Paint All Over Me Update


Yes, it’s true — I’ve posted over 2,000 items on PAOM over the past three days, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. My basic aim — strategy, if you will — is to organize my designs into groupings of single items, such as “Cotton Bathrobe” or “Gold Movements Performance Costume” or “Foggy Day Trenchcoat”, then I show typically either 8 across in two rows with a total of three pages to cover all 24 print patterns.


There are mitigating circumstances where I emphatically don’t do that — examples are the Sumerian grouping, which is basically everything they offer, with a single pattern on all of them. There are 16 pages of this stuff, each page is full of things, so it’s hundreds of items in all, with a common theme, the same print design on all of them. This gives you a chance to compare the silhouettes of all the items they offer — I don’t expect to actually sell from this grouping, but you never know.

You might not know, but I certainly do, and I’m using that knowingness to create not only a set of selling items organized in an easily navigated set of web pages, but also organizing the entire process into something that YOU can use for several important purposes.

  • PERSONAL ALCHEMICAL PROCESS — This is a long-term process which carries through many different exercises given in relation to the POD techniques contained in PAOM, Redbubble, Zazzle and Cafe Press, all of which have very different requirements and technical skill demands. The necessities and skills required, along with the decision-making and other higher intellectual functions, plus the Embue Image Procedure makes a self-generating “School for Higher Conscience & Consciousness” that creates the potential for Self-Mastery & Transcendence.
  • SELF-STUDY & SELF-KNOWLEDGE — There is no better way to get a handle on internals than to externalize them, as any psychologist worth his or her weight in Self-Esteem Bars will tell you. Don’t bother, I’ve already tried “Self-Esteem Bars” and they just don’t sell. Those with self-esteem don’t need them, and those without don’t relate to them at all.
  • REVELATION — Discover things about yourself that you never knew, and find powers and strengths in yourself that you didn’t know existed within you. Build the strength, charisma and stamina to be able to resist the terrible forces unleashed today in the White House and other areas of intrigue. In short, when the politicians yank you around to save their own hides, you’ll have the power to resist, and the strength to survive the horror of the 21st century, Donald J. Trump & Friends, if he really has any who aren’t there because they want something they think he’s going to give them. Haw, haw, the joke’s on them.
  • FLUKE FACTOR — Who knows? Your incredible design might be seen on some television personality, and you get invited to the Shark Tank where they back you with a billion dollars and all the publicity you can handle. Can this really happen? You’re damn right, it can. Plenty of my clients back in the day enjoyed this factor quite well, and you can get their names from my bio. It does work.
  • REAL CHANGE — This is a way to really make a change in your life, with a totally transformative “POD Handling Process” that is absolutely going to revitalize your life and give you the means to ELEVATE yourself, to totally TRANSCEND the miseries you’re experiencing now in the lower emotional and organic state of existence in which you find yourself. It takes energy and a definite will to get out of that box.
  • HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS — Open your mind and your consciousness to Higher Influences, through the action of the POD PROCESS, which takes you up the ladder of consciousness from the lower realms right into the highest domains of awareness and consciousness, all through the invisible action of transformative techniques that are “accidentally” or “coincidentally” buried within the confines of the POD skills. You will be able to transfer those skills over into your daily “real life” situation and make them not only change your life, but add to your total worth in so many ways, not the least is a little or a lot of extra cash that you can earn with good design and good marketing skills, which can be easily learned.
  • EXPANSION — Personal expansion, sure, but also an expansion of your circle of friends, an expansion of understanding and of appreciation of your immediate and general environment, and an expansion into the Greater Reality, the multiplicity of universes and dimensions, all through the advent of higher design influenced from Above.
  • SLIDER TECHNOLOGY — As you develop your design skills, you will be more and more able to determine the interdimensional and quantum effects of your designs, and make them to accommodate the “silhouettes” of the receiving items.
  • DESIGN SKILLS — You will, through repeated lessons and exercises, find your way to “good design” and “good practices”, both of which cannot be learned by intellectual grasp, by discussion or by thinking about them. These are skills that come from hard-earned experience personally experienced, and in no other way.
  • COMPASSION — You may think you have compassion, but it’s a technical skill of the advanced Bodhisattva, and is harder to use and apply than you might think, from the perspective of the amateur and casual observer. There’s a lot more to compassion than just caring about someone’s welfare, and the sooner you learn professional compassion, the better.
  • OPENING UP — Nothing will open you up better than learning the dimensional interpenetrating skills that come from designing for the Higher Dimensions!

There are so many more benefits, but I don’t want to “sell” you on Mastery of the POD. It’s something that’s in your skin, or it just plain isn’t.

Had we had “Dress Design” in study hall at military school, I’d probably still be there, stuck in my senior year trying to pass Math, but having a ball in study hall, so who cares about being left back a couple years?

Okay, make that 65 years.

So I’m telling you to get on the stick, try this and see what it does for you,  at the same time, knowing full-well that 99% of the people who read this are just looking for something to take up the slack between naps.

Can’t say I blame them. If you don’t actually NEED to wake up, why should you feel the pain?

On the other hand, if you find yourself awake in a world of robots, adrift in a world of violence and insanity, you just might want a way out of it, and this would definitely classify as “A Way Out”.

Thing is, you have to open the door yourself, and most folks are thoroughly conditioned to not go through a door that isn’t automatic.

Then again, this is the age of self-driving cars, so there will soon be no way to discuss or demonstrate what Gurdjieff meant by “Drive Your Car!!!”.

Most people can’t and don’t, and don’t care.

If you’re one of the unfortunates who DO care, and HAVE in fact noticed the bot-like nature of the crowd around you, it’s just vaguely possible that you’ve taken it on the chin enough times to be ready to get the hell out of the box.

On the other hand, if you’re like most folks, you’ll just keep marching with the others. Stay in line, don’t talk, don’t fidget and don’t put your hands in your pockets.

If you really want to please the people in charge, just don’t make trouble. Know your place. Do your work. Live the Amerikan dream, a 30-year mortgage on a cracker box in a jungle of similar cracker boxes on a street that looks like every other street.

It’s all set up for the bankers, the brokers and the birthers.

If you really want to make a fight, you can, but it’ll cost ya. The alternative is to roll over and die, which is what most folks will definitely do.

What I’m proposing here is a tough struggle and takes a LOT of guts to even make the decision to TRY to wiggle out of the trap and, through long experience with people, I’ve learned not to expect too much.

If you think you’re likely to crap out, don’t even try.

This is not for sky-diving wimps. There’s a LOT of commitment and effort and skill and tons and tons of trying without success, until success finally does come, and there’s no guarantee of that.

So why bother?

Goddam right. “Why bother”, indeed. I wouldn’t, if you don’t feel compelled to make a struggle against tyranny, injustice and the destruction of the American way of Life. In short, if you’re a dead-head, stay dead.

You’ll do better. They don’t mess around with the dead, just scoop them up with a Caterpillar D-6, and dump the bodies into the ditch, as they’ve always done.

If you don’t want to WAKE UP and get out of the hole, I wouldn’t blame you one bit. There’s a lot more reward in just taking it on the chin and in the gut, over and over and over again.

It’s so much easier to let the Big Bullies win, and if you think Donald “Wimp” Trump is the biggest bully on the block, you haven’t seen what some nearly invisible politicians on the Hill can do, but they’ll be revealed shortly, by their actions.

So where does that leave YOU???

Probably in the same place you were in when you started, meaning that as usual, you’ll end up doing nothing, while wishing you had taken a step, but you typically don’t, which is your “tendency”, so you wind up once again wondering what went wrong.

The thing is, YOU did.

You’re the problem here, not the world around you. The world is a reflection of your consciousness, but you knew that from reading the ABD, right?

That’s not how you know. Reading isn’t enough to cause knowingness. You need to get off your ass and get into gear, maggot, before you find yourself in a wooden kimono with no way out of the hole until some future alien archaeologist digs you up for exhibit in some off-world museum on the other end of the galaxy.

So why am I so cynical, so convinced, so absolutely certain that YOU will do nothing to save your own ass or the collective asses of you and your family and friends???

Because that’s what you usually do — nothing.

What you ordinarily do is determined, as I said a moment ago, by your tendencies. Your tendencies aren’t from around here — they’re not set by DNA, although your DNA has plenty to say about what you do, how you think and feel, and your view of life and the universe.

The TENDENCIES travel with the Higher Self, the Essential Nature, and they are always active and always dominant. You find the organic body that most fits your Essential Tendencies, and that makes up the totality of you at the moment.

Of course, your totality would be a whole lot more total if you were able to include all your manifestations and incarnations, but if you’re living in isolation, that’s all just a big mystery to you, a fantasy, a rumor about something that only other people experience.

At last, FREEDOM can be yours!

All you need to do to make this happen is to press a little non-existent button, a button that is merely a location of incandescent pixels that forms what appears to be something that says “CLICK HERE”, and you do.

Making that little decision actually creates at least one additional stream of reality, into which you can go.

The difference is that you move into a space in which that thing, whatever it is, exists. From the Place of No Designer to the Place of Yes Designer.

It seems like nothing, just a chalk-line over which you cross or don’t cross. There is no real barrier, but it feels as if there is one, a giant impassable barrier that looms ahead of you.

It’s really nothing, but you won’t believe that until you see right through it, which won’t be anytime soon, unless you can bring yourself from the “Sitting Around Waiting To Die” group into the “Screw This, I’m Outta Da Box & Welcome To It!!!” category of Higher Consciousness People, which would then include you.

Right now, at the moment, it might not.

Higher Consciousness doesn’t just come to you in the mail like something that arrived from Publisher’s Clearing House.

It’s not a prize that you win in the State Lottery. It’s not something you find on the street, like a wallet full of money but no identification.

If that’s the sort of thing that happens to you all the time, you don’t need POD Skills, but if you’re like most folks, you don’t find a wallet on the street, full OR empty, and if you did, you’d probably pass it right by.

Not that you’re against money or finding things, it just wouldn’t occur to you to bend over and pick it up — too much trouble.

This is basically why you can’t — and I challenge you to try — sell a ten dollar bill for a dollar on the street, and before you try it, lemme warn you that some folks are very likely to just grab the ten dollar bill and drive a fist into your stomach without warning.

That’s the kind of experiment that you really shouldn’t be seeking for your education, but it is eye-opening if you still think you’re living in a world of niceness.

It’s very unpleasant out there, and there’s really only one way to TRANSCEND it, and that’s to TRANSCEND it, if you know what I mean.

If you don’t know what I mean, you’ll have to take the workshop at this weekend’s ANNUAL LABOR DAY CON.

A “CON” in sci-fi and fantasy readers’ and gamers’ language means merely “convention”, a collection of people with a common aim and interest, but it can also mean “a swindle”, and if that’s what you think it means, you have another think coming.

Imagine owning a store on Fifth Avenue. Now look at the items I’ve made on PAOM, Zazzle, Redbubble and Cafe Press and APPLY those configurations to the space.

In short, there’s no reason that my goods shouldn’t be in Bergdorf-Goodman’s or any of the higher end shops on Fifth Avenue.

The fact is, the only reason they aren’t there is because somebody didn’t market them there.

You can have the greatest item in the world, and if you can’t reach the market with the item, it makes no difference how terrific it is.

It’s a painful lesson I learned back in 1964, after having produced a television pilot for a series called “Poindexters in Paradise”, that distribution is everything.

If you don’t have distribution, you can’t get your product to market, and that includes a television series or a film, and with Max Oseran, I had produced a film, “Vampire Rose”, in 1964-65, that was destined to achieve greatness in the field of forgotten films.

I can’t even find a print of it, nor any record of its existence, other than a recent film of the same name, that has successfully buried my film somewhere in the heap of haze.

My stuff is as good as anything you’ll find out there in the department stores and fashion shops, the boutiques and specialty stores that abound in our great nation.

Yet, it isn’t in any of those shops, not any of them. Why?

The answer is stupidly simple. I’ve just made them today. But apart from that obvious answer, it’s because I’m not being marketed as a designer these days, although in the past, I was, and had a reputation for it at one time, a reputation that does me no good today.

These days, everyone is a fashionista, absolutely everyone. Everyone is a singer, a song writer, a novelist, a journalist, anything at all, just by owning a computer or a mobile device, smart phone or other thing that goes “click” and makes ringtone sounds while buzzing in your pocket or purse.

If you’re a doctor, you are a servant of your computer and must obey the directives of the Merck Index as they emerge from your asshole on a strip of paper that is to be destroyed before reading.

And that in a word is why many doctors are quitting the profession. It’s no longer doctoring, no longer medicine, no longer the healing practice. It’s manipulating paperwork to squeeze a few pennies out of the insurance system.

If you still think the insurance companies don’t rule your life, you’re more asleep than I thought. Waking up is hard to do, because you’re sitting in a slump, overcome by inertness.

So what are you going to do?

  • REMAIN IN THE HOLE — This is the easiest choice. Merely nod, agree, and do nothing.
  • GET OUT OF THE HOLE — Get in touch and take the course — learn to work with others for the sake of others, acquire the skills of conscience and consciousness.

Those are not your only choices, but those are the ones I offer.

See You At The Top!!!