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Shutdown Victims MUST Read This!

I am a Shutdown Victim. I’m not a government worker, but I am a Shutdown Victim, and I’ll be only too happy to explain to you in detail how come I’m in this condition:

The First Vibration of the Ripple Effect came from the furloughed government workers, into the marketplace in a variety of ways, some directly — as in they didn’t buy goods this month because they don’t have the ready cash — and some indirectly, as in screwing up the market and buying sentiment of the consumer class, which is us.

Then we got the Second Vibration — the non-furloughed workers started freaking out because they were “Risking their lives and not getting paid for it”.

Hell, that describes my job in a nutshell. I never get paid for my work, but I don’t really have to get paid — I have an endless supply of Shakti-Pat, and that translates into money, in my world.

Of course, if you’re not living in the Western Realm, and you find yourself in a government job, which means these days, “working and not getting paid for it”, you still have to come up with money for food, gas, parking, migraine headache remedy, tips, spare change and more, not to mention the tons of alcoholic drinks you’ll need to toss down while at work, in order to be able to take the crap without actually snapping the boss’s head right off.

If you’re drunk, you’ll be all right. Continue reading

Rocks & Luck

The giant print flipper allows pieces up to 30″x40″ to be shown.

There’s this big chunk of mountain that comes crashing down to the river some 540 million years ago. It gets broken up into smaller pieces and then eventually is ground down to a bunch of smaller stones that get buried in the gravel bars of the rushing river.

As they roll downstream, they contact other similar rocks in the river and, just like it happens in a lapidary “tumbler” device, the stones grind and polish one another.

The process can be sped up in a lapidary workshop, merely by adding some grinding abrasive compound — it’s a simple cutting powder that you’d put into the water in the rock-tumbler.

The rocks in the tumbler go ’round and ’round, grinding against each other, sometimes for months, but it’s a LOT faster than the river method.

If you were to produce the ringstones and brooch stones that I offer in my rock shop, and you had to glue a dop stick to the back of the stone and hit it with a diamond cutting wheel, and then shape it, form it and polish it, that would be the work of several days.

All I have to to is hop into the car and drive 55 miles away to a landscaping yard where they have enormous bags and heaps of rocks, and select the ones I want, get them weighed and priced out, pay the invoice, load the rocks into the trunk and drive back home, another hour’s drive.

In all, I spend about an hour to an hour and a half choosing the rocks that I want to get. We’re pretty friendly with the landcape arts people, and they help us quite a lot to get loaded — in the freighting sense of the word — and they often have suggestions about rocks that they’ve just gotten in. Continue reading

I Am A Post Office, It’s Your Call!!!

The other day, Claude mentioned that probably the best chance we have of high-level marketing and merchandising success in this marketplace would be my leggings, and I’m working tonight to get something together for a sales crew.

I’ve also gotten a large number of U.S. Postage Stamps up, but we can expect about a week’s delay in getting them approved by the Post Office — they review every stamp that comes through, and may or may not approve mine, based on I’m not sure what standards, except for the obvious. Continue reading

Wex Is Not Always Wex

2dor.com Tudor Village is for sale, including the entire village, tavern and Globe Theatre!

You could organize a play group to perform at the Globe Theatre in Sl’s London Park, if you dared, and there are dozens of other angles you can come up with about this website, 2dor.com, which is actually a FOUR CHARACTER DOT-COM, and don’t you forget it. That short name is worth plenty¬† just by itself, and the fact that it also makes some parcel of SENSE gives it even more value.

My estimate of the value of that website, once developed, could easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and with a break such as backing with the Sharks, hundreds of thousands of dollars in commercial value.

Also keep in mind that the website is not new — it’s decades old, and on google searches, that does count for something, along with the fact that there’s a proven track-record of traffic to that site, meaning that every day, there are potential sales to customers who, in effect, “walked in the door”. Continue reading

Give me a fulcrum and a place to stand and I will move the Earth

Bike Wheels & Crutches, sculpture by ej gold Otis Gallery, 1967.
Bike Wheels & Crutches, sculpture by ej gold Otis Gallery, 1967.

It was Archimedes who said, “Give me a fulcrum and a place to stand, and I will move the Earth”, but everybody focused on the fulcrum instead of the place to stand, which was a big mistake that hasn’t been corrected since the Empire fell — you know which one I mean.

All of them. They all fall down & go boom after a while, just as every dominant species gives way to a new adaptation sooner or later, and in the case of organic life, it’s generally sooner rather than later.

A fulcrum is something steady, something that doesn’t move, and that allows a lever to be applied in order to reduce the amount of torque you need to apply in order to move the targeted heavy thing, such as a giant rock or a planet.

A lever allows you to place the fulcrum so that the amount of force needed is no more than you’d want to put in, taking into account how long it might take to move the thing, meaning that there must be a balance achieved between the fulcrum and the lever handle.

Gosh, it sounds so complicated, but one simple hands-on demo would show you what I mean. The closer the fulcrum point is to the object, the easier it will be to move it with the lever, while the farther away it is, the wider the movement of the object for the given force … oh, heck, I’ll do a demo in the upcoming workshop to show you how it works — most folks never inquire or discover anything about fulcrums and levers, so you might find it interesting and educational.

Keep in mind, however, that the lever and fulcrum are the least important in the scheme of things — it’s “a place to stand” that really makes the difference, and that goes double for sales and marketing, and that goes triple for promotions that introduce work ideas to the public. Continue reading

eBay as a daily spiritual practice

A retail location can be doubly occupied with eBay sellers online with fast connections.
A retail location can be an ideal location for  eBay sellers & fast online connections.

Having a retail space gives you immediate credibility with buyers, but it adds a tremendous amount of expense and personal commitment of time and energy to run one successfully. You need to have a real knack for working with people to go face-to-face like this. Online, it’s different. You HAVE no face, not really, just faceBOOK and a seller’s homepage, which is a sea of anonymity in a seemingly transparent envelope.

When you log onto eBay as a seller, it’s a different experience entirely than the one you had as an end-user buyer. As a buyer, you needed to know nothing — you had to depend on the seller to know what they had and what it’s worth, and mostly that was dead wrong, if you go back and look at it closely. Continue reading