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New Orbs Alert

For those fans of The Orbs, I have something a little new and different for your consideration — I’ve remade and redesigned the BardoTown Map, which now includes dozens of interiors, all of which you now STRAP TO¬† instead of taking a TELE.

The effect is a short pause between maps, but it’s worth the wait, because in each area, I can isolate and magnify the effects — each map has the potential for its very own set of physics, math and probability, and I fully take advantage of that fact.

Accordingly, I’ve separated the interiors from the giant exterior OVERWORLD that is the BardoTown map, so the store interiors are now OUTBOARD ORBS, which is to say, something on the order of “sub-orbs” to which you can strap from the OVERWORLD map through a variety of doors, windows and other fenestrations of the architecture. Continue reading

Forget About Trump!

Dimatteo’s Pizza is a very popular pizza spot, and the products are delicious.

Forget about Trump for a few minutes. I know it’s hard to drop the subject — he’s plastered all over the news, and his ugly pig-face is absolutely everywhere, but let’s do try for a few minutes to concentrate on something else.

Oh, are you finding that difficult? Trump IS a major distraction on the Path, but don’t let that throw you off your spiritual stride. What you really need to put in place is a majorly powerful “Keep-Away” of some sort, and I recommend a TRUMPENITE DOME, combined with a TFZ MEDALLION. See my other blogs about those items or call and ask about them.

Even with those “keep-aways” in place, you might find Trump still very much in your face and in your mind, maintaining a constant CLOUD OF WORRY over your head.

That’s how an NPD maintains power, and Donald Trump is an NPD and a half. He actually falls well within the highest scoring nuttos on the planet, and that’s on a definite bell-curve. Continue reading

EJ Gold New Graphics — BardoTown Full-Color Greeting Cards —




Now, at last, my pinhole-photography taken with my antique Canon AE-1 with Fuji Color Film, is available as stunningly color-printed on a million-dollar printing machine, and mounted professionally on a 100% archival heavy rag cream pastel paper with a matching envelope, packaged for resale & counter-top & Point-of-Purchase racks. Wholesale price is only $3.95 apiece, no further discount. These cards are expensive to produce, but totally worth it. We make about a quarter a pop for all our work and financial risk — we print these on spec, hoping they’ll sell, and so far, we’ve been lucky.

So won’t you give my BardoTown photo greeting cards a try? They look great, and sell well, and they’re a great way to introduce subjects like parallel worlds, past lives and end of life. Continue reading

What is Heaven Really Like???

Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die first. Here are a few visions of what it’s like day-to-day in the Big Place. Don’t forget that the real question of how well you did with the life you were given within which to do your Work will come the day after you die; “How well did I do with what I had to work with???” — if you did your Work, you’ll be happy with the answer. Everyone has their own opinion of Daily Life in Heaven. I’ll give you mine at the end of this blog.

Continue reading