CREATE-A-STATE Crystal Emotional Controller

Neg2Pos EMOCON emotional controller.
Neg2Pos EMOCON emotional controller uses special crystals & spirals.

Ever wonder how an actor creates the emotional state of the character onstage or onscreen? Watch Gene Wilder going slowly crazy nuts and you’ll be amazed. Observe the easy emotional facility of a Jonathan Winters or Robin Williams. It’s not easy to learn, and it takes years and years of intense practice to MASTER, starting with SOME ACTUAL INNATE TALENT, add into the mix a great acting teacher and tons of luck & opportunity.

But what about the non-actor? Is it possible to learn how to create a specific emotional state in yourself, such as “Joy” or “Happiness”??? If so, is it illegal, immoral or fattening?

Ding-Dang It, I’ve said for millennia that it CAN be done, that there’s no biological barrier to changing your state instantly. The Human Biological Machine is set up so you can do it easily, but you couldn’t convince anyone alive of that.

So why can’t you just decide “to be happy” and be happy?

You’re not going to like the answer I’m going to give you, I’m BOUND morally and ethically to give you.

That fact is that YOU shut it off just shortly after your most recent rebirth on Planet Earth, and you were right to shut it down, because a thing like DECIDING your emotional state can get you into real trouble here, put away for a long, long time in the “seriously disturbed ward” of your local state funny farm, unless you’re an actor, an “old school” salesperson, or unhappily married.

It says in the “Manual of Political Rectitude” that nobody polite would ever think of CREATING AN EMOTIONAL STATE in themselves just out of nothing.

Interestingly, that’s exactly how the universe came to be — it was made out of nothing. Right now, that’s not an important idea, but wait until the various quantum laws get discovered. You’ve only got the tip of the iceberg at present.

Okay, so you’re horribly, disgustingly depressed, miserable, out of sorts, fuzzy, disoriented, filled with rage, disappointment, gloom, doom, sorrow, sadness, and a sense of total futility. In short, it’s a normal night or day for you.

You know that you need to climb out of the emotional hole, but right now, you just don’t have the energy, the willpower or the interest to haul yourself by your own bootstraps into a healthier and less painful emotional condition.

Keep in mind that you have been well-trained that it’s very impolite to deliberately decide to have another emotion other than the one that automatically and mechanically arose in you, and that if you can control and program your emotional state, there’s something very, very wrong with you. This is the official position of every shrink that ever lived, and they’re dead wrong.

You couldn’t make a living or conduct a romance or sell a product or perform a simple task if you couldn’t easily and automatically change your state when required to by whatever circumstances you find yourself in at work.

When you’re at work on the job, you can’t afford to rage at the boss or your supervisor or a customer or client. You just can’t afford it, so you don’t, or you’re fired, and that’s the real Great & Terrible Secret. It has to COST you dearly if you give way to the negative state, but usually, your negativity is REWARDED.

How is it rewarded? People give in to your rage and upset, that’s how, and it’s wrong, wrong, dead, dead wrong to use rage or emotional blackmail to get your way about anything, no matter how justified in your mind the action might be. It’s wrong.

If you’re one of those fist-slamming idiots who rage against the machine and throw insults and tauntsĀ  at the 800 pound gorilla who’s running you and making you jump through hoop after hoop, then you NEED this incredible GORBY SCIENCE Crystal Emotional Controller, because you’re going about it the wrong way — the machine is just a machine. Your rage doesn’t register, because it’s not programmed to recognize emotions.

Utilizing Ancient Knowledge dating back to the days of pre-flood Atlantis and its widespread colonies all over the globe, I have reconstructed a Crystal Emotional Controller with the SAME EXACT MATERIALS in the modern version as were used in the ancient ones.

Three Secrets the Ancients Possessed:

  1. Light the Tibetan Herbal Incense in the Sacred Sand Incense Holder.
  2. Catch the smoke of the incense in the dome. Using the correct incense will correctly match the CAUSAL state, from which the willpower to achieve the result will be obtained.
  3. Place your hand over the dome with the top knob between your RING and MIDDLE fingers. COUNT SLOWLY TO TEN. The thought-form of the crystal will change the emotional state to the positive.

In a more advanced usage level, you would SOUND the NAME OF THE STATE you are presently IN, count to three, then NAME THE STATE to which you wish to be SHUNTED.

“GORBY SCIENCE” LAW OF INERTIA — Something already in motion will tend to look for a resting place, a donut, a newspaper, an internet connection, and a hot cup of freshly-brewed high-priced coffee.

If you’re already in a negative state, hoping that someone will come along and try to coax you out of it is not a good plan.

Help at this point will probably look like a monstrous interruption in service, and you typically will not respond. Only when it comes from inside yourself will you have any power over the state, and you really SHOULD take power over your states — why not???

Waiting for someone else to come along and do it to you makes you weak, dependent and unutterably stupid.

Doing for yourself might be just slightly out of reach when you hit the Bottom of the Well, and a little help is indicated, hence I have resurrected the Atlantean Crystal Emo-Controller for the purpose of teaching Instant State Change. You need some energy to create the state and some clarity and serenity, so why not use it?

How much is it? $950.00 retail, and in my opinion, cheap like dirt considering what it costs to make and how much work goes into it.

It’s even cheaper if you compare the cost in money to the misery of remaining in the negative state. If you’re not absolutely delighted with the EMOCON, send it back for a full no-hassle refund — but you won’t.

But I’ll tell you what you WILL do…

You’ll end up buying several more when your family and friends have “borrowed” yours “Just for a few minutes”, and days later still haven’t given it back and when you finally broach the question and ask directly for it back, they’ll tell you they’re keeping it, and tht look in their eyes tells you that you’d better not get stubborn.

Yes, it happens for real; as a matter of fact, it happens at least once a week, that I hear that same old story from someone. Cheap FREE Advice: never lend out your ammies. Never. Give one away, okay, but do NOT lend it, or there WILL BE TROUBLE.

Okay, back to the EMO-CON:


  • “The Create-A-State Atlantean Crystal Emo-Con is the greatest invention since Silly Putty!” (thanks.)
  • “I’m happy and I’m glad.” (I’m glad you’re happy.)
  • “I want a portable EMO-CON that I can carry around with me!” (workin’ on it.)

I could make up plenty more quotes, but this is serious, so I’ll cut the joking and get on with it — do please send your actual quotes for me to use in shameless planetary marketing and promotion.

This is the same design quantum device that was made and used for common daily usage in Atlantean homeland and colonies date back almost exactly 14,000 years in Earth history, far earlier than the present mainstream opinion of the date of the earliest glass.

Glass is merely melted sand. How long does it take to notice that?

…And speaking of melted sand and green glowing land areas, have you had a chance to check out my “Cedar Bar Art” listings on eBay yet? There are some pieces up there that have never been seen since the actual Cedar Bar Show back in the XXth century.

“Hello, I am a visitor from the twentieth century. Take me to your leader.” Think about it — you’re standing near a rather small plywood flying saucer, wired with garish lighting to make it look cool, and you intone those words…do you think you’d get anywhere near an interview with the leader, whomever that might be?

The answer is that you ARE indeed a visitor from another world, even in the most ordinary and unenlightened vision, because the twentieth century is not this century — there is or was a definite “doorway” there that, once crossed, could not be renegotiated.

I am also working on hand-activated doorways, gateways and portals. I’ll keep you posted when I’ve got something I can send out for someone else to use. What I mean by that is, when I’ve worked out the bugs that inevitably get worked around during development.

I want to make sure that everything I send out is like a Zippo lighter or a Bic pen — works first time, every time.

GUARANTEED FOR LIFE means just that, in my book of ethics.

See You At The Top!!!