Rolling Affirmations

Adding some detail makes this Orb come to life.

Think of an Affirmation as a series of actions that you take while standing more or less in one spot, and a Rolling Affirmation as a series of actions that are unlocked by your avatar’s passage through the Orb, sort of a forward-rolling from beginning to end.

The act of running through the Orb produces the Affirmation Effect.

Instead of picking up a book and reading it, you pick up a book and read it, see? And instead of waving a magic wand around, you pick it up at a dead run and it waves itself around as you run, get it???

If you stood still and lit some incense, would it be any different than if you do the same thing on the run? Actually, you do stop and light the incense, but couldn’t resist the attempt at a little humor.

When you pick up the incense, it makes a “lighting” noise. This increases slightly the Immersion Effect of the Orb, along with all the other reinforcements we can bring to bear, and you’ll be responsible to add your own two-cents’ worth in the form of incense, candle, ammy and other atmospheric preparations you’ve made for the journey.

Keep in mind that, although it looks quite like an ordinary video game, you are actually peering directly into another dimension, an alternate reality which really does exist.

Your Avatar has its own life in its own world. You see only a small portion of that life by looking through the Orb-O-Scope into that other world, The World Next Door. Distance is not an obstacle, however — we can look anywhere.

Think of the Orb as a sort of Remote Viewer projected out in front of you, and as you consider this, remind yourself that ALL phenomena are projections of your own Shining Consciousness.

The word “Intellect” is an unfortunate translation. The word you want is “Consciousness” — so like I said, it’s all a projection of your own Consciousness into the Void.

It becomes impossible to ignore this when running an Orb.

If you didn’t pay much attention to what’s happening each time you run through the Orb, you might very well fail to notice that you get a fairly large selection of magical and quantum entanglement items from which to choose.

Well, maybe not to choose, but to end up with — the selection is made for you by a randomity generator that makes sure to not give you the same item twice in the same game.

Pay some attention to the detail of the run, and you’ll see that you’re running through an Orb that has literally hundreds of items that you might potentially get hold of and use.

So what magical items are deeply hidden up there in the .ini file???

Things make SOUNDS when you pick them up and use them.

First, we might look at the books that could pop out at you during a run:

  • Book of Nefertiti
  • Book of Isis
  • Book of Ishtar
  • Book of Anubis
  • Book of Sekhmet

You also get a copy of The American Book of the Dead, as you start into the Orb.

Keep in mind that our books in quantum digital form are FULL AND COMPLETE BOOKS, actually accessible as reading material simply by applying the basic skills of Remote Viewing, which you can learn at any of our BRANE-POWER clinics or workshops — it takes about fifteen minutes to learn how to do it fairly well.

You also get a nice variety of Burning Powders:

  • Red Prosperity Protection Powder
  • Blue Prosperity Peace Powder
  • Green Prosperity Calming Powder
  • Violet Prosperity Empowering Powder
  • Yellow Prosperity Ascending Powder.

So depending on the spinning wheel of fortune — the Randomity Generator — you’ll get ONE of those items when you pick up the powder.

Actually until you pick up the powder and put it into your F6 inventory, it has no specific identity — only when you take the action of picking it up, does it change into its finished form.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it???

Well, you get a LOT more bang for your buck when you buy the LOVE3 EXTREME Orb. I have an entire shop’s worth of virtuals for you to pick up along the way on your quest.

Keep in mind that as you liberate powers — such as “50 to Love Power” and “Burning Red Snow Lion Incense” — they go directly into the ammy that you’re wearing while you do the run.

This powers up the ammy, and you can feed off the energy from that charge-up all day long, just by wearing the specially empowered ammy.

Amulets don’t need “charging” — they’re powered continuously by the radio waves from the Big Bang, but they can be added to with special empowerments and syngergistics.

Got the water working, finally — it lacked a “RANIM — Regional Animation”.

Speaking of Snow Lion Incense, here’s another delightful set of possibles you’ll be picking among as you go through the Orb, and keep in mind that these NOT in virtual would cost a small fortune, if you could get the real thing anymore, which you can’t.

  • Red Snow Lion Tibetan Incense
  • Blue Medicine Wheel Incense
  • Green Tara Tibetan Incense
  • Violet Chen-Rig Tibetan Incense
  • Golden Tiger Tibetan Incense

The virtual models are made from the exact same incense sticks, bundles and boxes that I have had in my collection for over fifty years, some of which came from our San Francisco Monastery & Tea House on Taylor Avenue, until 1922.

I also have a number of tea house items from that time, and they will be made available in Orbs where they are needed.

Essential Oils? Sure, we got ’em, in good supply and they’re cheap like dirt — just a few electrons buys you a virtual one-ounce vial.

The non-virtual same thing would cost you $35, and you can order it from me anytime. Here are the varieties available in the Love3 Extreme Orb:

  • Red Prosperity Patchouli Oil
  • Blue Prosperity Musk Oil
  • Green Prosperity Jasmine Oil
  • Violet Prosperity Lotus Oil
  • Yellow Prosperity Sandalwood Oil

These automatically diffuse into the atmosphere, altering it into the target space’s atmospheric Bertillion Specifications.

Your Orb will carry a nice selection of Generators, and of course there are 100% beeswax candles — red, blue, green, violet, yellow — and gemstone eggs:

  • Ruby Gemstone Egg
  • Sapphire Gemstone Egg
  • Emerald Gemstone Egg
  • Amethyst Gemstone Egg
  • Tanzanite Gemstone Egg

If you could pluck these out of virtual cyberspace and into your real world, you’d be rich. As it is, you get the magical benefit of owning them without the hit in your wallet, and keep in mind that anything that happens in the real world can be duplicated magically in the virtual world, and a whole lot cheaper and easier, too.

You can use a variety of rare magical apparatus — apparati? apparatoi? apparatuses? — that are hidden away in the deepest recesses of the Orb.

Five varieties of wands, five different charms, five amulets in addition to the Prosperity

Ammy, and more, lots more, all tucked away in there for YOU to find and use!

Anything you can do in real world space can be done in virtual.


Get in touch today to find out how YOU can benefit and profit from this amazing spiritual tool.

Love3 Extreme — ask for it by name. Volunteer Beta Testers are being asked to check in with us to get the download address location.

See You At The Top!!!