Carry $100 Million Dollars in Pure GOLD!!!

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You can carry up to $100 Million Dollars in PURE GOLD with my “virtual gold” Money Magnet, and avoid the muscle-strain of lifting and carrying several dozen tons of gold everywhere you go.

If you want some pocket-room, you won’t carry gold. $100 Million in gold would be awfully heavy, but not if it were in IMAGE form rather than FORM form.

In short, a photo of $100 Million dollars in pure gold would weigh a LOT less than the gold itself. Anyone who’s ever tried to lift an actual 1 Kg. gold brick will know what I mean.

Now, $100 Million Dollars in Gold, even in photographic form, if properly embued, will make a powerful Money Magnet. As a matter of fact, $12,500 in PURE GOLD will work really well as a Money Magnet, and I happen to have a photo of that much gold in one single lump, so let’s get started with that, so we can attract enough money to keep on shopping — that is the point, you know, shop ’til you drop.


What I mean by that is, don’t squander what little money you have. You must pay for food, shelter, medicine, services, transportation and more, of course. All those “FIXED” costs per month are not very changeable, so you’ll eliminate all those expenditures from your concept of “CAPITAL” funding for your project.

Your project might just be surviving through the Age of you-know-whom.

You might not know it, but a bunch of Republican Senators is meeting in SECRET to produce a Healthcare Bill. Not a single Democrat was invited to participate, and that means that YOU will get a royal screwing.

When they’re done with that Bill, you’ll feel as if you’ve been stabbed in the back by a friend.

You won’t know what’s in that Bill until it’s enacted into law, which is to say, until it atually happens to you and your family.

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You won’t know what hit you.

I’ll tell you what hit you. A Cabal of Republican Senators who actually WANT you to rebel, so they can put it down with the National Guard, and then declare martial law, after which you’ll see the military ruling for a while.

These guys play for real, and they don’t have your best interests at heart. Their incredible SECRET plan is written down and recorded in a number of easily accessible places, due to their haughty arrogance. They don’t believe anyone knows their plan, yet any Remote Viewer knows how and where to find it, and many have — problem is, you can’t blow the whistle on these guys — they hold the high ground, and they work entirely in secret, even in Congressional Committee, right out in the open.

They rip you off while you watch them do it.

Amazing chutzpah, eh? Not my problem. I plan to build a whole bunch of healing centers, and those bastards in Washington can go to Hell.

Those are the same bastards who, a few days ago, said they’d start working as Patriots, not as Partisans, meaning Bipartisan Committees and such, and not only has that dramatically NOT happened, it’s worse than it was a few weeks ago.

The level of vitriolic and personal attack in Washington is escalating, not getting better.

Mostly it’s due to a bunch of people in the political scene who are whipping up the population toward a violent civil conflict, which would suit them just fine — they’re well armed and prepared for this conflict for decades.

But what happens to the poor non-violent sucker who gets caught in the middle?

That’d be us.

Healthcare Coverage is a myth. No way that the Republican Senators would closet themselves to “cook up” a SECRET BILL if they were being honest.

It’s a swindle, and you will be shocked to note that they will, as usual, get away with it — but only until Karma catches up with them, which always happens. Karma is connected to you as if there were a rubber band between you and it, and no matter how fast you run, it just makes the snap-back so much harder to bear.

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Forget Healthcare.

If you’re planning to have healthcare coverage, forget it. Forget everything, and just raise as much money as you possibly can, as quickly as you can, to help me get my healing centers going as quickly as we are able. They will be desperately needed when that Bill passes Congress and 61 MILLION people have ZERO COVERAGE and zero medical help.

I predict that more than 11 million people will die as a result and many more will get sick over a longer period of time and not recover, adding another 21 million deaths to the calculation, if I remember my 21st century statistics rightly — don’t forget, I FAILED history, so you can’t depend on my memory for specific data.

I remember more or less what’s going to happen, and you aren’t going to like it.

There is only one thing to do in a situation where you have no control over the outcome and no voice, no power, no freedoms and no ability to handle the environment as it is.


Magic IS the answer. and you can use magic to get yourself out of the hole and into a better position relative to the miseries of the world, and the emergency created by those idiots in Washington.

In short, get out of the way by getting Out of the Way. I’ll explain how:

You can use very expensive and rare invocational items to make yourself invisible — not physically, but psychically — from unwanted influences, or you can use my “WIRED” items on CAFEPRESS that connect with those very same expensive and rare original items.

Moreover, you can use these magical strappers in so many ways — wear them as a apron or use them as a potholder or trivet in your magical kitchen.

Create at atmosphere of MAGIC around yourself, a BUBBLE OF PROTECTION in your home, office and workshop, den, shed or backyard.

Keep your children safe from unwanted influences such as political diatribes and rhetoric, hate, racism and other organic evils.

Fleece style baby blanket, only $69.99 — machine wash!

The Brute World is Here!

CREATE an umbrella of protection around the nursery. I have dozens of magical protection items that fit into a youngster’s world perfectly, things from snugglies all the way to sippers, you name it, I got it.

Well, not exactly, but a couple dozen things, I got.

Want something magical in the pocket or purse? How about a Magical keychain? I have rectangular and ovals, and they are GREAT, they look GREAT, and they make incredible presents, so how about ordering 15 of them in your first order — they’re less than ten bucks apiece retail — and I can give you a wholesale price if you order 15 or more!!!

Wow, how is that for a corporate gift idea?

Maybe you’d like to give someone a calendar. I have them, hundreds of styles and types of magical calendars that actually PROJECT magical powers into the room space, on CAFEPRESS, just waiting for you to send for them to help you help your friends and family protect their home, office and nursery!

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Are you lucky! So am I. My chief cats were Hamlet — a short-hair tricolor Egyptian male, & Spook — longhair Persian — both large (25 pounds and NOT fat) legendary felines, and I appreciate cats more than most, having been a cat myself once in a while when the work demanded a cat — not often, but more often, on the average, than you’d assume the form of a spider, ant or cockroach, I’d guess.

My dogs are friendly enough, unless you happen to be made of meat. Anyway, you have so many lifeforms represented on CAFEPRESS, I’m sure you’ll find something that matches your present lifeform.

Wait a minute. How in hell do I know what you’d prefer as a manifesting form? Hey, it’s all a matter of taste. In the case of human incarnation, it’s definitely an “acquired taste” and not not that’s easy to acquire.

If you love pets, you will just love the stuff I’ve got waiting for you in “Shakti’s Pet Shelter”, an upcoming shop that I’ll be posting real soon, within a couple of days, with luck.

There are so many interesting and wondrous things to find on my CAFEPRESS pages that I can’t really tell you about every single one — it would take many hours to list them all, and you’d do a whole lot better to just visit the site and see what I’ve made for your work and pleasure and most of all, for your peace of mind.

Didge Healing Pet Tag for Collar — only $33.99

You’ll need some money if you hope to go shopping.

I recommend you make a bunch of extra money doing something in addition to your day job, if you’re lucky enough to have one.

That “something extra” could well be a side-income derived from your efforts on CAFEPRESS or another website with similar income potential.

I wouldn’t count on selling things directly on CAFEPRESS. Hardly any buyers there. You have to take your items outside the CAFEPRESS marketplace if you hope to move them in any significant quantity, and quantity is what makes a business work.

One sale to one person is not a business plan.

You need repeat business, and that’s why I have a “resellers” plan, to make sellers out of buyers.

You might decide to use whatever EXTRA money you happen to have right now as a FUND-RAISING FUND, not a spending fund. If you don’t have ANY extra money to use as a fundraising fund, you’ll have to do everything for free, which means CAFEPRESS or the half-dozen similar sites that offer free listings and allow you to upload your own artwork.

These websites are the only place where you can truly start without a penny in your pocket, just an online access and some really good Brane-Power, a few basic computer skills and some idea of what people might want.

What I’m putting up on CAFEPRESS right now are things that will bring joy, happiness, luck, prosperity, safety, protection from harm, freedom from fear, liberation, enlightenment, and even an occasional lucky lifetime bonus, such as good health along with old age.

You can’t depend on a fickle and capricious government to provide you with any hope of stability, whether personal, familial or social. In short, the government cares about you only as far as you can cast a vote.

Cynical? You’re goddam right, and with every reason to be. If it were just the government that was stupid and unresponsive to mass suffering, I could work with that, but it’s not the government, it’s the people.

Most people care nothing about other people, the planet, government stability, honesty, truthfulness — none of that.

BOUNTIFUL Money Magnet Gold Flake canvas shopping bag $33.99

It’s about “How much do I get paid, how often, for how little work?”.

It’s about “Can I pay my bills?”.

It’s about “Can I send my kids to a safe school?”.

It’s about “Are there meth houses on my block?”.

It’s about “How am I going to get my teeth fixed?”.

It’s about “How am I going to pay for my medicines?”.

And it’s mostly about “What’s gonna happen to ME?”.

My worries extend throughout the entire human race, across the entire planet. It’s all in danger, serious danger, of being thoroughly exterminated, by the hand of Man.

Won’t you take just a few moments and join me in this project to make the world just a little bit safer? A little bit warmer? A little bit more friendly?

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Ordinarily, you’d be totally powerless to do anything about the situation, but with the actions of shamanic magic in the quantum world, you CAN take action and HAVE A POWERFUL EFFECT!

Some of the quantum devices available to you in my CAFEPRESS shops are so amazing you won’t believe it!

Many of the items are WEARABLES, such as t-shirts and hoodies and aprons and hats and all sorts of wearables for adults and kids and little tiny tots, too!

I have PROTECTION AMULETS on baby items, and on items you can use around the nursery and kitchen.

I have provided all sorts of RUGS and CARPETS and DRAPES and CURTAINS and ALTER TOPS and more, which will afford additional shamanic magic. All my items spell-stack and are powerfully and effectively crossover, meaning that they are heavily synergistic.

You wouldn’t want it any other way. Synergies provide automatic balance, a nice thing to know when you’re carrying, using and placing a large number of protective charms around house, yard, shed, office, business space, shop or waiting room.

If you do a LOT of body work, you’ll want a whole collection of these for your clients. You can make them yourself and offer them, or get them from me in wholesale lots.

What I do is, I buy a bunch at a time, 15 of one item, as a result of which I get an additional small discount by doing so, and you get the ACTUAL WHOLESALE price without taking anything off my profit-margin, see?

And, of course, with a CAFEPRESS shop of your own, you can do the same. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce my CAFEPRESS shops at Gorby’s Mall:

Healing Waters


Gorby’s Goldmine

House of Egypt

Didge Healing

Prosperity Path

5th Avenue Gallery

Gorby’s Emporium

Leslie Ann Standup

Brane Power

Gold Mugs

Woodstock Art

Each one of those shops has a variety of items offered, and they are quite different in scale and purpose. I decided to not illustrate these, and just let you have the raw experience of finding out what’s behind each of those compelling and mysterious shop-names.

What I mean is, there are 12 shops to see, each one with its own brand and its own area of interest. Overall, I’ve now got well over 10,000 items up for sale on CAFEPRESS, and it’s not likely to stop anytime soon, because this is a great way to get what would otherwise be unaffordable or unobtainable items into YOUR hands for YOUR magical use!

See You At The Top!!!