Gorebagg’s Orbs — Real Case Histories

“Fringe Science”, huh??? That’s what the headline on the newspaper said about my work, and boy, are they right! It is totally fringe, and the mainstream is just as befuddled as before!

It’s okay, I’ve been called a “crank” before — but the thing is, the article is very positive, and they featured interviews with people who have actually TRIED the SuperBeacon and the Orbs, and got GREAT responses from the article — but let’s talk turkey, about the Quantum Effects that can be triggered and delivered with the ORBS.

What is an Orb?

REAL WORLD QUANTUM EFFECTS can be created by specific sequential actions taken within the DIGITAL REALM, a world at the electronic level which exists next door to this universe. It is possible to reach that realm and to taken actions there which cause effects in this dimension and on this planet.

Within the Orb are contained a number of powerful Quantum Effects that automatically correspond to what you call “The Real World” — the world within which you happen to live, along with your organic body and brain.

Instead of standing still and enacting a ceremony or ritual, you run through the Orb, triggering off a specific and precise set of events similar to those events in a standing-still ceremony or ritual.

In the virtual world, anything is possible, and so you’ll be using unobtainable rarities for the purpose of making magic — real magic — in your life.

The Human World is not the only world in which you live from day to day and from moment to moment, but seldom do people become aware of the multiplicity of worlds experienced unconsciously by them every single hour of every single day of their lives, and far, far beyond, into past lives and alternate realities.

QUANTUM EFFECTS tend to be very temporary in this world, seldom lasting more than a few years, just due to the nature of the universe — it isn’t permanent.

But those Quantum Events are — from the moment of their creation onward — permanent and fixed events in the quantum world, often referred to as the AKASHIC LIBRARY, the storehouse of all action, all knowledge and all wisdom.

In the Quantum World, there is no wearing-down, no friction — a complete absence of entropy. Whatever is there, is there forever.

What you make of that remains to be seen.

With my Orbs, you have access to the entire spectrum of Akashic Wisdom. It’s just a matter of learning how, and that’s what coaching is all about.

Quantum Effects are brought about by a precisely-timed ACTIVATION of certain items within the Orb, which trigger off a variety of “principles”.

A new condition in the REAL WORLD is brought about through the activity within the Orb.

A “run” through an electronic Orb somewhat resembles running through a modern videogame, but without the sociopathic negativity of your typical videogame.

If you’ve ever employed an AFFIRMATION — a statement of intention and wishing, combined with the application of  WILL and DISCIPLINE — you’ll know how easily possible it is to bring about a good result, particularly if it’s a “win-win” situation for all affected by your quantum activity.

When good things happen for everybody, good things tend to happen more often. It’s a matter of necessity — the greatest good for the greatest number.

I know it’s not much of a philosophy, but it beats the other alternatives by a mile.

The Quantum World is invisible to humans at this time, but they’re getting ready to explore it real soon, and when they do, you’ll have access to this, because you’ve had training long before Quantum Effects upon Planet Earth became known and understood.

Meanwhile, you’re free to use it. At the moment, nobody else is interested, and that’s all to the good — it keeps the effects from canceling each other out, which is what happens when EVERYONE is pointing in a different direction — you get no point at all.

As you run through the electronic “videogame” Orb, you’ll trigger off a variety of AFFIRMATIONS and ACTIONS. Of course, those are all just within the realm of the videogame environment, but how unreal is that?

Virtual doesn’t mean it isn’t real. It’s another kind of reality than the organic, is all.

Okay, so let’s take a look at some of the case histories where we used this incredible spiritual tool to get at some hard-to-reach places in the DEEP SELF.

There are hundreds of Orbs in Gorebagg’s World, which is the complete storehouse of Quantum Effects that YOU can use to change your life and the lives of everyone around you for the better!

Here’s your chance — but wait, as they say on tv — let’s look at some actual case histories where I coached someone to run through an Orb to repair or handle some present or past life problem, or to restore an earlier state of health, prosperity and happiness.

Easy enough, with Quantum Effects, and doubly easy with my 3-D Full-Immersion Videogame Environments in which to carry out these powerful affirmations, wishes and prayers.

Supplication does no good if the Gods can’t hear you. I want to share with you some success stories where people used this technique of electronic affirmations and got great results, but you don’t have to believe me — here are the case histories.

I have taken the utmost precaution to guard the privacy of anyone mentioned in this dissertation, including taking out anything that would give a good guesser an idea of the identity of the subject.

That having been said, I have permissions from some folks to use their case histories in this volume, so WITH THEIR PERMISSION I will identify them or partially identify them. I hope this isn’t confusing — I’m extremely sensitive on the issue of personal and family privacy — business doesn’t need or deserve privacy, but personal lives do.

If your case history appears here, you get a free signed copy of the book.

Don’t think of this methodology as “therapeutic”, but more along the lines of self-exploration and self-knowledge — although I will admit that there are some Quantum Effects that sure do seem like Magic & Miracles combined.

I hope you derive some benefit from my Gorebagg’s World Orbs, and that you can make the lives of those around you and in contact with you much, much better.

Let’s get to work — here are the case histories — let them speak for themselves. I’ve left in enough details that you can apply the case in point to your own for possible remedies and resolutions.

“Resolution” doesn’t always mean “Perfect Health” or “Restoration of Wealth” or “Total Permanent Happiness”.

It can mean ANYTHING that resolves the issue, and sometimes that does mean a recovery or restoration, or the attainment of a new and better state of existence for yourself and your family and friends.

I would hope that in taking on this mission to bring Quantum Effects to Planet Earth, that you would benefit sufficiently that you become more and more able to add your efforts to the efforts of others engaged in this Great Work.

I ask a donation for my coaching — in my case, it’s anything you care to give, but you can set a lower limit if you like, by saying “$45 an hour is what I usually get, but it’s a free-will donation, and I don’t want you to give more than you can afford” or something like it.

Gorebagg’s World Quantum Effect Case Histories

The “Love” Orb

The LOVE Orb was the first Quantum Effect Orb I made, and it was started on May 26, 1992 and completed the following year, after a lot of development in sound and textures were made.

Boxes at that time were extruded from the floor and ceiling, and the only way to hang something in midair was to create an invisible domain within the parent domain.

This was a bitch to write, and made level writing slow and best. Then, in 1997-98, Dick got the boxes working, and from then on, I could make models out of boxes, which in Second Life are called “prims”, meaning primitive blocks.

In a way, building the Orbs is like playing with blocks, something you might have enjoyed as a kid, which will be much more fulfilling now, if you have a higher purpose in mind than just idle entertainment.

At the time that we brought out the first LOVE ORB, we had just introduced Dick’s new system of FULL-ON PHYSICS, which means that if you slip, you fall. Gravity is just one of the many physics features that I can turn on and control, using Dick’s incredible GODD® Videogaming Engine, which can do anything that any other game engine can do, but we own the rights, and can therefore issue Orbs of our very own making, written on our very own game engine, with our own copyrights and patents.

This is not intended as a money-thing — it’s to insure that we always have the right to issue Orbs made on our gaming engine with our own textures, mp3 songs, sound effects, licensed voices, licensed models, and of course, our special programming routines.

The LOVE ORB was downloaded by about a dozen “Beta Testers”, Institute folks, who were willing to try something new that had been tested only by me on my high-powered development computer, not by actual end-users on lousy PC operating systems that cost only a couple of thousand bucks.

Well, they were patient, as the development team — that’s four of us in total — worked through the many technical barriers presented by the new science of video gaming.

We started making Orbs back in 1987, but didn’t really have the technology to make the Orbs we can today, and we certainly didn’t have the MEMORY and SPEED of processing that make the Orbs work the way they do today — almost as if you were right in there yourself, running around and touching things, picking things up, DOING things in cyberspace that you could never do in what you call THE REAL WORLD.

When you run through the new LOVE3 EXTREME ORB, you will have a very different set of personal experiences — let’s take the example of “Fred Ferguson” —

Fred Ferguson

Fred had a fear of love, involvement, entanglements and household battles, stemming from a childhood filled with arguments, displays of anger and resentment, bitter vocal fighting between parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and friends and neighbors.

There’s a lot out there to teach you to be afraid of love, and Fred had all of that going on, and more, so I hooked him up with a copy of the very first Love Orb, and he took it home and ran it, or at least, he tried to.

When I saw him next time, he’d tried the Orb a couple of times but gotten bored, discouraged and disinterested, and I couldn’t blame him.

When I saw how he was running the Orb, I realized with some surprise that he didn’t have a clue how to make the Orb activate, and the way he was running, it clearly never would.

I had to take a step that I hadn’t considered up to then — that Fred would need a personal coach in order to understand step-by-step how to make the thing operate and go active.

My specific correction had to do with the rhythm and timing of Fred’s run — everything else was all right: concentration on the action, good level of attention, excellent perception of the cyberspace environment and visual and audio clues given by the Orb, but what was definitely missing was a sense of timing, rhythm — beat.

So I put on our gaming CD, “In Your Face” and had Fred make another run.

Aha! The first couple of tracks gave Fred the hint, and from then on, that Avatar was swingin’ and swayin’ in the karmic wind!

Fred has since this time achieved a great family and a quiet life in a fairly quiet community, and there’s plenty of LOVE in Fred’s life!

Margaret Thompson

Margaret came from a broken home and had just endured a bad breakup from a bad marriage. Boy, did she need some love, and the way she was headed, it didn’t look like that was in her future.

She tried a few LOVE RUNS, but felt just as fearful, despondent and discouraged as before, and again, I recommended that we try the runs COACHED, and what a difference.

It really is all in the wrist.

There’s a lot to be said for “good timing”, and again, as in the case of Fred Ferguson, I noted that the swing and sway of the Avatar meant that the affirmations were stacking, which is exactly what you want.

The energy built faster when she was “on”, and the stacking effect was noticeably higher — I encouraged her to try NOT gathering the side mission items for a few runs, just keeping the turns sweeping and wide, and she did this happily and successfully, and wanted to continue running the Orb that way for a while, which she proceeded to do.

Within 24 hours, she was in a successful relationship and they’re still together — it’s been more than a decade.

Rona Whitehead

Rona had a history of abuse, the details of which I’ll spare you — it was the usual story. She had worked while her young spouse lounged around the house, generally not alone.

In this case, it was a matter of getting a handle on it, of getting the nerve to walk without rancor or guilt out of a relationship with a Narcissist — there is no cure, you have to walk, or endure abuse, and up until then, she had endured the abuse.


No confidence, no hope that anyone would ever love her again, although she realized that what she was experiencing in her relationship with the NPD was nothing resembling love.

Most relationships are about lust or convenience or both, and this does not bode well for those interested in a deep and meaningful AND SAFE and FRIENDLY relationship which may or may not include sex and marriage.

So I coached her on the Love Orb, at first with no result.

We used the Influence Deck — which I’m issuing publicly for the first time — to isolate the lifetime from which the influence was coming, to seek and remain in abusive relationships, and then finally settled on a more positive approach, looking for NEW sources of love rather than trying to revive a dying ember that never did quite catch.

Running through the Orb with no expectations and no particular goal made it a lot easier for her to do the operations within the Orb to create the Quantum Effect we wanted.

She now felt free to pick up drops or not pick up drops, without a feeling of loss, guilt or shame — this didn’t happen like a clap of thunder, it took a session a day for about two weeks until it cleared up and she was unencumbered by those influences.

One more flurry of Love Runs and she was ready to tackle life again, and is now in a very clear and clean relationship with a friendly and fair partner — it’s been some six years now, and counting.

For a Hollywood relationship, that would be a world-shaking event.

Myron Littleton

I never even met someone named “Myron Littleton” but it’s a good cover name for the person I have in mind for this example.

Myron was a rough and brittle guy from the North Woods, meaning that he was, and had been for many years, a tree-planter of some note, living in British Columbia.

Naturally, in that sort of environment, he had little use for relationships and less use for love, but he felt the lack thereof and spoke about it.

It was early on in the Orb development, before we had the lighting and particle effects, before we even had “box” building, so you can imagine what the Orb looked like — it was totally retro, but it was equal to the best Quake and Doom could do.

We were at that time one of the “big three” game makers, long before the industry was born.

Myron went through the Love Orb very adeptly, and finished without comment. He didn’t try a second run that day, or the next or the next, but the following Sunday, he spent the entire day doing Love Runs, something I hadn’t had in mind at all.

I worried that he might obsess, but it just seemed that he was fascinated by the thing, so I said nothing, and he went ahead and ran, and ran, and ran that Orb.

At the time, it was the only one I had written. I suppose that, had there been more to run, he’d have run them one right after the other, all day long, well into the night.

By the next morning, he was all grins.

He’d worked out that love is not romance. This was, for him, a big step. There’s more to his story, but this is the relevant part.

Taffy Winters

Here’s another case history involving the LOVE Orb. Taffy was a model and dancer in her early twenties — well, maybe mid twenties.

She’d had two kids with a guy who left in the first term of her second pregnancy. She’d never heard from him again.

So Taffy was a single mom, with a job at a nail salon, and she had the same problem that all single parents have if they have to work for a living — childcare costs more than you can typically earn at one single job, so you have to take more than one job, and she did.

Taffy had been burnt real bad, and she was very leery of entanglements, and in fact of any sort of contact at all.

This is a bad place to be.

She needed some LOVE RUNS, and so I gave her a disk with the LOVE ORB on it, in what’s called a “bundled” program, which could run independently on her PC without a separate GODD environment, with all the textures, sounds, text files and more that are needed to run the Orb.

She ran the LOVE ORB.

At first, there was no result, no response, no particular interest or excitement, but then, when we started doing COACHED SESSIONS, everything changed.

Her attitude changed.

She kind of settled down into running the Orb, didn’t hesitate on every turn, began to actually SEE the GODD environment.

The details started coming out at her, started being important enough to get her attention and consideration.

I built in some more random drops, and this seemed to have a very good effect, so I put in some more, then added a lot of structural and architectural detail, and that really made things work.

Sounds were added by Claude, so that when you picked up a drop, you got an appropriate soundbyte, which made the immersion so much the better.

By the time those improvements were in, she had found her True Love.

I’m not kidding. Within a MONTH, she was on her way to her dream home with her new husband. It’s been more than a decade and they’re still together after all this time — can you say as much???

It isn’t always about love, relationships, romance and friendships. Sometimes it’s about Higher Love, which the Greeks called “Agape”.

Danielle Johnson

Danielle was a middle-aged very disappointed housewife who decided to change her life by becoming a sales clerk at the local J.C. Penney’s.

It was very evident from a distance of three feet that Danielle was an alcoholic with a very deep and advanced case of drunkenness.

Her words were slurred, her reactions were slow and stumbling, and her balance was clearly off.

When she came to the house for lunch one Monday — she was planning to stay for the music — I asked her if she’d like to run an Orb.

Barbara explained “Orbs” to her, and she said, “Sure”, so we all went out to the barn and she proceeded to run the Love Orb which was at the time, as I mentioned before, the only one available.

I can’t say that running the Orb was the cause, but something about that visit made a definite impression. She has been sober since that day.

Was it a lack of love that drove her to drink?

I don’t speculate about things like that — I’m no analyst or psychology expert. My realm is the spirit, and I’m happy with that.

I’m just glad it worked out okay, and if it took a band of angels to make that happen, okay by me.

Lindsay Forbes

Lindsay was the manager of a small retail shop on Main Street. Her family had been in the area for over a hundred years, and she was a well-known fixture in the local poetry scene.

I would characterize her as an angry person, disappointed with life and saddened by her expectations.

People always fall far short of expectations, or hadn’t you noticed?

She kept waiting for good things to happen, for the perfect day, for the wonderful things she’d been promised as a child.

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re young at heart — that’s what the song says, but it just isn’t fair to demand a youthful heart, one that ignores all the slaps in the face that life and love have delivered so far, to date.

What do you say to Lindsay? She has her opinion, and it’s profoundly reinforced by the facts of life.

When she came to the gallery, I asked her if she’d like to paint some rocks, but she surprised me with a request to try an Orb on the laptop I take with me to the shop.

By golly, she got a whole different thing out of it, nothing mental at all — she just accepted the run, then went about her business.

She now has the latest LOVE3 EXTREME downloaded onto her laptop, and is running it several times a day.

She says that, until now, she hasn’t been able to get the discipline to perform the guitar practice, but she says that now she has the willpower to do it.

She attributes this good fortune to running the Love Orb, and by golly, I think she’s right!

Sister Celine

Sister Celine came to us from a Catholic Convent & Monastery out in the California desert. I’d known her from the old days with Fritz Perls and the Gestalt community.

For seventeen years she had endured abuse from a priest, then gotten the guts to get out of there while she still had some life left.

She was 43 by the time she reached out for help, and she got it.

Running the LOVE ORB, she could see how the parts were connected, how it all worked. At the conclusion of the initial week of Orb runs, she had this comment:

“It’s not the love you find, it’s the love you create.” — not a bad start toward maturity, which leads to understanding and eventually self-knowledge and great wisdom.

Tom Shanty

Tom was a local folksinger who, along with his brother Tim, worked as goldsmiths during the day, and nightclub singers after dark.

They cut a record that still gets airplay some 40 years later — can the Beatles say as much? What I mean is, when you start hearing your songs as music beds underneath television commercials, do you cringe while waiting for the compilation album to be released?

Tom lived what seemed to be a happy and somewhat carefree life with his wife, two kids, two dogs and a pet squirrel that somehow had worked out a relationship with the dogs, something seldom seen among dogs and squirrels.

I think it was a squirrel. Maybe it was a guinea pig. In any case, Tom seemed relatively calm and happy with his life.

I coached him on a LOVE ORB and keep in mind that this was VERY early in the development of the engine, nevertheless, he had a good experience in the cyber world, although he repeated several times that it was a little too dark for him.

At that time, we were using a 256 color palette that ate up several images to account for varying shades of gray. In all, we had basically a brown and gray environment, with spots of darkness and virtually no actual light.

It wouldn’t be for another decade that we would have actual 3D lighting in the Orbs, and nobody else had them, either.

A few days after he tried the Orb, Tom asked if there was any way he could use the LOVE ORB on his PC.

At the time, we had no way to do this, so Dick went to work making a “bundle” out of the Orbs, so they could be exported and downloaded, and that’s how come we got 3 MILLION downloads of PAPARAZI when the King of Norway played it on CNN!!!

What are the odds???

Our millions of downloads ended up crashing the entire West Coast Internet for a couple of hours one fateful day, and we had to get the help of download sites to handle the traffic.

Paparazi got several million more downloads before MicroSoft changed its working environment in such a way that the game no longer ran, and they’ve kept us jumping ever since.

Tom got the entire package of all the Orbs on a Thumb Drive — and saved a LOT by doing it that way — he gets to run ANY ORB he wants to run, and there are literally HUNDREDS, each with its own purpose and goals.

Janet Goodman

Janet had a real problem with love — she hadn’t had any, her whole life, according to her statement in one of our Theater Group sessions.

One of the cast members suggested she run the Love Orb.

She had no idea what an Orb was, and reacted well to the idea that it was a combination of actions that triggered off things in the Orb that in turn triggered off things inside her deepest self.

She ran the LOVE2 ORB, and seemed to have a great response to it.

Her takeaway? Love is actually something that’s made, created out of elements, and it requires attention and dedicated effort to make it work when it’s between people.

“Love is like a pet — you have to keep feeding it, giving it water, exercise, a place to poop and a place to lie down and get some quiet time.”

She’s right, you know.

Marilyn Martin

Marilyn was a cigarette smoker. It was more than just a habit with her — it was a way of life. She simply couldn’t sit or stand or lie down without a ciggie between her fingers.

I recommended a doctor, a clinic, some professional clinical help and advice. She’d been down that route a dozen times, but nothing had helped her to quit the habit forever.

I knew why all her efforts to quit her nicotine habit had failed, and it was much more than just organic need, although that played into it as it always does.

A habit has to be broken in REAL TIME, meaning that you have to go back to the formation of the original habit and BREAK IT in that space.

Easier said than done, unless you have a MAGIC TRANSPORT that will take you back to the moment when you formed the habit.

That’s the job of the HABITS ORB.

It takes you back to the moment when the habit was formed, and gives you the chance to CHANGE EVERYTHING right then and there, in that moment.

You do this by following the coaching and keeping PACE on the Orb run. It’s important that you KEEP THE SWAY AND RHYTHM of passage through the Orb.

You won’t be able to kick the habit alone — you DO need professional help when it comes to nicotine, but you can use the EXTRA HELP you get from running the SMOKE3 EXTREME ORB until the habit has been replaced by a better one.

You can’t eliminate habits entirely, but you CAN replace bad habits with good habits. Her takeaway?

“You CAN beat the habit by replacing it with an equally powerful but harmless habit.” — a realization hard-won, that helped Marilyn beat the nicotine habit for good.

She’s a non-smoker now for over four years, and she has no desire for cigarettes, even when offered by unthinking friends.

It helps that smokers are no longer allowed to smoke in the workplace or in shopping areas — it makes it so much harder for those who want to stay nicotine-sober.

Bill Hanson

Bill had a real problem with cigarettes, so he’d switched to pipe, and by this time had a large collection of briar and other rare woods pipes, plus a very expensive French polished humidor to keep his expensive and hard-to-find “3 Castles” Virginia Bright and his other carefully selected tobaccos for his special homemade blend.

One of his pipes, a carved Meerschaum, resembled the one made famous by the film versions of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

In all, he’d socked about $13,000 dollars in his pipe collection, and that gave him a powerful reason to continue the habit — he didn’t want to throw away a small fortune in pipes, not to mention the display cases he’d plastered on his walls to present his large collection of rare pipes.

It’s hard to argue against economic odds like that, but I did, and he agreed to try a single run in the SMOKE3 EXTREME ORB that I had just finished — we’re talking just a couple of weeks ago, here.

Well, I can’t say that it’s a permanent thing — it’s been 10 days so far, but since that time, Bill has stopped smoking, at least for the present, and he’s thinking about selling off his pipe collection. He’d been talking crazy, about throwing them away — no point going off the deep end.

Will he beat the habit? I’ll keep you posted.

Tandy McNeill

Tandy is a tall and elegant woman with a penchant for vintage clothing and a passion for live theater and the dance.

She is a former professional ballet dancer. You don’t meet very many of them — most can’t last long and end up teaching, but Tandy has taken another turn.

She has become one of our first professional Life & Afterlife Coaches, and she has given her qualified approval of the lifestyle of “coach”.

We’ll see how that goes, but in the meantime, Tandy has used the 60-SECOND KARMA-WASH ORB to beat the nicotine rap, and here’s how she did it:

Every time she wanted a smoke, she’d pick up the mouse and keyboard and start running the Orb, which she kept up on her computer day and night, ready to run.

Of course, once in a while, the computer drops off to sleep or signs off, but mostly, it’s ready to run, and that’s important.

When she didn’t have the Orb ready to run, she’d go get a cigarette. If the Orb was right there, ready to go, she didn’t get sidetracked into another ciggie break.

So her takeaway?

“Keep the engine running.”.

Sounds sorta like a bank-robber who drives the getaway car, don’t it? Well, her advice is good advice. Keep the engine running.

Anthony Nelson

Tony was a major in the U.S. Air Force, and had found a genie in a bottle on a desert island after orbiting the earth in a space capsule.

Can you imagine how many times he’d heard that. before I said it to his face???

He’d heard about the Orbs, and wanted to try one, so I asked him the obvious question, a question that every coach needs to learn to ask:

“Is there anything bothering you right now?”

“Yeah,” he responded. “I got a pain in my right side.” He indicated the exact spot with his extended fingertips, palpating the area slightly as he did so.

“Why not try running the PROSPERITY3 EXTREME ORB?” I suggested.

He did, and within twenty minutes, the pain in his side got worse. He had the idea to run the HEALING3 EXTREME ORB, and I loaded it onto a thumb drive, which he in turn loaded onto his machine.

He sat down at one of my round tables in Gorebagg’s Cafe, which is what we now call our dining room, with its six tables and 18 chairs set in and around the antique style fireplace on the North wall, between one of my White House Series paintings in a heavily carved gold frame, and the Jackson Pollock painting with the 1956 wood frame on the right.

His takeaway?

“You can heal it if you can see it.”

It’s about AWARENESS, and that’s what happens in an Orb — it puts you in touch with something deep inside your subconscious or your superconscious, both of which are on the other side of the SINISTER BARRIER, unreachable by any ordinary means.

That’s why hypnosis is used to get at these hidden parts of the deep self. The Orb puts it all out in front of you, where you can handle it, touch it, get some control over it.

Jerry Hatchfield

Speaking of getting control of it, Jerry Hatchfield was a kid with behavior problems — he gave himself too much permission to be out of control.

His anger was evident, and you could read it on his face at any time of day or night. He was permanently furious, outraged and bummed-out.

What do you give a kid like that?

So I put him on the ANGER3 EXTREME ORB, which he ran for about ten seconds, and then flung down the mouse — which fortunately, still works — and promptly and loudly gave up.

What would you have done?

What I did was, I told him to pick up the goddam mouse and keyboard and start again. I sat down slightly behind him, and gave him a few hints.

It worked. He’s still running Orbs, and is starting to take the time finally to actually SEE what’s there, and respond to it without impatience.

His takeaway?

“Impatience is what you need to overcome.”

Terence Shipley

Terence used to write for Playboy Magazine and other high-priced markets. He’d been in all sorts of organizations and movements and this and that, and had practically given up hope of finding anything real.

He’d always wanted to get out of body — he hated being IN the body, but was responsive to the idea that being incarnated gave him a chance to work out some things that can’t be worked out out-of-body.

So his idea of getting out of body was to float around behind his body, a  couple of feet above his head, so it wouldn’t get in the way of his vision.

Well, that describes what happens in an Orb, doesn’t it?

I tried the Astral Trainer first, but no real response, no real gains there. I put on my thinking cap and put him in front of the 49 DAYS ORB, and man, did HE take off with it! You can’t pry him away from the Orbs, now, and he has the complete collection, on thumb drive, so he’s got YEARS of exploration, realizations and secret knowledge ahead of him!!!

When you get used to being behind and slightly above your body as you move around, you’ll find that you will slip into this space IN THE REAL WORLD now and again, and eventually find it comfortable enough, that you might try some exits out of the body, just to get the feel of it.

You can use a number of ASTRAL TRAINER ORBS to get yourself able to fly out of body.

Sherrill O’Connor

Sherry had a LOT of problems when she first came here, but most of them revolved around the same pattern, repeating itself over and over again — sound familiar???

She was a recovered addict.

There is no such thing as a FORMER addict. The addiction doesn’t leave just because you don’t knuckle under it, and in order to stay clean, you might need a LOT of reinforcement, and QUANTUM EFFECTS can help.

Of course, it takes a LOT more to remain clean — you need a group in recovery, and you need to stay in contact with them. This is important.

Sherrill’s takeaway???

“You can beat addiction, but you’ll have to keep beating it. You can’t rest on your laurels.”

I have worked with thousands of addicts in my day, especially when I was working with John Lilly, Tim Leary and Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, not to mention the Gestalt community, Charlotte Selver, Fritz Perls and Claudio Naranjo — gosh, is she ever RIGHT!

When I say “right” it is in the sense of “correctness”, not a political affiliation, but these days, you have to be specific, don’t you?

Polly Graffe

Polly had an attention deficit, but it wasn’t organic. She just didn’t give a shit about anything outside herself, and she clearly didn’t care much for herself, either, judging from her tattered and wilted appearance.

I did a coached session with her as a demo on a Saturday morning class, but it seemed to roll right off her, like a waterbug gliding on the surface of a pond.

Now, keep in mind that an ORB RUN is like a ceremony or ritual, but instead of standing still in front of a table or altar, we run through the Orb, triggering off those self-same events in cyberspace — for instance, “You light some Snow Lion Tibetan Incense,” followed by “You pick up the candle and fumigate it in the incense smoke.”, and so forth, but instead of standing still, you’re running through the space, hitting one event trigger after another.

So Polly had an attention deficit, but NOT ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER, for which she had been professionally tested.

Okay, attention problem without attention disorder, that’s my specialty.

It has to do with the INTEREST OF THE ESSENTIAL SELF in the proceedings. If your life is of no interest to the Being, you’ll tend to sleep through the entire show, and that’d be a shame.

But — the ATTENTION ORB had no obvious effect, and as it turned out, no indirect effect, either. It took running the APOLLO ORB, and that’s not a remedy at all — it’s an Oracle, with a GREAT interaction system, thanks to my development team!

It’s a combination of text-to-speech, logic, chatroom science and rigging models that makes it all work, and nothing less would do.

We are so lucky to have our team — what are the odds??? — to be able to work out these essentials, or you wouldn’t have this amazing spiritual tool at your disposal, but you DO!

Cherree Kindler

Cherree wasn’t concerned for herself — her dog was hurt and needed help. Of course, she had brought the dog to the vet’s, and they had doctored her up, but Cherree wasn’t convinced that everything that could be done had been done, so she asked if there wasn’t a special prayer for dogs???

Well, give me a night of level-writing, and there will be.

Sure enough, I put in the work session time that very night as is, and the next day, she had her HEALING ORB, which you can use for anyone, not just a dog or a cat.

What you do is, you enter their name into the place indicated when you log onto the Orb, then you simply follow the path until done, and that’s all there is to it.

Everything happens automatically, triggered by your run or by your passage or by your intentional and direct touch, all happening within the cyberspace of the GODD® environment.

So the following day, Cherree couldn’t come over to the house, but the next day, she arrived in time for lunch — don’t show up here for lunch without notifying the cook, or you’ll end up eating a carrot, and that’s it. She did call in advance.

After lunch, I called up the HEALING ORB, and she ran it and loved it. Wait until she sees the 2019 Upgrade, HEALING3 EXTREME!!!

I’m not sure she’ll recognize it, but it’s a lot faster, easier to run, and more effective — it has more stuff in it, and I’ve added some models made by Claude from my original Tibetan pieces, things I used back in the day, meaning around 1164-1212 A.D. — gosh, those were the days!!!

I have to admit a slight nostalgia for the 13th century — things haven’t been that good for a long, long time, around here.

Of course, in the Higher Planes, it’s always good times, but then, you knew that, didn’t you?

Billy Bob Wilson

Well, the “Billy” part is real. I’ll tell you about Billy. He was a longtime friend in the entertainment industry, and was a collector of my paintings, as far back as 1959 when I showed with the Cedar Bar group in New York City.

Billy only ran one Orb, the TRUST ORB, and he ran it just the one time — he passed in 2000, just before the issue of the entire Orb System, but he was game to the end, and was in the middle of all sorts of great projects. His comment on the Orb?

“It felt incredible!”

He had been afflicted all his life with hypoplasia dwarfism, and this was his first experience running around as a tall person, and he appreciated it in a way that only he could have done — he burst out in laughter.

Billy was a powerful and convincing actor and comedian, a profound activist and a real teacher in his own right, and on top of that, was a beloved stage & screen personality for over fifty years. He had collected my artwork, as I mentioned, and had about a dozen paintings and several drawings and pastels, all done to scale to match his home furnishings. I have some fun photos of him at home, taken in 1999 and 2000.

Sally Forth

Sally was one of those people who live at the 92-97 decibel sound level all of the time. Now, I had a friend years ago, Judy Henske, who SANG at that level, but Sally TALKED at that level, and she didn’t just do it at a Stentorian Tone when she got excited — she just didn’t believe that anyone could hear her if she spoke softer, that’s all.

So what Orb would you give someone like that to run?

I chose the SHYNESS ORB — why? Because loudness is often a coverup for shyness, that’s why.

Well, I was wrong — it didn’t click at all. Finally, we landed on CERTAINTY, and that seemed to clear it up.

I wouldn’t say she’s living in hushed tones these days, but it is an improvement over the old Sally — you can remain in the same room while she speaks, and that’s definitely raised the bar on her People-Skills.

Marty Marino

Marty is really his name, and I have his permission to tell his story. He had come over to the house for lunch, and expressed that he was interested in the Orbs, but didn’t understand how they worked.

I explained that they basically threw some things that were inaccessibly inside yourself out there in front of you, and that furthermore, they made other spaces and times available for interaction.

That made sense to him, and he asked to see one of the Orbs.

My first hit was that he would instantly benefit from something, so I chose one of the Instanta-Fix Orbs — Resist-All.

Nothing. No particular reaction, but then we hit on APPROVAL, and man, we were off to the races!

All his life, Marty had been trying to win the approval of his family, but his Mom was far gone, and his Dad was completely gone, having passed the year before.

Okay, so he goes in there and wades through the APPROVAL ORB, and suddenly emerges with the realization that he can create his father’s approval, he doesn’t need his Dad to do it, so with the help of some items in the Orb, he does that, and feels a lot better.

He hasn’t had the urge to plead for mercy from his Dad for many months, now, and still counting.




See You At The Top!!!