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Secrets of Remote Reading & Viewing

I'm the sergeant on the right of photo, taken at Fort Ord, California, circa 1962.
I’m the sergeant on the right — Trainfire at Fort Ord, California, circa 1962.

“Remote Reading”, otherwise known as “Remote Viewing”, is where you merely look at something and report what you see. Remote Viewing does not involve the movement of any mass in space or time, and exists entirely apart from the realm of the Einsteinian Newtonian Universe.

In 1963, while serving in the U.S. Army Security Agency, I was recruited for a Remote Reading unit, which I joined just three days after I received my Honorable Discharge from the service.

I did not go to the military Remote Viewing Unit at Fort Meade or, indeed, any other military agency Remote Viewing unit — there were four civilian units in Virginia and California, which our team verified through our own readings and encounters with members of other teams, open knowledge of which was kept from us, but believe it, we were in contact every day with psychic operatives both on our side and on other sides — and there are plenty of sides in the political arena — under the tight pressure of a high security position in the most secret agencies in U.S. history.

I can’t and won’t tell you what our targets were — I’ll leave that to others — but the nature of the targets were generally buildings, vehicles or people, and when I say “targets”, I mean only that they were selected and visualized by the readers, often using map coordinates as a guide when needed. Continue reading

For Your Convenience…

“Country Road Along Canal, Amsterdam 1645” comes out differently every time.

I’ve given my sources for my metal embossing projects, so that you can bring your prices down, down, down, to the level where there’s some profit in it and it’s worth your while to devote time, energy and talent to the thing.

But what if you DON’T intend to quit the day job and sell your embossed metal artwork to thousands of satisfied customers??? What if you don’t intend to order and await shipments of industrial foil, huge cartons of coin-flips and enormous quantities of sales tags? For you, there is a VERY good answer.

I make kits that are attuned to specific projects. You get all the materials and supplies you need to make 21 finished disks mounted in “flip” coin-frames for sale — that’s one to wear in a bezel or carry as a pocket-pal or purse-pal in an acrylic capsule, if you decide to use those items.

ALL MY DESIGNS COME IN ONLY ONE SIZE, made especially for the dollar-sized disk & bezel. You can re-size them as you wish. You will do better by just sort of roughly and generally copying the lines rather than trying to trace them, but some folks won’t have it any other way, so for them, you’ll have to shrink the thing down on photoshop and print it out on a TRANSFER paper, I suppose.

If you work this system rightly, you’ll develop your own “iconographics” and get them into the metal form. The whole point here is to utilize “reductionism” in order to simplify the form, as Cangialosi would have said it. You can also understand the concept in the following Matisse-ian way:


Feed the Higher — What’s Available Right Now for Shipping Today???

Baskets abound at Easter time, but what about the rest of the year???

My LIFE-HACK Prosperity Path Bath Balls are one way of receiving Ashram Blessings and absorbing the higher vibrations into your personal atmosphere, of Feeding the Higher. Feeding the Higher means to give the atrophied and weakened Higher Bodies the nourishment they need. Continue reading

My Victorian Christmas — Pocket Mission by LeslieAnn

My Victorian Christmas Pocket Mission by LeslieAnn is now available for delivery in time for Xmas!

My Victorian Christmas is a Pocket Mission Pak of 30 incredibly rare and powerfully evocative Victorian photographic memory-joggers and past-life triggers related to Christmas.

You can tell a story or write a poem about each of the 30 stunning and unique photographs in the Pocket Mission Pak, and publish your results on akashiclibrary.com where readers can compare the same photo described by different authors, in a carousel selection system developed by XxaxX Software — that’s Uncle Claude’s software development company, in case you didn’t know. Continue reading

Is the Universe Alive?


I suspect the above link will be disabled shortly–they all are except this one, but you have only to go to youtube and view “Through the Wormhole” with Morgan Freeman, Season 3, “Is the Universe Alive?” and/or order the DVD on amazon. It’s currently available, but won’t be soon, when this whole subject gets classified “Top Secret”, and believe me, I’ve been in this part of human history before, it will be. Contained in this episode, which we saw for the first time yesterday, is all the science and theory you’ll ever need in order to understand how the Prosperity Path works and specifically why it works as well as it does. It’s a powerful tool that cannot be mis-used.  When working in the Prosperity Path levels, nothing bad will ever happen to you; in fact, nothing but good things will happen, and it just might, with the application of skills, passion and sheer perseverance, change your life.