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Paint All Over Me Update


Yes, it’s true — I’ve posted over 2,000 items on PAOM over the past three days, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. My basic aim — strategy, if you will — is to organize my designs into groupings of single items, such as “Cotton Bathrobe” or “Gold Movements Performance Costume” or “Foggy Day Trenchcoat”, then I show typically either 8 across in two rows with a total of three pages to cover all 24 print patterns.


There are mitigating circumstances where I emphatically don’t do that — examples are the Sumerian grouping, which is basically everything they offer, with a single pattern on all of them. There are 16 pages of this stuff, each page is full of things, so it’s hundreds of items in all, with a common theme, the same print design on all of them. This gives you a chance to compare the silhouettes of all the items they offer — I don’t expect to actually sell from this grouping, but you never know. Continue reading

Transcending Political Shit

LeslieAnn at the Crisis Healing Center in the Ashram.

When the shit piles up too high to walk over it, and the piles of shit are too close together to walk between them, you’re in seriously deep shit. What’s happening out there is NOT about politics. It’s NOT about religion, and it’s definitely NOT about health care or women’s issues.

It’s simply time for the peasants to prove that they are revolting, always have been and always will be revolting. Why can’t the downtrodden just stay down? That’s the Smerconish Response — just shut up and take it on the jaw — liberals should lie down & die.

I’m not a leftist, nor a rightist. This isn’t even my goddam planet, monkey descendant. Frankly, I think you’re all fucking nuts, and I’m not at all happy to be living here among you, watching you squabble and fight over crumbs, while the fat ones glut themselves on your food, and drink your wine, while you writhe in hunger and the pain of betrayal.

Other than that, I could give a shit what happens here.

Suffering and pain is easy to repair. Misery and heartache and guilt and recrimination and fear and horror and disgust are harder to deal with, but manageable. It’s the marketing angles I can’t figure out, and I’m looking for some help here.

I’m here to finish a history project. As an alcohol-intolerant, I’m damned if I can figure out just how the hell I’m supposed to determine exactly which bar was the location of the fist-fight that ended history, I don’t know, but here I am to tell the tale.

I’m supposed to leave notes that can be found and dug up back in the 37th century, but I have to be careful not to leave them where there’s too much radiation, and I can’t remember where the airbursts went off, or that is, are going to go off, in the Western states, although I do remember that I was surprised at the cities that were hit. Continue reading

Trump’s Presidential Reality Show

Portals are everywhere, if you need to leave Earth rather unexpectedly.

Why do I endanger myself by speaking out? Believe me, it’s far more dangerous to remain silent in the face of tyranny than it is to stand up and be counted, and that’s what you should be doing today, marching in Washington.

My whole family decided to march with the pro-environment people today. They’re planning to join the Peoples Climate Movement’s March on Washington and even now, as I write this, they’re only four miles out of Seattle!

If you think back on it, there hasn’t been a single day — actually, not a single HOUR — during which Donald Trump dominated the news and created breaking news his own self. His whole purpose seems to be to stay at the top of the news, and he manages to do just that, if with nothing else, his zanier and stupider tweets.

There’s nothing like a puffed-up bigot making more complaining noises than a garbage truck on a formerly quiet suburban street, at five o’clock in the morning.

In Russia, the sentiment is “Enough Trump!”

Even THEY are tired of seeing his little squinty eyes and puckered mouth shouting stupidities and struggling with real and imaginary enemies on all sides, plus top & bottom.

Poor Donald says he “misses his old life” and finds being President “harder than he expected.” He in fact thought it would be as easy as his reality show, and frequently returns to his campaign mode in a pathetic attempt to gain “ratings”, the only means by which he measures his success.

The real problem is not with Trump — he’s a victim of his own chat-bot programming and can’t help what he says, does, thinks or feels.

If you’re looking for something other than a chat-bot in Donald Trump, you’ll be wasting your time and effort. The little red switch on the back of his head tells the story. Continue reading

Does This Toga Make My Butt Look Big???


Meeting of the Supreme Angelic Council at the Angel Embassy June 7, 2012

It was just pointed out to me by Barbara — “Grishnak” is her gaming name — that a number of very secret Tantric Sects of Tibetan Buddhism in Lhasa encouraged their initiates to dress and behave like the god or goddess of their choice, meaning their spiritual goal.

So in fact did the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Sumerians along with every medicine man or shaman or witch-woman or tribal dancer who ever lived.

Dressup is where it’s at. You knew that when you were little, so what made you forget that the clothes make the personnage?

Like most divine revelations, it got driven out of you when you got turned into an alien-dominated wage-slave zombie, to put it politely.

See, a god or goddess in the pantheon of Initiates is merely a symbol for a whole bingy-bongy bunch of stuff grouped together in what is called an Aspect. More about that when you’re on the Advanced Classes and corresponding levels where you act out godhood so you get used to it.

Thing is, in order to apply your godhood and powers, you’re required to let go of them.

What you do is deliberately “delete” — a technical term meaning re-create — your Level 99 Super-Being of Power and Skills, producing from its ashes a very lowly level 1 character that can barely pay the rent and keep it together enough to call it “survival”.

You walk into the game with nothing, no power, no money, no nothing, a totally helpless infant with but one skill remaining from prior lives.

You know even on your first day out of the womb that if you merely think about milk, you’re going to get none. You have to act out your wish. You gotta cry. The louder you cry, the faster the milk comes. This you learn fast.

You want some peace in your life? Want to reduce the miseries and increase the good times?

Nothing could be simpler.

Act it out. But now, as an adult, you don’t have to cry for your milk. You can make it happen through very subtle means and, moreover, you can do it at your desktop, laptop or pad.

Does it work? Sure it does. Let me offer a recent example in the workplace:

One of our senior Prosperity Path teachers is also prominent in another field, accountancy. He is famous as a personal economics manager and has coached many other professionals in his field. In short, he knows not only accounting, but more than a little magic of both the spirit and stage. His much-practiced French Drop is flawless and immaculate.

One of his clients complained that, although his work was satisfactory and his relationships with his clients was generally good, and they liked him…he just wasn’t getting enough work to survive the current “recession” (a slightly less scary word for crushing economic collapse of the middle-class than the word, “depression”).

So he suggested to his client that he take out a list of his best customers and with his fingertip, merely point to the people who should be calling him for work, and say as he die this, “so-and-so ought to be calling me…”

To his surprise but probably not to yours, because I know you’ve experienced this same phenomenon, customers started calling him right after he did that, although he took no physical organic action toward them at all. It was Spooky Action At A Distance, no doubt in his mind about that.

Want to be a god or goddess? Maybe you already are, but how in the world are you going to know if you are or aren’t if you don’t act as a god or goddess?

And what, exactly, is the behavior pattern of your above-average god or goddess?

God. Goddess. Of course what I’m describing with this loose heavily urban-legend burdened term of “God” and “Goddess” is actually a higher being, meaning someone who has learned the game and how to play it elegantly and for the benefit of others.

In order to be godlike, you must actually be godlike. Sounds stupidly obvious, but stop and think for a moment. What does this really mean?

So I’ve developed some advanced levels in which you can safely learn and act out the godness bottled up inside, just waiting for some exercise, like a cooped-up dog with a leash in its mouth.

Hell, go ahead and find out what it’s like to have Absolute Power. You’ll be in your own universe, where you can’t hurt anyone, including yourself.

Along with Godly Powers goes the responsibility not to use them unwisely and with them to do no harm.

Plus a hell of a lot of fun. You get your choice of male or female heroes.

Let me be your Personal Dresser. I’ll provide the costume, the virtual body and the environment of a God, then it’s up to you to download and play it through.

Be a God. Be a Goddess. Be Both.

Be good to yourself. Transcend Your Life.

See You At The Top!