Case Histories — Part Two

Jimmy Morristein

Jimmy was one of those “betrayed kids” whose parents continually lied to him, offered treats and fun and then capriciously withdrew it, and more kinds of “kid-torture” that some parents seem to favor.

Mean-spirited people make up the majority of what you encounter on any street in any city or town on the planet.

Once in a while, you’ll see an honest person return a lost wallet, with the cash still intact, but that’s the sort of thing that, on Planet Earth, definitely makes the nightly news.

Of course, on Planet Trump, nobody trusts the nightly news — and quite rightly.

So what kind of Orb should someone who has been betrayed all their lives want to run? At first, nothing came to mind, but then inspiration struck — I wrote the “Trust” Orb to handle Jimmy’s problem.

Any and every problem can be resolved down to a single “wrongness” that is the most obviously in need of handling, and that’s what we concentrate on as a coach.

The way the Orb helps you regain power over the habit of DISTRUST is to run the Orb, learning to treat TRUST as a substance which, like any other substance, can be handled and therefore mastered — BUT — you have be able to SEE it, recognize it as a substance, and be willing and able to actually handle and manipulate it.

Okay, so how to manipulate “Trust” safely, without getting hurt?

Obvious answer is, in cyberspace, in an electronic world, an Orb — where nobody gets hurt.

Well, perhaps that isn’t exactly true — it’s more like, “Okay, hand over the chocolates, and nobody gets hurt” kind of hurt.

Um — I have to mention that this is a Joke Alert, for those grim-faced clowns who can’t get at the funny bone in their bodies.

Even with the most powerful of magical spells and incantations, you need a pinch of humor. Everything works better if you get over yourself, and that’s what all spiritual systems are, ultimately, all about.

Getting Over Yourself is hard to do.

It’s a big thing, lots of challenge there, tons of ego-threat, but what do you think is going to happen to that precious ego when you’re ejected out of your body for the last time?

It gets dissolved in cleansing radiations, if you’re lucky. If not, you get to wander around on Planet Earth until the End of Time.

That’s why it’s so important to get help with the DISSOLVING radiations. Ask for them by name.

Well, that means LEARNING HOW TO ASK FOR SPECIAL HELP, which is Lesson Number One in the American Book of the Dead.

Asking for Special Help from Above is called “Prayer” or “Supplication”, and it is the very basis and foundation of the Orb System, where your actions within the Orb are used to trigger off a series of higher dimension spiritual events in the Higher Planes.

Some people call their style of prayer “Spellcasting”, while others call the same exact thing their “Meditation”, “Special Wishing” or “Dreaming”.

Still others have no name for it, but they do it anyway.

I can name a couple of Pagans who insist that it be called “Invoking”, and some of my Shaman friends from a variety of cultures will tell you that it’s actually a form of “Visualization”.

Whatever you call it, what you’re actually doing is triggering off a series of in-world events that RESONATE with your internals, such as TELEPATHY, PK, or PRECOGNITION, all of which you’ll be able to do with the help of the Orbs, and the PK PRACTICE, which I’m planning to introduce at the upcoming Ishtar (some pronounce it “Easter”) Workshop.

It’s going to cost a bit of serious money to set yourself up as an Afterlife Coach, but you can raise that extra cash by offering PLS and ORB sessions at anywhere from $15 an hour up to a full professional rate, if you’ve got the certificate on the wall and the office to prove it.

A very fair hourly fee for a private session these days would be about $85 an hour, which is the median figure, if you were a full-time pro, which you could be, with a little help from your friends.

What I mean is, you’ll start with your friends and family, and do the sessions for free, because you’re just starting out, just at the beginning, and you really don’t know enough to ask for a donation.

After a while, the field of remedies will open up, and you’ll have a grasp and a handle on which Orbs are best for what problem or to achieve a goal, or clear away barriers, or handle pain, suffering, aggravation and other childcare issues.

So Jimmy ran the TRUST Orb.

“Well?” I prompted at the end of the run — “how does it seem to you now?”.

“Pretty much the same,” he responded. “I don’t feel any difference.”.

“That’s odd,” I commented, shaking my head slightly to indicate confusion and wonder — had something gone wrong with the run?

“What IS Trust, anyway?” he pondered aloud.

“Well, let’s find out,” I suggested, “by running the TRUST ORB again, to see what happens.”.

“Okay by me,” he said, and picked up the mouse.

He ran that TRUST ORB a dozen times in that session, and each time, he claimed no change, but I could easily see that there was, indeed, a perceivable change — he began to slow down, to actually LOOK at what he was doing in there, to take the cyberspace environment seriously, for the first time.

NOW he had a result.

Sometimes — not all the time — persistence is the key, but sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it’s just plain SLOWING DOWN, smelling the roses.

It’s that SLOWING DOWN that you’re looking for — not disinterest or boredom, but an active interest and the start of actually taking note of what’s there, and reacting to it with some alacrity and style.

When you get right down to it, STYLE is a major factor, and style only comes with practice, practice, practice.

We who serve as game developers have traveled many thousands of hours through these Orbs — nothing happens in there that isn’t specifically programmed to happen when triggered by the actions of the PLAYER — that’s you.

So did Jimmy overcome his lack of trust?

I dunno — he says he’s still workin’ on it. I can see a definite difference in his behavior and general attitude, especially when it comes to co-workers, friends and family, so in my opinion, it’s worth the extra effort.

Bobbie Jo Jackson

Bobbie had a continual problem with sinus issues, and wondered if there was an Orb that she could run that would help her get a high-grade spiritual-level handle on it.

Of course we all know that spirit is senior to the body, but do you know how to activate that?

If you crave Help & Guidance From Above, you have to find a way to insert yourself in the “Help Chain”, so you might offer PLS sessions, Orb Runs and Telepathy Training, to give them an opportunity to create Help To Below.

Never forget the Ultimate Truth — it’s turtles, turtles, turtles — all the way down.

You want to be one of those turtles, you have to find a slot, a place where you fit in, between two turtles, one above and one below.

This “Help Chain” forms the basis of all schools and all initiations. If you’re a member of a spiritual lineage, that’s being a link in a chain of helpingness.

So Bobbie Jo had formulated, over the years, that it was not what you take away, it’s what you leave behind.

She had come to the realization that no matter how profoundly you can shake the Earth today, within a very short time, the jungle will take back its own, and there will remain no trace of you or your worldly efforts and achievements.

For Bobbie Jo, it was a matter of life and death to find some way to pay back for her existence, and to create a level of appreciation in herself for the way in which the Creation had been brought about.

Oh, you claim not to know?

“I had nothing but my self with which to make the world — out of myself the world was made.”

Your basic Godly trick of turning yourself inside out, which does sorta start the clock at the top of the cycle, but how do you extend the cycle beyond a single second?

Time is the answer, but you can’t have time without a little space, so you cast out some time/space in a whirling motion, like throwing an infinitely heavy frisbee a dozen yards.

Ordinarily, the Human Being is a black box — smooth sides, no bumps, no apparent controls.

Running an ORB puts the controls back in your hands.

Simple as that. You have ACCESS to the life-controls for a change — TOTAL ACCESS to every part of your inner world, through YOUR OWN SELF-DIRECTED ACTIONS within the Orb.

As you run — or stumble — across each trigger, you’ll set off a chain of deep levels of meta-programming in the Higher Essential Self.

You get TOTAL ACCESS to your Inner World, and that’s the goal of every form of spiritual science from meditation to village drumming.

So Bobbie Jo decided to get the whole package, all the Orbs, all the updates.

Well, when you get into ANY hobby more than the first couple of bucks, you eventually have to turn pro, to be able to afford your positive habit.

Hopefully, the negative habit that it replaced will go permanently away — the only way to make that happen is to GIVE sessions as well as GET them, and that makes you a pro.

What is Bobbie Jo doing now?

I can tell you. She’s been downloading the LOVE3 EXTREME and is looking forward to the bank of Orbs I’m writing now especially for our LIFE and AFTERLIFE coaches.

Maria Elaina Esperanza

Maria had no especial problems or interest, but she had some curiosity about the EXPERIENCE of running an Orb — what did it feel like? What happened? How did it affect your life, if at all???

Accordingly, she brought her laptop over to the barn, where we set up a table for herself and several friends who had also come over that day for some coaching drills.

So we drilled, all afternoon, on how to ask, how to answer, how to respond to confusions and problems, and mostly how to coach without jamming yourself onto the scene and making yourself more important than the video screen.

Getting OUT OF THE WAY is a real art & science, and it’s something you never will entirely master — one can only make the maximum effort, and sometimes that means a restrained hand.

Quite often in Maria’s Orb runs, I refrained from making comment until she prompted me for one, and then only to return the ball to her in that special Freudian way that only a Classical Psychologist could manifest.

A patient asks a psychiatrist — who is always an M.D. — “Why is it that you answer every question WITH a question???”, to which the doctor responds:

“Why do YOU think that is?”

I just let Maria find her own way, and she always does. It often takes a LOT longer than I think it should take for her to make a move, but by golly, she has her own sense of time, and as a coach, you have to respect that and make adjustments in your own perception to be able to agree with your client.

I use the term “client” in the programmer’s sense of the word, and hope it’s taken in that way — it’s just a way of indicating which side of the session they’re on at the time, and that will change, as they do coaching drills, taking both sides of the drill team.

What ultimately happened to Maria? Have a little patience. “Ultimately” hasn’t yet occurred. When it does, you’ll be the first to know.

Charlie Waggstaff XI

Charlie is a real person, but that’s not his real name — if it were, he’d just die. It’s bad enough trying to bring honor to a name like “Waggstaff”, and he’s been working at it for years and years!

Charlie had always wanted to get out of body, more or less ever since he’d blundered into one, some 32 years ago, and in my long experience, he wasn’t the only one who wanted out.

So naturally, I put the ASTRAL TRAINER ORB on, and he ran it, actually very competently, although video gaming was totally new to him — he’d picked up or restored an ancient skill just by sitting down and doing it.

What a revelation!

So he asked if there was any ORGANIZED way to recover ancient skills. Well, first you have to know that they ARE ancient skills, right?

Most people can’t handle that at all, so they don’t.

As a result, they have no personal experience personally experienced that suggests that you have available to you a variety of skills acquired in previous lifetimes.

Who has the time to acquire new ones?

One of my Curriculum Vita aspects is the large list of skills I seem to exhibit, if exhibit is the right word here.

They couldn’t possibly have been acquired in a single lifetime, not even in 77 years, and they weren’t.

I triggered them back into usage, and I’m sharing the technique, and you’ll be learning it as you go, as you work with others and learn to coach others in work sessions.

That’s what really makes learning, is teaching. You quickly find out what you really know and what you don’t know.

It’s a very humbling experience, if you can take a humbling experience without resistance, regret or repression. Good luck on that, but practice makes perfect.

Charlie’s takeaway?

“If you want to recover ancient skills, run ancient Orbs.”

I know that sounds awfully obvious, but it isn’t, unless you somehow stumble onto a reminder that ancient Orbs are where you’ll find ancient lifetimes.

I have created a plethora of ancient cultures and worlds galore, so explore and trigger off a variety of incredible skills that you used to have, thousands or millions of years ago.

Some of those ancient skills come in real handy, if you ever find yourself out on a plateau looking to build a giant pyramid.

Actually, that can work for spiritual evolution, but it’s not in the pyramid, it’s in the building of the pyramid, that the permanent change takes place in the Being.

Jasmin Takamini

Jasmin had a SuperBeacon ever since the first ones came out, and she’s run all the Inductions and Special Missions.

Her SuperBeacon is fully rigged with Matrix, Overthruster and more — all the bells and whistles are in, and her rig takes up an entire table, looking something like the old-time broadcasting stations.

She also got one of the very few SuperBeacon DeLuxe models, which has five extra control points and a lot more “grab” to get signal, and THEN she ran the LOVE3 EXTREME ORB, and noticed a very profound difference.

“It’s the SuperBeacon Deluxe”, she opined.

“I got a hunderd bucks says it ain’t,” I quipped back.

So we got out an old Beacon, not even the SuperBeacon, and ran a couple of Orbs — frankly, I don’t remember which ones, and we didn’t find the notes to this session.

Oh, yeah, you DO take notes, unless you want to run around in circles for a couple of years. It’s important to keep track of what you’ve covered, what worked and what didn’t work.

Not everything works. I wonder if that inescapable fact makes you worry.

It shouldn’t.

Simple observation proves that not everything works, and in fact, most things don’t — so you shouldn’t expect too much from any effort you make, but don’t close yourself off to the possibility that something good could maybe happen once in a great while, contrary to all your life-experience and personal knowledge.

Expect the worst, hope for the best.

Hopefully, you’ll be joyfully surprised by getting a much better effect than you thought you might. It’s always a good feeling to get a little extra boost now and then.

So Jasmin started working with the Orbs as a definite linkage to the SuperBeacon, which softens the World-Membranes just enough to allow passage of the REMOTE VIEWER — that’s you!!!

Jamie Hutsut Rimarah

Jamie had a real problem with authority, so I sent her to a neutral corner until she decided to behave.

One of these days, I’ll make a joke like that and regret it, but that hasn’t happened yet, and doesn’t look as if it’s too close on the horizon.

Okay, seriously — Jamie’s problem with authority had given her a rotten life and an equally rotten career, although she earned a good deal of money, but she hated her job, and hated her workplace and would have done just about anything to get out of there.

Escape is always costly.

It costs more to run than to stand there and face it, but Jamie had to realize that her own self. I’m not an advice wagon, and I resent being put in a position where I make decisions for others, don’t you?

I frankly don’t want the Karma.

So what’s a good Orb for making decisions? I had several possible candidates, but as always, I preferred to have Jamie select which Orb she would run in that session.

In choosing the Orb, she had to make a decision, see? Pretty sneaky, huh?

Okay, so she called up “Clarity” and ran that for a while, then changed over to “Certainty”, but she wasn’t really sure that was the right one, so I suggested she continue to run “Certainty” until she knew for sure.

Sometimes the humor of things escapes the client, but not in this case. She burst out laughing and easily ran out the issue in the “Clarity” Orb.

I say “ran out”, and I mean that quite literally — she did the Orb at a “Dead Run”, which means she didn’t stop for a single second or get caught in the corners, and that’s why she did so well, I am convinced of it.

As I’ve said, it’s all in the swing and sway.

Rebekkeh Topolov Minsky Johnson

Ah, Rebekkeh was something else, a leftover from a bygone age, born too late — you know the symptoms, I’m sure.

Well, all we had to do was find the culture that was nagging her, holding sway over her and impinging like hell on her present lifetime.

We ran every Orb I had made with ancient civilizations, but nothing turned up or showed up as “hot”, until we ran the 49 DAYS ORB — turns out that her problem was not in a body, but between-lives.

Lifetime solutions are not always indicated — sometimes the passage between lives can pull quite strongly on the Essential Self, until the connection has been consciously broken, and that’s what Gorby’s 60-Second Karma Wash is designed to do, instantaneously and permanently, in all configurations forever.

That’s what I call “dead”.

You don’t want the zombies ALWAYS at your door, do you? Well, in that case, you’ll have to do something to keep them away.

I am developing a DEMON TRAP, and a PSYCHIC COUNTERATTACK ORB to go with it, plus a LOT more, all toward your safety and security in Trump World, where treachery and attack are the norms.

Speaking of Norms, that used to be our favorite hangout restaurant — it was right next door to RCA Hollywood Recording Studios on Ivar & Sunset.

I suppose you’re wondering what in the world that has to do with running Orbs?

Quite a lot.

If you were ever in Hollywood or on Sunset Strip or the Other End of Sunset, you will instantly recognize the streets in BARDOTOWN3 EXTREME, an Orb system that you can download soon, or if you’re reading this later than today, perhaps it’s available on right now — why not go see?

Rebekkah had been fighting clinical depression for years, with the help of a medical team, to some good effect, in my opinion.

What I mean is, I’ve seen worse.

Keep in mind that in this lifetime alone, I have worked with tens of thousands of people, on a variety of levels, toward a variety of immortal and eternal purposes, about which we’ll talk sometime soon.

One thing I can tell you — Orb Runs and Coaching will definitely tune you back in to previous lifetimes, and even some parallel lifetimes, but it’s up to YOU to take interest or not.

The memories of past lives don’t come flooding back in. They’re as damnably just-out-of-reach as those vivid-but-elusive dreams from which you started awake so suddenly.

So what would you suggest for Rebekkah?

I thought so — same thing I thought. She’s depressed, have her run the DEPRESSION ORB, right?

So I did, and sure enough, she got even MORE depressed.

Well, hell, that sure wasn’t my intention. Which Orb would help her get out of it, if any? Keep in mind that the Orb does nothing — it’s a HELPER, something that offers you a way to grab hold of the driver’s wheel for a change, instead of helplessly watching  yourself slowly crash into the nearest wall.

Oh, yes, life is a slow, controlled but inevitable accident, and rebirth is waiting for it to happen.

Time is cyclic, not linear. Try to remember that the next time around, willya???

That of course means that the distant past is also the distant future. Keeps things neat and orderly to have the cultures not contact one another, so each remains a vague and unreal mythology.

I like stories that have a positive ending, so I’m avoiding telling you about any of my case histories that ended up in failure, but I guess I can afford to throw in one or two examples of “Orb Runs Gone Wrong”.

I have plenty of examples.

Listen, if you were a scientist, especially the discovering kind, you’d have a string of hundreds or thousands of failure behind every success, if ever there was one.

You just have to keep lighting the fuse, and throwing the thing as far as you can. What that means is, keep running the Orb, have patience, have patience, have patience.

Try to resist the urge to fling the mouse against the farthest wall. This only leads to trouble, and you’ll have to mention it at your next group therapy session, so save yourself some humiliation now, by just resisting the urge to fling the mouse anywhere at all.

Learn to endure.

Endurance is only partially a cure for boredom. You’ll need to conquer boredom, if you plan to employ ROCKET-SCIENCE SPELLCASTING, which calls to your attention that Orb runs are built on a succession of spiritual events driven by action within a specific sphere — that fits the description of almost every ceremony or ritual in the book.

Which book, you ask?

Well, if that don’t deserve an Orb run, I don’t know what does. So what would you suggest for the Orb-Runner who has run everything?

How about running them all again, many times, and not worrying about which Orb you’re running?

Well, that’s very noble, but terrifically inefficient.

KEEP TRACK of what you’ve done. MAKE A MAP of where you’ve been. Only then can you really truly hope to make a good decision as to where to go next, what to explore now, what you can do to continue to change your life and the lives of those around you for the better.

I didn’t say “best”, I said “better”. We have no way of measuring what’s “best”, and actually, nobody but Father knows best, and you can take that to the bank or bet it on the horses.

Either way, you lose, in the end, and that’s the point. You want to convert your important spiritual plane energies and efforts toward the quantum world, where there is no friction to wear it down to nothing.

It’s there, and there it remains.

There is no flow of time in the quantum world — it’s all made up of locations, not solids, in a fiery ball of high-gravity, high temperatures and high impedance, which in turn creates the Higgs Field, upon which we depend for our very existence.

That Higgs Field is what you’re tapping into when you use any of my spiritual tools & methods, and don’t you forget it.

Marla Zimmer O’Herlihan

Marla had a problem even getting herself to sit down to run an Orb. She was, by her own admission, grumpy most of the time, punctuated by grim and bitter silences as she allowed herself to slip deeper and deeper into depression, so again, I thought to run the DEPRESSION ORB, but it had no apparent effect whatever, and in fact, she was more bummed-out than before the run.

Well, hell, the first rule is, “Do no harm” — so if you can’t do good, at least avoid hurting someone you’re trying to help, right?

So, accordingly, I let her work it out herself.

She decided to run an Orb, even though she didn’t really want to. I heartily recommend that course of action — who says you have to enjoy it?

Of course, some think that ALL of life is Vogon Poetry, but who cares? Once you pass from this dream into the next dream, this dream will seem like a dream.

Wow, is that convoluted, but it’s exactly right.

You lose sense of the REALITY of another Orb when the present Orb becomes insistent enough to command your attention.

This, of course, means that you take the Orb run seriously, as you would any other ritual or ceremony.

This does not mean to take it lightly. It means just the opposite.

If you’re ever to get any results out of Orb Runs, you’ll have to learn to treat the Orb run as you would any other ritual or spiritual practice, and it takes practice to make it into a practice, if you know what I mean.

Marla’s takeaway on Orb runs?

“Who says you have to like it???” Actually, if you do enough Orb runs, even starting at that point where you DON’T like them at all, they grow on you as you become more familiar with the space.

Eventually, you’ll see the advantage to living in a society that enables you to experience operating a body from above and behind, while still being in the body.

This eventually leads to out of body experiences, and generally sooner rather than later, and that’s what happened for Marla — she got out of body and discovered her True Self, but ONLY after she’d gotten free of the body and its influence, and all in the safety of the cyberspace GOREBAGG’S WORLD ORB RUNS environment, where nobody gets hurt, not ever, and every story has a happy ending.

Rheena Dheena Polanski

Rheena Dheeda was her name, and you couldn’t call her just “Rheena” — she didn’t respond to half her name, and that was a major fact in her life.

In fact, that was what gave me the clue to the key to her spiritual condition — she refused to acknowledge a partial name.

Well, that rules out pet names and nicknames, doesn’t it?

I know, that sounds like your Nana, who insisted that she be called “grandmother”, God alone knows why.

My best guess is, some sort of security problem, ego challenge or identity crisis, or at best, a cry for some respect around here.

Rheena Dheena needed a good dose of Orb runs, and I used the “Johnson Force” to get her to make a decision on which Orb to run.

She finally selected “FEAR” as a good Orb to start with — she had a lot of fears, and began outlining some of them as she ran the Orb, prompted and sustained by the Orb to open that subject up and take a look at some of her fears.

I’d like to say that by the end of the run, she’d dissolved all her fears, but that’s of course not the case — however, she did conquer her fear of running the FEAR ORB, and that’s a big accomplishment, right there, in my opinion.

These days, she’s run all the Orbs and is trying to come up with a few that I might have missed — hell’s bells, I told her that even with more than a hundred Orbs, I’d hardly begun!

Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh

Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh — pronounced “Chumley Fanshaw” — had a hell of a time with his name, especially in school, where you write your name a thousand times a day.

His mom clearly had never considered how it would FEEL to have to write out the name “Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh” every time the form demanded, “NAME”.

When we met, the first thing I realized was that Don Ho could sign autographs 7.5 times faster than Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh, who squirmed at the thought of personal celebrity status, requiring many autographs over a period of many years, so he gave up the idea of professional singing, although his voice and singing style were good enough to go onstage, but he never had given it a try.

Not until he ran the INSPIRATION ORB.

I dunno what it was that connected up the dots for him, but suddenly, in the middle of an Orb run, he GOT IT, and he’s still got hold of it today.

You can read his story and more — he’s become a pro author in the field of self-help. I’m hoping he’ll write a book on his coaching experiences — perhaps reading it here will give him the — dare I say it??? — inspiration for his book.

Goodness gracious, I’ve clean run out of room again — I’ll continue in another blog.

See You At The Top!!!