New Orbs Alert

For those fans of The Orbs, I have something a little new and different for your consideration — I’ve remade and redesigned the BardoTown Map, which now includes dozens of interiors, all of which you now STRAP TO  instead of taking a TELE.

The effect is a short pause between maps, but it’s worth the wait, because in each area, I can isolate and magnify the effects — each map has the potential for its very own set of physics, math and probability, and I fully take advantage of that fact.

Accordingly, I’ve separated the interiors from the giant exterior OVERWORLD that is the BardoTown map, so the store interiors are now OUTBOARD ORBS, which is to say, something on the order of “sub-orbs” to which you can strap from the OVERWORLD map through a variety of doors, windows and other fenestrations of the architecture.

There are also Portal Gems and other items that will transport you literally out of this world and into another dimension, not something you can experience every day without the benefit of the GODD ENGINE.

In short, it’s a totally new and different trip.

It’s up to you whether you take it or not and, unlike a drug trip, you can walk away from this trip anytime it gets to be too much, or you need to take a pee.

There’s freedom here, that you need to ENTRAIN INTO YOURSELF or lose it. Fair warning, this is not a playtime set of maps — these are SERIOUS WORK TOOLS and you’d better be prepared for some deep and wild breakthroughs!

You can now experience this powerful immersion tool for yourself, and you can learn to coach others in the BardoTown Experience.

All the design work is now EITHER interior OR exterior, with little or no combination of the  two types of orbs, although there is at least one exception — George’s Burgers is an open shop, so I designed it to remain an open walk-through without a strap.

All the other shops have straps or will have straps, and there are a number of other openings, gateways, portals and wormholes through which you can travel.

Becoming familiar with these spaces will help in the Bardos, but it will also free you from past life influences and give you a higher grade of inspiration.

If you’re in the arts, this will be a great boon, and creativity is by no means limited to the arts, crafts and performance skills.

At the moment, I’ve made plug-ins and round-trip strap effects for the smaller, personal Chen-Rig Temple, which is situation directly across the street from the Enchanter, where you first land and equip yourself.

Cross Candle Company is not far from the Temple, just a stones-throw away, but you won’t see any stones thrown here — that sort of thing is reserved for TrumpWorld and other lower species habitats.

Norton Street, Cosmo Street, The Gemini, Magical Mystery Museum and the G.O.D.D. Subway System are all currently fully operational, although I reserve the right to continue to work on them. If you stumble around into the posts, you might buy a condom.

Golly, I’ve put something on the order of 65 hours into that orb and its companions, and I’ll bet most folks who use the orbs will never see the difference, but it’s there.

One super thing I managed to accomplish was the complete redesign of the university at the western end of BardoTown — it has always been a problem, but only recently did I come up with a solution, and during the past six nights, I’ve acted upon that.

Hence, new design, new operation.

This map is intended for PAST LIFE COACHING SESSION. Sure, you can wander around in there, but there’s WORK to be done, and with a coach, you can get ‘er done.

You can expect frequent updates and you’ll have to keep your map and engine up to date, but we intend to make that relatively painless.

Downloads of complete games will include the engine and all graphic and audio assets necessary to run the orb, without having to download the entire game environment, thanks to a new system invented by Dick and Claude.

Fewer megabytes means faster downloads and more room on your device. Right now, that’s not vital, but when we start to think about running this stuff on a cellphone, it’s gonna make a helluva difference.

The EFFECTS produced by running this MASSIVE COMPLEX ORB SYSTEM called “BardoTown” are profound and powerful.

You will be amazed, and that’s a promise!

See You At The Top!!!