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Practical Self-Metaprogramming

everything in the Orb corresponds to something in the Real World.

As any self-respecting witch, warlock or wizard will tell you, the KEY to it all is to reach across the SINISTER BARRIER that lies between YOU and the DEEPEST LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, which is why most people need a psychologist or hypnotist to get past the blockage between the Daily Consciousness and the Deep Levels of the Metaconscious and the Meta-Physical.

When you manipulate objects that are BONDED to each other, the TARGET OBJECT moves according to the movements you make with the correspondings. Some would say, “It’s all in the BONDING”, and they’d be right.

The real trick is LINKAGE, which consists of getting the various OUTER ELEMENTS attached to the INTERNAL ELEMENTS, and in the case of videogame environment ORBS, it’s a matter of attaching the INTERNAL VIDEOGAME ELEMENTS to the INTERNAL CONSCIOUSNESS of YOU.

It took years to work out which thing corresponds to what internal thing, which videogame object connects up to what, which thing — when you tug it — does what??? This was a long learning process for the game development team, but it was worth the wait.

We now can place exact models of magical and empowered items into a videogame space and MAKE THEM WORK, just as if they were physically present in the space of the operator.

In short, anything that can be accomplished in a PHYSICAL RITUAL can be duplicated in one of my MAGICALLY EMPOWERED ORBS, and the end-result will be exactly the same as if it had been carried out in the organic world of the body and brain.

I know this is a tough concept, but since ALL my videogaming levels are built on this principle — and depend on it for their effectiveness in the Real World — I’ll be happy to explain in some detail, so get ready for the aforementioned “great detail” — here goes:

There is a barrier between you and your subconscious — we agree on that, right? When you wake up in the morning or the middle of the night or from an afternoon nap, and you have a vague memory of a stirring dream, you can’t quite get at the details, can you???

Well, that’s the effect of the barrier, called “Third Stage Delta” in brain language, that prevents you from accessing anything outside the ordinary consciousness and reality.

The same thing happens when you try to recall something in your past — you can get the gist of it, but the details will elude you.

There’s a barrier between YOU and your memory of having lived other lives, in other times, other bodies and even other dimensions.

There seems to be a WALL between you and your DEEPEST levels of programming and meta-programming, and it seems impassible, which upon examination, proves correct — it is impassible, but you can reach right THROUGH it, if you know how. Continue reading