Some IG Secrets

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  • Use “Feature Accounts” — have more than one account, and in fact, have one account for each and every separate subject that you market.
  • Open a gmail account that has the same name as your IG account.
  • Popular is not authentic. Be authentic, don’t try to be popular.
  • Interact with comments — never outsource your comments.
  • Use the “Like” button to connect with similars and lookalikes.
  • Use all interactives, “Like”, “Subscribe” — use it all.
  • Search LOCAL hashtags for local customers.
  • Search for lookalikes for world customers.
  • New people don’t come from stories, they come from hashtags.
  • Use the “story” to deepen the connection to the page.
  • Post exactly five (5) posts per day using the REDIC Principle.

Here is the REDIC Principle — with thanks and hugs to Marketing Maven Chalene Johnson!!!

RELATABLE — personal emotional post, which can be funny, challenging, quizzical, pollster, anything to get the person to RELATE to your post.

ENLIGHTENING — Something educational and entertaining, intended to motivate, call to action.

DIALOGUE — When you see a reaction or comment, you immediately hit the DM button and reply, thank them for their interaction and interest.

INTERACT — Use stickers for your hashtags, take a poll — “Do you want to know where you can get this???”

CAPTURE to your website, email list, by offering a FREE GIFT to anyone who gets on the list.

The basic rule in this gambit is, DON’T SELL ON INSTAGRAM — take them to your fully loaded website, where they can see your entire offering in a pleasant setting.

Make your website look like a vacation paradise when you hit it — and I DON’T mean for PC — your website should be entirely designed for the mobile phone.

The age of the PC is just about over, so get used to doing ALL your work and business on the mobile phone, which soon will be your ONLY option.

One reason the mobile phone is so popular with government is that it keeps you spotted on the map all the time.

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If you’re not worried about selling face-to-face (vis-a-vis) or hand to hand (mano-a-mano), you don’t have to have a whole plethora of slap bands — you’re not out on a fairground trying to attract a crowd with “eye-candy” in lots of bright exciting colors.

You’re addressing a very small niche of possible customers when you’re online. In public, the randomity factor enters into it quite a bit, but the online browser has already specified their interest and narrowed it down to your page for the moment, and a moment is all that it will be.

You get a total of .2 of a single second to capture their attention or lose it forever.

The real money is in doing this stuff for others, not for yourself. Sell the gold pans, don’t go up river to pan it yourself.

If you’re still interested in panning the gold, the way is simple, the path is clear:

  • Be natural and authentic in your post — upload a photo or video to your IG page.
  • Have a routine of five posts per day per page or IG account, same time each day.
  • Prospect for really powerful and relevant hashtags in the hashtag community.
  • Write a story about the hashtag you’ve selected as the leader in your post.
  • Invite the viewer to respond in some way and to get on the email list.
  • Invite the viewer to subscribe to your page.
  • Invite the viewer to visit your website for more information & FREE GIFT.
  • Immediately respond on IM with a “thank you”, like your mom said to do.
  • Follow up with a story to all followers about what’s happening today.

This whole routine should be bundled and learned as a whole-istic and holistic way to lead a horse to water and at the same time, make him drink.

That’s really all you need to start out with. As it turns out, the IG shop is not the best practice — I’d go with a website selling page or catalog page rather than selling in an IG or FB store.

IG is Instagram and “FB” is, of course, “Facebook”. You need to learn the new language if you hope to conquer SEO, SMM and the rest of the 21st century lingo!

Need help adjusting to the New Reality? Is your mind clouded by “20th century hangover”? Does your brain boggle with newfangled “Swipe Up” feature that you get only when you have 10,000 followers or more?


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You need a workshop and a marketing plan and project that makes instant cash, so you can afford what you’re going to have to do to make a living in The Work without an outside boss.

You have to ask, and I’m listening.

Online marketing is the same as person-to-person marketing, if you know the “Mrs. Olsen” secret — making your online persona as likeable and friendly and trustworthy as a next-door-neighbor.

I have some next door neighbors and I’m not entirely sure I’d take their advice on anything — most of them are Trump supporters, because we live in a shit-kickin’ cowboy town out here in Northern California.

Well, what I meant was, it’s all about trust.

Trust issues make up the majority of humanity, which is why we have marching with weapons for peace — go figure. Tanks for the Memories.

If you really want to make some serious money, read yesterday’s blog about the building for sale.

See You At The Top!!!