Did You Live in Ancient Atlantis?

Well??? DID you live in Ancient Atlantis, or didn’t you???

If you’d like the answer to that, just DM me right here in River City — and that starts with “T”, and that rhymes with “P”, and that stands for “Pool”. Trouble. Trouble. Trouble. (If you’re still scratchin’ yer head, them lyrics is from “The Music Man”, a Broadway musical that I have never seen, but somehow know all the dialogue and also all the lyrics to all the songs, and the same goes for “Oklahoma” and “West Side Story”. The music sort of sticks with you throughout the ages.

You can check out my first instagram page by logging onto instagram and clicking to my “leslieannstandup” page.

You’ll notice that I ask a question — “Were you alive in Atlantis?”,  and that I indicate an action step by inviting you to ask me how to find out if you lived in those times.

I’ve also included some hashtags that appear at the bottom of the caption. I don’t yet know how to add a story, but I’m working on it.

I’ve also spent some time adding folks to my “following” list — I hope that’s all right. Many of the folks I’ve not seen nor heard from for years, in some cases, decades.

Not really sure of the rules and regulations of this kidworld environment of social media platforms, but I’m slowly picking it up and learning enough to pass it on to others.

Of course, I don’t have the instinctive swipes that any kid would have mastered by the time they were a year old, but I can get around okay, considering I don’t have a cell phone.

I operate my instagram through firefox on my desktop, which they say can’t be done, but Claude figured out a way around it, and I’m on instagram.

If I had to use only a cell phone, I wouldn’t be able to do it. My eyes and fingers are just not up to the cramped space of a cell phone, and I type 180+ wpm and won’t go back to one-finger typing — I’d rather quit writing.

So where do you begin?

First of all, a lot of folks have been on instagram for a number of years, and they haven’t grown rich or gotten tens of thousands of followers or sold “merch” that’s really the shit.

It’s not that easy.

Thousands of followers does NOT translate into thousands of interactions. Getting some traction means engagement, and that means TIME, lots of it, into communication with everyone who contacts you.

Normally, that’d be a job for bots, and maybe at some point, you’ll have to go there, but if you examine the situation, I think you’ll prefer a smaller communications group and all hands-on comms, meaning you communicate with people individually, not collectively.

If you get a LOT of incoming, you will absolutely need to go with bots, but there’s a nice friendly way to do this that doesn’t offend or cause you to get a bad rep, but it does cost some serious money, but on the other hand, if you’re in that place where you have millions of followers, the money will also be there.

Godd™ Particle Classic Pendant retails for $89.95

Here’s something some folks — not many, alas, but some — will find interesting. Wear the Godd™ Particle Pendant for 30 days and be guaranteed of no lower rebirth — the Initiation is conveyed in the time-in-grade, meaning that the longer you wear it, the more Merit you get and also give, because the GP sends waves out from your heart, which is a miniature radio transceiver that is very reactive to radio waves, which I mention just in case you didn’t know that.

So the wearer isn’t the only one to benefit.

Now, YOU can help me to inform people about the Godd™ Particle and our workshops, training, books, CDs, DVDs and Orbs, by logging onto all the social media platforms you’re already on, and getting onto those you’re not yet working with, and don’t forget that the internet is a wild place, which indicates that you act with due diligence and caution.

Be careful when you’re out in public, and on social media, that’s “out in public”.

Keep in mind that deepfake videos and photos will abound now that the genie is out of the bottle and the Pandora’s Box is open.

You can inform people about workshops, bardo services, information on death and dying, and so much more, just by raiding our websites for stuff to talk about and introduce to a very interested crowd, that you can find by hashtag and interest groups.

Using the “story” concept, you can take advantage of the “Kill Date” on the story — it only stays up for 24 hours, after which it auto-deletes — to get interest going.

See, with a deadline, a time-factor, you get the same effect as you’d get in a thriller detective story if the crime must be solved within a short time-frame, the epitome of which was the film “DOA” — Dead on Arrival — which features a private detective who has been poisoned and must now track down his own murderer. It’s entirely shot in first-person, a pioneer film along with “Invisible Man” for this powerful film effect.

Claude Rains was considered the “handsomest man in cinema”. You heard his voice, and the camera indicated his movements, but he spent the whole film in bandages or being invisible, and made a facial onscreen appearance only at the end of the film, as he lay dying and dead — a total of 19 seconds of screen time, but he had more than his share of 15 minutes of fame.

If you have something to share, make sure it’s worth sharing. The ideal sort of sharing experience is where you tell someone where to get it, whatever it is, or where to find out more about it.

Let’s take the case of a book you enjoyed.

Okay, so tell something about it and ASK them if they want to know where to get it at a bargain price. This gets them on your email list, see? Anyone who says “YES” indicates a willingness to be on your list.

If not, they simply unfollow you, so nothing lost, no big deal.

So where would you send them for this book?

“https://www.gatewaysbooksandtapes.com/books/bk134.html” is where you want to have them end up, but how???

The exact method will vary, all the way from “Direct Hot Link” to “Subtle Suggestion”, and all that lies in-between, all of which is to be discovered and developed — dare I say “exploited”???

Don’t let the word “exploitation” get you down. It merely means to use it to the fullest — the negative connotations don’t belong there, just as they don’t belong with the word “propaganda”.

Propaganda is advertising, statesmanship and in some cases actual information — use it well, and use it sparingly.

Persuasion is not my trade. If you need it, you’re out of luck. In my business, the thing has to stand for itself, the proof is, indeed, in the pudding.

You CAN do this!

You don’t even need to believe in yourself. Just in social media. Help promote all our workshops, our public services, readings, teachings and more!

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Get the WORD out about the Godd™ Particle! Tell the world about the ABD and the LRS! Give people information and help about the WORK!

And #Don’tForgetTheHashtag !!!

I could while away the hours
Conferrin’ with the flowers
Consultin’ with the rain.
And my head I’d just be scratchin’
While my thoughts were busy hatchin’,
If I only had a brain.

I’d unravel every riddle
For any individ’le
In trouble or in pain,

With the thoughts that I’d be thinkin’,
I could be another Lincoln,
If I only had a brain.

I would not be just a nuffin’
My head all full of stuffin’
My heart all full of pain.
I would dance and be merry,
Life would be a dingleberry,
If I only had a brain.

Got Brains? Click Here.

See You At The Top!!!