Don’t Buy! Just Look!

Gallery Space has a wide variety of high-end items on sale in support of the gallery.

Before you start in on my coins, my grading and my retail prices, lemme just say this — nobody in my shop pays retail.

Fact is, I don’t really want to sell the coins that I’ve jammed just about everywhere in the shop, at least everywhere that I can reasonably hope to have some viewers and some degree of safety against boosting.

Those coins demonstrate something very, very clearly:

If you know your grading, you can make a fortune in coins.

That’s a fact, incontrovertible and demonstrable. You simply buy coins at a flat rate price, then find the goodies therein.

Of course, you’ll need a trustworthy and reliable source for your coins, and most of the suppliers are cheaters or worse — it’s literally a jungle out there.

The high-grade coins have been thoroughly searched for everything — that’s where the money is.

The medium-grade coins just don’t sell, period.

The low-grade coins are plentiful in certain dates, but other dates and mint-marks are very elusive all the way to downright unavailable, like the newly-discovered element “Unobtainium” that nobody can seem to get hold of — I only have the one sample, and that ate a hole through my desk yesterday afternoon, on its way to the center of the Earth.

I’m afraid to go anywhere near the hole. I’ve covered it up with a tiger trap, so the next person who steps on it will have quite an experience, I’d imagine.

The Hole into Hell.

That’s what we used to call any portal or gateway or pool or glade or forest, but after a while, the names all run together.

The “EJ Gallery” is a Gateway. It’s marked as a Portal and it operates as a Portal. You’ll notice that people just seem to “appear” in the back doorway — which no retail customer would normally walk through on a bet — without having traversed the parking lot to get there.

If you are attentive and have Special Attention, you’ll see the occasional Traveler coming through, looking for Portals that were not available in the previous location, but are now available in this World-Configuration which you currently call “home”.

Generally, you’re in a world for about 20 minutes to half an hour before another switch takes place — there are a LOT of variant parameters working now, many more than there were a year ago.

We have a new GODD engine, not that you’d notice, if you’re a PLAYER, but it’s very obvious if you’re a level designer, which I am, and it certainly is.

Most folks don’t seem to be aware of the difference between one dimension and another, and I can’t blame them — they’re not paid to know, and there’s no payoff in the ordinary sense for knowing things like that.

In fact, knowing stuff like that can often get you free parking for a couple of years while they knock some sense into you with shock therapy so you won’t see aliens any more, like they don’t.

At least until they themselves are abducted, after which they tell a very different story.

Like I said, I can’t blame folks in the lifestream for not knowing. It’s not in their nature to know or to inquire. Everything is fake news, everything.

They generally just give up trying and work themselves to death like the peasants they are, but they harvest paperwork and crunch numbers for a living instead of farming on the soil.

Oh, not that they’re not guilty of something or other.

No use complaining or mentioning it to anyone. It just doesn’t do a damn bit of good to cast blame. It’s better to just fix the problem.

For instance, I have a definite instinctive aversion to Oprah, who FEELS phony.

I am mostly unaware of her, only dimly aware of her now, somewhat aware that she is very rich and has her own news network and other big industry things.

Otherwise, in detail, I’m totally unaware of her habits and traits, and as I said before, I take her, perhaps unjustifiedly so, as a commercially oriented and motivated person.

I could be wrong, but without meeting her face to face, I can’t say and don’t really care about her beliefs, attitudes and fitness for office, which I also doubt, BUT I would gladly vote for her and recommend that you do the same, if it means dumping Trump.

I’d hate to see him dominating the TV screen for the next seven years, but it looks as if he might just do that.

I don’t hate Trump, although he is thoroughly despicable. Trump is my friend, as is Jesus — without them, I couldn’t market a thing on a flat market like we would have had with Hillary and that’s why, although I could have sold a LOT of paintings to the administration as I did back when Bill was President, I recommended that we take this route, through “Trumpland” — or is it “Trumpville”, or perhaps “Trumptown”???

In any case, you get no E-tickets on those rides.

His policies don’t interest me. I’ve been around for so long, I’m very aware that every administration has ALL its works toppled by the next generation of politicians, because in Washington, everybody has to look busy even if they’re not, kind of like a retail department store — you’re expected to be cleaning, arranging, or dusting if you aren’t waiting on a customer.

In a retail shop, you never get off your feet, just like nursing home staffers have to endure, which is why the special $450 shoes that we can’t afford, so it’s the shoes we scored at the thrift-shop half-price sale that carry us through most of our adult working lives.

So why don’t I care whether my coins in the window sell or not???

Those are examples, is why I don’t care whether they sell or don’t. If one of my samples sells, I have to go find another one like it and put it in its place, and that’s a pain in the ass, not worth the money or the effort.

The whole idea of that huge “Realty Office Style” window display of coins is to demonstrate that you can find very high value in coins that cost very little money to acquire.

If you’re totally flat busted and you want to do a coin-search, go ahead and look through my pile of IN-CIRCULATION, or “Contemporary” pennies, on the velvet pad in the gallery.

You can keep any ten coins you find in that pile of in-circulation coins, totally free.

I’m not interested in money, and I certainly don’t want YOUR money.

Strange concept for a coin dealer, except that I’m anything but a coin dealer. I’m USING coins to teach people how to SEE.

That’s my whole goal, my entire reason for doing the gallery.

I intend to finance the teaching operation by selling high-end art, high-end art by Chagall, Picasso, Miro, Matisse and Dali, and by selling high-end coins and antiquities to customers who want some New York Style in their home, office or den.

There’s no way to photo and post everything.

The best way to find out what I have in stock is to come in and talk — I’ll put together a presentation of those items I think would suit you and interest you, and bring them to your space, together with some frame ideas, and we see what they look like “in-place” in your home, den or place of business.

I can also provide a CHANGING exhibit of new artists for your wall space. You sell the artwork on their behalf, and share with them any results.

I’ll help you set it up, but I don’t get in the middle of business deals. As I said before, I’m not interested in money, nor do I want YOUR money.

You might think that’s a very noble thing, but I assure you, it’s simply a practical matter. I’ve had a LOT of money, an AWFUL LOT of money, together with an unlimited Platinum Account, and the offer of a Jaguar XJ-12 as a gift, and couldn’t get away from it fast enough.

If you know any wealthy or influential people, take note — is their time really their own? Do they have the friends they want, or the friends they can trust not to beg or pitch a sale? Are their heirs and assigns sitting on the edge of their chairs waiting for the reading of the Will?

My needs and tastes are simple and crafted strictly for my mission — teaching YOU to SEE.

If you have some extra cash or collectibles and you want to participate, why not place those items in your cubby at the gallery?

It’s only $100 a month for the gallery cubby space, and another $50 for some wall or table space, and you get to keep the first $100 that comes in, more or less — there are some adjustments for tax and transfer fees from paypal and such, which you probably already figured out, amounting to about 10%, is my calculation, and I’ve been wrong before.

When someone walks through that door, the first thing I want to do is offer them a chance to score bigtime on the Money Tree.

You buy a coin for a dollar. It’s guaranteed to be worth at LEAST $3, and could be worth $5, $10 or more in TRADE in the gallery.

MONEY TREE COINS work like a coupon, but if you want to keep the coin — and any collector would probably want to keep it, but it’s their choice.

I figure it’s a great way to make it easy for someone to start shopping. You can apply a coin to any ONE item in the shop — can’t put two or more together for one item, and the item has to be more than the coupon value, in order to be fair to the artists who operate the gallery.

If you’re a participating artist, meaning you have a cubby or wall space or both, you can help out at the gallery in a variety of ways — talk to any leadership personnel to find out what YOU can do to make it work.

If you have a serious amount of extra cash that’s burning a hole in your pocket, please consider donating it to help us get this project onto successful ground.

We have some wonderful things to offer.

This week, we have on special:

RARE COIN — HIGH-GRADE GORGEOUS 1909-s VDB Wheat-Backed Lincoln Cent, PCGS slabbed & graded, incredible beauty, priced to sell, on display at EJ Gallery, 408 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA., subject to prior sale.

CHAGALL Original Lithograph, “Daphnis & Chloe”, beautifully & delicately framed and fully certified authentic, on display at EJ Gallery, 408 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA., subject to prior sale.

PICASSO — Original Copperplate Engraving “Ballet Dancers”, certified authentic very rare and hard-to-find, beautifully framed, on display now at EJ Gallery, 408 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA., subject to prior sale.

2,000 Year-Old ROMAN GLASS Bead Necklace with modern sterling granulation from Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills Salon, guaranteed authentic, WEARABLE with modern safety clasp, absolutely breathtaking, nothing else like it in the world. This is one of a kind, on display now at EJ Gallery, 408 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA., subject to prior sale.

CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC GAUGUIN WOODCUT from the official 1945 printing from the original blocks, on handmade rice-paper, fine rich impression, beautifully framed, on display now at EJ Gallery, 408 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA., subject to prior sale.

RARE +++ GUARANTEED GENUINE 1869 INDIAN HEAD CENT from the Indian Wars, rare and very hard to find, on display now at EJ Gallery, 408 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA., subject to prior sale.

SLABBED & GRADED High-End Error Coins featuring DDO, DDR & RPM Lincoln Cents, Buff Nickels & Indian-Heads on display now, at EJ Gallery, 408 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA.

I WILL MOUNT ANY COIN for you in sterling or 14k gold fancy locket. EJ Gallery, 408 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA., walk-ins welcome.

FREE Beginner GUITAR Classes six days a week at EJ Gallery, 408 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA. — MUST have a reserved seat for class, BRING YOUR OWN GUITAR. You can call, or come in to sign up for FREE classes.

FREE Beginner FLUTE class.

FREE Beginner DRUMMING class.

FREE Beginner DIDGERIDOO class.

FREE Beginner HARMONICA class.

FREE Beginner PAINTING class.

FREE Beginner WATERCOLOR class.

FREE Beginner COIN GRADING class.


FREE Beginner BEADING class.

There are dozens more classes that are being considered for the gallery space, plus classes at my studio for experienced students.


1914-d LINCOLN WHEAT-BACKED CENT in MS-62 BN Grade currently stored in a flip, but is destined for the PCGS Grading Service.

It popped up in yesterday’s coin-search, and came out of my “Birthday Bag”.

I was offered a bag of 5,000 “Teens” for $1100, from a very reliable and trusted source.

Well, there was nobody to talk to about it, so I sacrificed Birthday Money to get the bag, which yielded this coin right off the bat, with 4,999 more pennies to go.

Actually, when I consider it, I’ll end up with about $3,000 for my $1,000 and, once again, my instinct was right, and to prove it, the universe also tucked TWO 1909-s and two more 1914-d cents in that same bag when I decided to test the bag a bit more.

Total is now upwards of $4,000 in potential sales, and I’ve only gone through two handfuls at this point.

Of course, I still have to find buyers, and therein lies the rub. Finding the right buyer for a coin can take a while, so don’t think of coins as “fluid”, the way you’d treat cash.

Gold is also not fluid. You take a hell of a hit when you trade it in for cash. Try trading some gold and you’ll see what I mean, and silver is the same.

It’s a trap. Trading bullion is a trap. Trading coins for their METAL value is worthless. You need some background and training on rare coins and unusual mint error varieties that can be hidden in the most ordinary and pedestrian of canvas bank-bags, and that means taking Coinology classes to learn to SEE.

Sounds like a simple plan, but actually SEEING what you’re looking at is a “Satori” Experience like no other.

You want this 1914-d that I just found? This “miracle” coin that came out of nowhere? You don’t have to take my word for it — there are plenty of coin dealers finding goodies just like that in their search bags, tonight.

That’s how you get the coins you’re going to sell, and the SOURCE of my coin bags is the best that you can hope for, in this weird and tacky world.

The coins in the search bags I get are the result of “Folder Dumps”. A coin dealer will buy literally TONS of crap coins in order to get the good ones, and many of the coin collectors in the United States use the standard Littleton folder or similar to collect their coins.

Albums are for the very rich or the very serious collector, which are few and far-between.

SO, WHAT ABOUT THE 1914-d???

Okay. If you’re serious about coins, this IS the coin to get, BUT I insist on having it slabbed and graded. I expect the price to be somewhere around $2200-$3800, and you have to hear the story and see the coin before you commit to buying it.

I would discount that particular coin to a wholesale price for any member of our work circle, of course.

Talk about a “Legacy” coin, this would definitely be one of my primary choices, because up the line a few years, this coin will be very scarce, even more than it is today, because they are being eaten up by institutional collections, out of which they never re-emerge.

Okay, so what I’m getting in the canvas bank-type search bags?

In order to understand what these bags are and what’s likely to be in them, you have to know how coins are collected and dealt and traded, at shows, in shops and online.

They could be rolls of pennies — these are thoroughly searched and then repacked in “official” bank roll papers, but they are definitely fake rolls, although the coins are real enough. Rest assured that no wild-cards will turn up there.

You might find some sealed bank boxes. You can find the seals and such online at a variety of sources, but again, rest assured that you will not find anything of real value in these “sealed” boxes.

Sealed bags. What the hell does it take to seal a bag?

You have to have a trusted source, and that’s why I don’t buy coins that come in the door at the gallery, and neither should you. Send them over to John at Sierra — that’s his business.

Our business is training people to SEE, in the course of which they may or may not buy some coins or try playing the guitar, which they’ve always wanted to do but haven’t been able to find the time.

You have the key to that objection — the five-minute practice session.

So what I buy from my wholesale sources are the results of “folder dumps” — they plunder the folder for any 1909-s VDB or 1909-s, 1909 VDB, 1910-s, 1911-s, 1912-s, 1913-s, 1914-d, 1915-s, 1922-d, 1922 no-d, 1924-d, 1925-s, and of course the ever-popular and high-priced 1931-s, plus a few more semi-keys that I might have left out of their “wish list”.

They poke the coins out from the back, as quickly and carefully as they can, but this is not a high-priority task, and is often sloppily carried out, meaning I get some goodies on which they did not plan, among which are the 1909-s VDBs and ANY 1914-d.

Those are the “nuggets” of the run, just like you’d find in the sluice box on the Yuba River, and they count for nothing. If I counted on the nuggets, I don’t think I’d take the chance.

The bags also yield a LOT of junk coins, for which I have an educational use, and I sell them at cost as part of my Coinology Teaching Program.

You want meditation? You want enlightenment? You want compassionate Buddha? You want higher worlds and expanded consciousness and conscience and heart and love???

Coinology will give you all of that and more.

It’s a lot to ask of you that you trust and believe this to be true, so I don’t. I want you to try it for yourself, risk-free.

I don’t want your money. I want your life!

Don’t waste it on fru-fru.

See You At The Top!!!