How to Set Up Your Charging Chamber SuperBeacon Layout

Charging Chamber Dome & Base on a SuperBeacon.

The incense bowl goes just ahead of the SuperBeacon, with the two grippers spread apart as shown. The double Rock Salt candle holders would be to the left and right of the SuperBeacon.

The Matrix is tucked away behind the SuperBeacon as you see in the photo. The CONTACT CAPSULES are stacked (you can stack up to 3 Contact Capsules at a time) directly on the center of the hardwood base of the glass dome.

You can hang any charging item on the brass hook — in the above photo, it’s the “Atlantean Healer” Triad Tower that hangs there. It will be used to open pathways in order to skywalk between dimensions using the Relaxation Induction to assure complete self-volition during the journey.

The dome base is positioned directly on the SuperBeacon label. Leave that label on — it shows you where the hottest point is above the internal coil array, which you don’t see, so there’s a label to indicate the right “sweet spot” on which to center the dome.

The short stickless herbal incense is held horizontally and lighted first, then stuck into the incense pot in front of the SuperBeacon. Lift the glass dome with the right hand and place the item to be charged onto the brass hook inside the dome.

You can charge up rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, charms, talismen, sigils — just about anything that can fit inside the glass and can hang on the hook can be charged in the Atlantean Charging Chamber.

Spook watches a fireball on Norton Street 1969.
Spook watches a fireball on Norton Street 1969.

The SECRET of the Atlantean Charging Chamber is the ATMOSPHERE. That’s why you burn incense during rituals — to duplicate the atmosphere of the Higher Planes.

When you CAPTURE the atmosphere or something that closely resembles the atmosphere of an alien world, alternate dimension, higher plane or angelic sphere, and PUT THE ATMOSPHERE INTO AN ENCLOSED SPACE, you can produce amazing cross-dimensional effects.

  • So how you capture the HIGHER ATMOSPHERE is to RING THE BELL THREE TIMES and blow your MINI DIDGE three times to the North, three times to the East, three times to the SOUTH and three times to the WEST, then return to face NORTH.
  • Now pick up the dome after having placed the CONTACT CAPSULE or CAPSULES into place at the EXACT center of the hardwood base.
  • You’ll hang the CHARGING ITEM on the brass hook that comes with the dome. If you are using the dome for healing, you will want to hang your HEALING TRIAD or your favorite POWER PYRAMID or TESLA TOWER.
  • Now with the dome still in your right hand, SLOWLY and CAREFULLY lower the dome over the incense, making certain the smoke does NOT directly wash up against the glass walls of the dome.
  • As you fill the dome with the incense, CHANT OM MA NI PAD MI HUM to create the CAPTURE mode around the smokey room-temp plasma.
  • SLOWLY, to be sure that the smoke does not roll out the bottom of the glass dome, move the dome toward its base and CAREFULLY set it into the routed grooves in the top of the base to assure a good airtight fit. This grooved airlock system will keep the atmosphere for a surprisingly long time.
  • RING THE BELL THREE TIMES when you have the dome in place.
  • BLOW THREE TIMES on the Mini-Didge.
  • MOVE THE INCENSE POT to the right side of the layout, out of the way of the grippers and wires.
  • GENTLY TAKE HOLD OF THE GRIPPERS and sit with them for three minutes on the clock or timer. An egg timer works wonders in the Alchemical Lab.
  • Now your charged item is ready for use. For HEALING, it will be a Triad.
  • You can remove the Triad from the brass hook inside the dome, and use the CHARGED TRIAD to pass over the area that you are giving some attention.
  • You need to replace the Triad on the hook after use so it has time to CLEANSE itself overnight, always a good idea.
  • You can have an array of several Triads that are set up in a row configuration for the day’s work.
  • SNUFF OUT the incense by turning it upside down in the Ashram Sand.
  • SNUFF OUT the candles.
  • BLOW THE DIDGE three times.
  • RING THE BELL three times.
  • EXIT the chamber or reconfigure for another activity.
closeup showing the contact capsules
closeup showing the contact capsule on the center of the hardwood base.

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You can use this setup for voyaging as well as healing and other spiritual path explorations. Stay focused on the fundamental basic formulaic secret is to capture the alien atmosphere or to recreate a close resemblance to it inside the glass chamber.

You can actually SEE quantum events happening in there.

See You At The Top!!!