. YOU ARE CLOSE TO COMPLETION on this first collection when you have placed these coins in the folder!!!
  9. UPGRADE TO COMPLETE YOUR COLLECTION — You don’t actually have to complete the collection in order to sell it. I sell the semi-key and key coins separately, so someone can design their own collection and decide which grade it’s going to be, and which coins go in there, but a fully made collection is very, very desirable and, if you produce it at the right price, super-easy to sell.
  10. TRADE A COIN — Find out how to trade coins rather than sell or buy them, and learn to do it right, so it’s fair to both parties and everybody’s happy, with a true win/win all around, at the end of the day, 24/7/365, going forward to my happy dance, I know, right?
  11. SQUEEZE BLOOD FROM A TURNIP — Search a 5,000 coin bag and find the money in amongst the junk. You’ll have the full range of coin-finds all the way from G-4 up to MS-62 BN, and it’s up to you to find the goodies. You can buy a bag of just junk Wheaties for about $250, then intentionally bury or “salt” the better coins into the pile — that way, you know exactly what you’re looking for, or you can search a 5,000 coin bag of UNTOUCHED & UNSEARCHED Wheaties for $1,850 for a bag of TEENS, $1,400 for a bag of TWENTIES, $650 for a bag of THIRTIES and $800 for a bag of COMMONS, meaning 1940s and 1950s. Naturally, the quality of the coin is relative to the decade, so there will be a lot more “better grades” of coin in the later coins, but they’re not worth as much as the earlier coins, unless it’s an error coin.
  12. BUILD A SELF-FOUND COMPLETE SET OF LINCOLNS — This exercise is for those who just haven’t had enough punishment from life, the universe and everything. This requires a persistent search through bags, boxes and rolls until you FIND ALL THE COINS that are called for in the collection with the exception of the 1922 No D, which is technically not part of the series, but a simple mint error, the only such mint error in albums. I recommend you ignore it unless you happen to find one, in which case you can send a kid through college with the results. Well, maybe one semester, with fees as high as they are these days.
  13. SELL A 1909-s VDB in any grade. Sure, it’s worth every penny you’re asking for it, and it’s totally rare and hard to find and all of that, but you’re talking to a fast-flowing mob of not-nearly-hairless-enough gorillas in high and low fashion. In short, you’re shouting “Sanctuary! Sanctuary!” at a mob of fear-crazed peasants. Good luck explaining yourself to total strangers on the street with, “Hi, can I show you a really nice 1909-s VDB Lincoln Cent in a PCGS Slab???” You’ll get more than blank stares and a pitying expression — you’ll get ten years at hard labor on the infrastructure.
  14. FIND AND SELL AN MS-63 RED LINCOLN WHEAT-BACKED CENT of ANY date and mint-mark between 1909 and 1958. You must have had your high-grade find mounted in a grading slab by PCGS or NGC to qualify, and YOU must have found it yourself. If you didn’t find it “in the raw”, it doesn’t count. How you find it is up to you, but it MUST be in a flip when you submit it to the grading service.
  15. FIND AND SELL AN MS-60 BN or RD 1909-S/S LINCOLN WHEAT-BACKED CENT — this must be of the “sideways” s-over-s variety.
  16. FIND AND SELL A 1922 NO-D LINCOLN WHEAT-BACKED CENT — This exercise requires TRADING skills — nobody expects you to actually find a raw 1922 no-d anywhere in a pile of coins. You’ll have to trade up to it from what you’re able to find now, which takes a bit more skill than merely finding one hard-to-find or impossible-to-find coin.

Those are just the opening gambits in the spiritual experience called “Coinology”. Don’t let the words “coin” or “money” or the fact that you can make money at this practice mislead you into thinking this is a casual effort, or a commercial one.

There are many more deep levels of challenge, and higher and higher levels of spiritual awakening, merely as a result of passing coins through your hands and placing a special attention upon them as they pass.

There is a world to be discovered, but you actually have to be looking in order to find and SEE it.

Don’t be impatient. It takes about a year for the average person to learn to SEE what they’re looking at. Some folks have it already in them, waiting only for some stimulus to reawaken the spiritual skills.

There’s more, lots more. Did you know that you can use my $10.00 “1950s HIGH-GRADE MS-63 RED Clear-Channel Time-Benders” for your SuperBeacon work? All my Time-Benders come in an easy-to-use acrylic capsule or can be designed into custom jewelry and wearables.

Clear Channel means CLEAR CHANNEL.

You can set up some powerful matrix complexes and form some mighty strange and unusual arrangements of Clear Channel Time-Benders to achieve some very interesting results, especially in the realms of healing, passing and personal initiation.

A much higher level of spiritual freedom is achieved the moment you start Coinology. Within seconds, you will feel the difference.

Results? You want results?

You can get even better spiritual payoffs with the 1940s High-Grade Clear-Channel Time-Benders for only $20.00, the 1930s High-Grade Clear Channel Time-Benders for $35.00 apiece, the 1920s High-Grade Time-Benders for only $49.95 each, and the HIGH GRADE 1910 Clear-Channel Time Benders for only $85.00 and the 1909 Clear-Channel Time-Benders for about $100.00, subject to search — I find my own, and you can learn to do the same.

I can send you a High-Grade of ANY DATE AND MINT MARK of the Lincoln Cent Collection, including the very highest grades, but my specialty is LOW-GRADE collections, making it easy and cheap and even perhaps rewarding, to acquire the skills of Coinology.

Education is the goal, not financial enrichment, but the money comes with the territory — you can’t help but make money at coin search, because no matter what, you can almost always find something about a coin that makes it worth SOMETHING more than you paid.

The only problem is, you have to explain why a penny can be worth more than a penny, and you’ll typically be trying to explain this all-too-nebulous concept to a Registered Neanderthal or worse — could be one of those poor unfortunates who believe everything FOX NEWS or CNN flashes on the video screen.

If you put some time and effort into the mastery of Coinology, you might just master it, but it will take more than five minutes a day to really get above the ordinary levels. If you have any hope of achieving a place in the Great Work, this is a great opportunity.

Someone who masters Coinology will definitely be of use in the Great Work.

Are you cognizant of the methodology for using ancient coins and Medieval coins and Asian coins and Pre-Columbian and Sumerian Shell-Money in PLS recovery sessions and Super-Beacon Expeditions and Outflights???

Never mind that — do you have the skills to ACTUALLY SEE what you’re looking at?

Do you want fast, fast relief? Act now, while there’s still time and opportunity. Soon enough, there won’t be. Send for my home study packets and kits, or stop in at the gallery for some free instruction and help.

You can sign up for the TWO-DAY IN-PERSON COINOLOGY TRAINING CLINIC — You get personal training and all the coins you can possibly search, thousands of them, to look through and to find treasures within.

You take care of yourself, all your needs, for a clinic. I do nothing except give you the instruction and the coins and a velvet pad upon which to work. You don’t even need a loupe or an Opti-Visor, unless you actually want to find anything. In short, you’ll need an opti-visor and a jeweler’s loupe and that’s all — you bring your own.


It’s a free-will donation, determined by you. I’ll give you my time and attention for two days of serious and intense work, and you decide what it’s worth to you and what you can easily and comfortably afford — frankly, I’m uninterested in those things. Totally up to you.

I’ll arrange my time as best I can to accommodate the dates and times you’ll be able to attend. The work is all performed at the gallery, on a special work table that is to be installed there within the hour — okay, maybe a couple of days.

I will NOT STAND OVER YOUR SHOULDER for 8-10 hours a day. You will have plenty of help from your Gallery Guides, and I’ll be there all along, but I have my daily work to perform as well, so I’ll give you every minute I can spare.

I want YOU to have TOTAL COINOLOGY SKILLS. It will make you feel better and perform better. You’ll be able to control your personal path to bring yourself into total alignment with the Great Work, and that’s my goal, period — everything else is just velvet.

Is there any reason to hesitate?

See You At The Top!!!