What’s New?

What’s New, Pussycat?

Before I Time-Travel, I like to dress down for the locals, but I always pack an Ankh & Flail, just in case I run into a gang of rowdies.

What’s new??? Well, I’ve just spent the entire night making a BUNCH of SILVER WALKING LIBERTY HALF DOLLAR QUATRAIN MEDALLIONS, that’s what’s new today.

I’m ignoring the media circus in Washington for the moment, but I’ll be back with the latest flash in a minute or two — it’ll knock your socks off, if you’re a tenderfoot in the political/business arena.

I’ve written a few more FOLK PROTEST SONGS which are on Barbara’s desk for entry into my collection of Trump Roasts — get it? Rump Roast, Trump Roast? Haw, haw, haw, this guy’s a barrel of laughs.

Frankly, from my perspective, I’m indifferent to whether or not he sets off a nuclear conflagration. I get paid no matter what happens, and I collect my dollar bet once the whole planet blows up real good.

Not my problem, and certainly nobody else’s, either. We have other planets, we’ll get over it. The locals, however, tend to go down with the ship.

I tried to get that red-nosed reindeer, left photo, into the Selfie.


Meanwhile, while we’re waiting for the mushroom clouds and the loud “boom!” of the shock wave, I’d like to interest you in the Walking Liberty Half Dollar Quatrain Medallions. What they are is a half-dollar sized embossed inscription with the Kufic-Style Inscription, which is actually a Cabalistic capture of the Four Lines Quatrain from the American Book of the Dead.

If you’re an LRS Member, you will DEFINITELY want one of these — it functions as a GATE PASS and creates a BUBBLE OF PROTECTION around you as you pass through the Hell-World, Brute World and Human World all around you.

About the Hungry Ghost World, the Jealous God World and the God World, we need do nothing — they won’t hassle us if we don’t get attracted to them, but the lower worlds are different, and their minions are under the control of local gods like Trump and Putin, and need to be warded off as we traverse those darker more dismal realms.

Note that all despots like to make their subjects live in a world of gray.

Think of this SILVER WALKING LIBERTY HALF DOLLAR QUATRAIN MEDALLION as a GATE PASS that allows you to slip through the FINAL CURTAIN as a cast member, not a theater-goer, and for the Human Realm, it works as a BUBBLE OF PROTECTION.

With a Ram’s Horn and this Medallion, I could bring down the walls of Jericho. That’s what actually happened back then…back then…

Unfortunately, nobody else can do this particular complex form of sort of Arabic-style fluid calligraphy that looks so much like Kufic script, like an ancient Kufic Inscription on a ring-stone, but it isn’t — it’s English, modern English, and it spells out the first letters of each word in the Four Lines:

  • APII — All Phenomena is Illusion.

  • NANR — Neither Attracted Nor Repelled.

  • NMASM — Not Making Any Sudden Moves.

  • MHWCMT — My Habits Will Carry Me Through.

And it’s a bitch to make one of these.

I keep careful notes, but then I can’t remember where I put them.


The identification as a CAST MEMBER and not an AUDIENCE MEMBER brings you to the MAGIC THEATER in a whole different way which you will appreciate as you run the BARDO BETWEEN-LIVES STATES without a body to weigh you down, which is the same experience as REMOTE READING and ASTRAL PROJECTION, which you can realize using my methods for REMOTE and ASTRAL VIEWING AND PROJECTION, like I said.

If you don’t even TRY Remote Viewing, it’s a guaranteed fail.

The thing is, I guarantee results. If you take the REMOTE READER’S COURSE you WILL BE ABLE TO REMOTE VIEW and REMOTE READ, period. Guaranteed.

Now, what that enables you to do is to GET OUT OF BODY much more easily, when you’re quite comfortable with SEEING outside the body, VIEWING from a non-body viewpoint.

It’s time for me to do a little online work, before returning to the rewarding creativity while making the LRS Medallions.

Yes, that’s right, I use a DELL desktop computer to do most of my online work, and all of my game level development.

I also play around with Adobe Photoshop and have come up with a number of perhaps interesting graphics in that realm, which are destined to go into future volumes of “My Life as a Boy” — VOLUME FIVE is currently under preparation, about half-way through the 50 chapter book.

I just wanted to take an extra moment to point out that the U.S. WALKING LIBERTY SILVER HALF DOLLARS that are used in the making of the LRS SILVER QUATRAIN MEDALLION would cost you a pretty penny in a coin show. It’s not your currently circulating half-dollar, and I believe those are now hard to find in themselves, but they’re not silver.

I can’t imagine how you manage to eat organic foods — give me pixels and prims, every time. Best pastry shop in town!!!


Hey, in a pinch, you could disassemble the medallion and perhaps use the silver coin to negotiate yourself through a border crossing or a Shock Troop surprise ambush. It might be a fun way to add to your survival gear.

The embossing work that I do is affixed to the coin, which is then set into an archival acrylic capsule, which will protect the coin almost forever, barring planetary catastrophes and an exploding sun.

The List Price is $225 for the solid silver Walking Liberty Half Quantum Medallions, but YOU pay only $62.50, which is normally reserved only for attendees at workshops, but I want these to get out there FAST for your protection, so I made them $62.50 and no, they don’t get any cheaper than that.

So what was the other thing? Oh, yes, the Media Circus in Washington.

First of all, my Polish friends and relatives are pissed off about how Polish immigrants are treated. At the age of 75, I’m not taking part in it myself, but WE, THE POLISH IMMIGRANTS, ARE MARCHING ON WASHINGTON!

Even now, as we speak, they are only five miles outside of Seattle.

Might as well learn how to handle an attack chopper like the Mi-24 Hind — you never know when it will come in handy.

Just to keep the pressure up, I’ll weigh today in on a Trump NIGHTMARE item, which I want you to recall, if and when it’s finally revealed. This scary thought came to me as if in a dream:

What if Trump is a “SLEEPER” Russian Agent?

Jesus, what if during all those visits to Russia where he was treated as an honored business guest, he got programmed and prepared to take over the government and hand it over to Putin, the way Quisling handed Norway over to Hitler, without a shot being fired.

Gosh, what a thought.

My mind goes back to “Manchurian Candidate” and films like that, where some unsuspecting booby gets programmed by an enemy to act as their agent.

I’m not just making this up out of thin air. You’ll find CONTROL agents in “Get Smart”, the television series, not the stupid movie, who were captured by KAOS and programmed, and of course you’ll see this same idea reflected in scripts from MAN FROM UNCLE, I SPY, and WILD, WILD WEST.

I worked on an episode that explored that very same idea, and I couldn’t help but remember how realistic and plausible that seemed at the time, knowing the methods of brainwashing available to the Russians.

North Koreans were famous for their “conversions” through brainwashing, during the Korean Conflict of 1950-1954.

While I do take full responsibility for the launching of this particular universe, I cannot and will not take personal responsibility for the abuse of same.

I know it sounds too far-fetched and too outrageous for words, for this guy to be a brainwashed agent of Russia, but look at all the “understandings” between Trump and Putin, and THINK A MOMENT — where did all his sudden wealth come from?

He was literally BANKRUPT just a few years back, in TOTAL DEBT to his mentors and backers — then suddenly he has all this money, all this power, and he has business interests in Russia which he won’t reveal and won’t let go of, like his Income Tax Return and his connection with something definitely weird, perhaps a sex trip that gets satisfied by the Kremlin when Trump visits that special Russian Hotel for visiting Dignitaries.

We can see what a sucker he is for an intelligence community spin job. He has no sense of security issues, nor would he ever care. His plan doesn’t include survival, just fame.

Talkin’ bout my Meditation..Talkin ’bout my Meditation…

Perhaps Trump is Putin’s Programmed Puppet — and has been all along??? In that case, he wouldn’t need additional instructions, and their communication code would be very exotic and highly impenetrable.

Sure, I know the speculation is already circulating around town that Trump and Putin are sleeping together, but this goes deeper than merely bedmates — what if someone like Trump were PLANTED as a “SLEEPER” Russian Agent, made very very rich, and then, by a wild slip of Pure Chance, he got himself elected PRESIDENT???

What if suddenly overnight, he turns the country over to Putin, invites the Russian troops to land, and we wake up to find ourselves citizens of a country run by those two, until one of them stabs the other in the back?

The horrible thing is, I received this data from Higher sources, which makes me think there’s more to it than just a gag for morning television and another hook for SNL to snag him with.

I’m not so sure it’s idle speculation. There may be some truth behind it.

Nighttime is safe in the Ashram, but not so safe in the so-called “Real World”.

But the Hell with it. I’m busy with Higher Things.

I want no part of politics and power, but I DO refuse to budge when pushed around in my own home and my own mind. It’s too personal when Trump invades my household, my life and the lives of everyone I know in this world.

That stuff, politics and intrique, is strictly for kids, and mostly for bullies. Once in a while, you get a reformer, but they learn fast that they are not welcome in Washington, and they work the way everyone else does, with lying and cheating and stealing, or they tend to just wither and die by the wayside.

Some of them become lobbyists, a fate worse than the Buddhist Hell of Billy Graham and Aimee Semple MacPherson, if you ask me — I’ve been there, and believe me, it’s the worst Hell I know of.

My preference of Buddhist Hells, if you’re tempted to remain for any length of time in the Afterlife, is the level where you’ll find Jack Benny, Ernie Kovacs and Sid Caesar, the Hell of Vaudevillians and Television Performers.

You can keep the Hell where Carol Burnett, Jackie Gleason, Lawrence Welk, daytime soaps and the Kardashians hang out.

The speculation about Trump and Putin is the kind stuff of which speculative sci-fi novels and made-for-tv shows are made, and I’ll let someone else take that road — I don’t bother writing sci-fi novels anymore these days. There’s no market for literacy, and trashy novels are not worth writing.

I don’t need to wade through the bullshit. I can make a living doing something else.

I can craft with these virtual hands as well as with the organic ones, can’t you???

Anyhow, I have more fish to fry than a mere Earthbound politician. I’m off to work on more QUATRAIN medallions. They have an interesting “uplifting” effect when making them, I noted. This might translate into a workshop or clinic where you get more benefit from making them than you do from carrying them or wearing them.

That’s the basic idea behind the Bodhisattva Vow — it’s a way to earn Merit a LOT faster than if you just sat around watching all the suffering and misery until you yourself get pulled into the quicksand of daily life on Earth.

I have an idea to produce a PENNY-SIZED Quatrain Medallion, using several options for the penny backing — the Lincoln Wheat Penny or “Wheatie” or the Indian-Head Penny.

Another possibility would be the 1943 STEEL Penny, which many folks believe, incorrectly, to be made of silver. It is rather expensive as antique pennies go, but has powerful quantum effects that could be harnessed for goodness.

The PENNY MEDALLION would be around BEST PRICE $35 NET, not a penny less. I can also make a NICKEL-SIZED MEDALLION, with a BUFFALO NICKEL backing, or a WARTIME JEFFERSON NICKEL, which was made of silver when nickel became a wartime priority metal.

The NICKEL varieties will also be bottom-lined at $35, not a penny less.

I’m making QUATRAIN rings as well, SIZE 7 ONLY, in gold over silver, for $225 bottom line price, not a penny less. That ring is a total bitch to make, but I’m willing, if you want one.

Keep in mind that I won’t be making too many of these — I pay a heavy price with my hands and fingers for these, but if you want them, it’s worth doing them!

Okay, that’s it for the moment, enough news update. Back to the jewelry bench.

See You At The Top!!!