Zen Teapots, Zen Platters

Please note that the above graphic is live-linked to the selling page that carries this product, but that same page is also a gateway to an entire shopful of hundreds of items that they might also find of interest.

Placing live-link graphics is part of the New Marketing, and using dozens or hundreds of websites to drive traffic to your selling “target” pages is called “Cluster Marketing”. Both social media and cluster marketing will be necessary to create serious wealth and to make a real impact in the art and fashion market.

Transgender Designer LeslieAnn introduces a new line branded “LeslieAnn’s Leggins”

LeslieAnn’s Leggins is, according to Claude’s estimate, and he’s seldom wrong on these matters, going to be a smash-hit viral sensation on the market.

I have a special set of diagrammatic and sparkly whammo designs just ready for the market, and for someone brave to take a chance and open a “LeslieAnn’s Leggins” Branded Store, either brick-and-mortar or just online.

You buy the UNIQUE designs for your shop for one low simple price and then all the profit is yours. There is a “hit clause” just in case your sales go over a million a week, but I know you’ll want that in there for the good of the work community.

So if you don’t have any money to throw around, what are the opportunities here???

Zen teapots, Zen platters. Doesn’t that sound awfully familiar? It should sound familiar, and if you’re immortal and have a decent Multitrack Memory, it should ring more than just a bell, it should ring several bells, because this isn’t the first time you’ve ever come this way.

You react to this world as if it’s all a big surprise.

It shouldn’t be. This level is always more or less the same, with more or less the same results — the major facts never change, just the details, but in this time-frame, Trump is always in power, always outrageous and always getting himself in trouble.



In this same time-frame, you’ll find an incredible tool for any artist, craftsperson or just plain talented creative individual with an eye for beauty.

Okay, so what’s the deal?

Whenever anybody asks me “what’s the deal?”, it invariably means “cut to chase, what’s in it for me???”, and I’m quite prepared to tell you and anyone else who’s willing and able to listen.

First of all, the one thing you do not want to do as an artist is merchandise your own work. This never goes well. You need an “agent” of some kind, between you and your patron. Yes, patron, because what your buyer essentially does is to finance your art experimentation just a little further.

If you’re busy making money, you’ll never notice the artistic experimental opportunities that open up before you as patronage increases. If you can’t afford to quit the day-job, you’ll need some sort of “Side-Hustle”, and I’m just the guy to tell ya how to do it.


The temptation is to go for the money.

There’s nothing wrong with making a nice, healthy living from art, but it’s almost impossible to even nominally survive if your only income is derived from art and crafts. You’ll have to overcome the Protestant Work Ethic and all that that entails, in order to feel guilt-free when you’re raking in the gold coins from the sale of Cloaks and Armor.

Look at how much time and energy and effort and MONEY you’d be spending on creating ceramics, and believe me, I know full-well the cost to people and equipment and space, and I’ll be only too happy to tell you about my experience with a ceramics studio & shop.

First of all, we never came back from a show with a single piece of ceramic. We generally sold out in the first hour or two, and were required to sit there for the remainder of the fair, so we added jewelry and other items that we could make right there in front of the customer, but alas, ceramics wasn’t one of them.

We had orders for hundreds of pieces every week, an in short, I had a very large and very productive ceramics workshop at my studio, with a 20 foot long “slip” table, over 1,000 RARE ceramic molds, which are now for sale for the ridiculous price of $5 each when the entire lot, less five very expensive and rare famous maker molds, which I’m keeping, along with my White House Molds, made for the Clinton White House.

“Yosemite Sam”, a legendary mold, will be photographed and put up on eBay for upwards of $10,000, once we get a firm third-party estimate of its current value — it’s the most sought-after mold in the ceramics industry, and it’s not a copy, it’s an original.

I don’t manufacture anymore because I don’t HAVE to manufacture anymore. Here’s a plate that I made for the Clinton White House — at the time, it was hours and hours of work, but now, it’s just an image upload away from YOUR collection!


We had THREE giant kilns at the long barn, and 125 linear feet of ceramic workshop tables and benches and what-all in the shady side of the long barn, a setup here at the house as well, a small kiln in my studio, shelves of ceramic colors and glazes, and tons of PEOPLE slaving away at those ceramics to get them out there to department stores and museum gift shops, and boy, did those things MOVE.

I have financial records that prove that these things sell, and they sell well, like good triple-socketed high defense armor will go for big bucks, gold coin-wise.

All I do now is upload an image, put it onto a product, and there it is, ready for sale.

Stop and think a moment. Not only do these “makers” — the print-on-demand folks — create the item for you, they also pack it, ship it, handle customer dissatisfactions and do the book-keeping so they can send you your share of the money, which I’ve determined by testing that they indeed do keep good track and pay you to the dime for your sales.

That’s important. What if they sold the things and kept the money and never reported the sales to you?


That’s why you have to place some orders from other computers and other accounts than your selling account, see? You know how many orders you placed and what they were supposed to be and cost, then you make sure you get accountancy for all your actions, get it?

Simple test, like a mailout test, where you mail things to yourself to see if the mail was every actually sent. You can’t trust the post office to actually ship or deliver your mail, we discovered to our horror.

Our local postoffice in Sacramento actually DUMPED OUT 10,000 mailers that we PAID TO HAVE SENT OUT. Some post clerk decided he didn’t like the message on the note side of the card, and he took it upon himself to put our sacks of mail into the dumpster.

We lost thousands, and he’s still working at the post office. They can’t fire him, can’t even reprimand him, and can’t refund our money, because nothing can be proven. He destroyed the evidence.


This all happened 35 years ago, but the conditions are still the same. Government people don’t have to answer for their transgressions or overt bad treatment of clients. They don’t own it, so why do anything to make it better?

The most important factor here is that the people who make your goods also help you design the items for your shop or shops, then pack, ship and bill the customer, all things that you definitely do NOT want to do.

I surely don’t want to have to run a ceramics studio if I can deliver ceramics any other way, and now, thanks to print on demand, I can, and this goes for books, audio albums and more, virtually anything that can be uploaded and wrapped onto or around a product.

In the case of cafepress, you upload an image and bang, you get 320 items ready for sale.


On Redbubble, it’s all very personal. One item at a time is the rule, and that’s true also of PAOM and Zazzle, which is all to the good.

While Cafe Press is easy to run up hundreds or thousands of items, that’s not what’s going to sell, and as a matter of fact, nobody knows what’s really going to sell, at least not ahead of time.

Print on demand marketing is a great way to test and establish a market for an item or a product line.

You can experiment, try something out, just one thing. It’s not a good idea to make a million of something before you’ve tested it and tried it out and seen if it stands up, if people like it or want it or are willing to pay the price you have to ask in order to make and deliver it.

In short, the bad business plan is to make a million of something and hope there’s someone out there willing and financially able to buy it, whatever it is.

In the case of art, you’re fighting an uphill battle, because ALL art is extra.

Nobody has an art budget, especially not the middle class worker, but everybody has to eat, has to get dressed and has to sleep, go to work, shop for necessities and luxuries, and drive around in a car at least some of the time.


Okay, so how do you sell the art you’ve made?

First of all, realize that it’s just bone-head stupid to sell your original artwork. There’s no reason anymore to sell your originals except for a very handsome price.

You can make canvas prints that look and feel just like the original. You can put the image on hundreds — nay, thousands — of very attractive items, from watches and wallets to bowls, cups and teapots.

It’s as if you suddenly owned a hundred and fifty factories and dozens of small studios, plus a marketing team that gets your product out there and visible to millions of people.

In a gallery setting, you couldn’t hope to have more than a few thousand at an art opening, and these days, you can hope for dozens and be disappointed.

Online, your numbers are not limited by neighborhood, while in a gallery environment, you’d be lucky to have one show every three or four years, unless you’re a celebrity name-brand artist, and even then, you won’t get many breaks, and the slack seasons are numerous and lengthy.


You’ll have times when you wonder if anyone will ever see your art, and in those times, you can’t see the effect of your art, so you’re literally working in the dark, no feedback, no response.

This wears you down after a while — ask any creative person without an outlet.

Now, once you’ve got your products up on line and created and ready for the marketplace, you have to make sure to carry out the basic marketing strategies of putting anything up for sale anywhere, especially online, where the only contact points are similarities.

What I mean is, “search terms” will dominate your life from this moment on. You’ll be like a songwriter, always looking for “the hook”, the lyric and tune you can’t get out of your head.

Yes, like that one.

Actually, that’s probably not the right tune, but it may be somewhat similar to the actual song — however, when played inside the head without expression, there’s no way to know if your mental audio impression is anywhere near in or out of tune.

That’s why we use the Angel Trainer, to guide our voices to blended whole notes, which is the stuff of which magic is made.


Thing is, you can’t depend on the print on demand site to actually promote your work or your shop, as opposed to all the other works and shops on their site.

You have to help the customer find you.

One way to put that into motion is to group your items into departments, so it’s easy to shop them. The customer needs YOU to put a limit on the interest area of the items, such as “Christmas” or “Housewares” or “High Top Runners”.

This is a very good idea, but you need to take it a step further, and put in the TAGS which will differentiate that product from all other products in your abundance of offerings.

This of course assumes some level of abundancy, otherwise none of this would be essential — if you only have one product up, just leave it alone, but don’t expect results.

Tags aren’t just working on the website — they go out everywhere. There are zillions of net spiders out there, spying out your manifestations on the internet, and they tell the Lord Google where and what you are and how you can be reached.

Now you’re all set for traffic, but you’ve not yet done anything to deserve it.


It takes more than a good product to bring traffic to your selling page, your target page on the making/selling website, whether it be cafepress, redbubble, paom or zazzle or some other website you have it in mind to risk time, energy and possibly money to make yet more products.

Extending beyond the four sites I recommend isn’t a great idea, for one important reason. Adding more sites means that in your opinion you’ve run out of products.

You couldn’t run out of products with even just ONE of those four sites. There’s no limit to what you can do, except your own imagination and self-imposed neuroses, which I don’t deal with or treat.

If you’re neurotic, you’re on your own for a cure, and you always have the cure on hand — stop it.

Yep. Just stop it.

Okay, so how do you drive traffic to your selling product pages on those POD sites?

You could start sending out Insta-Grams, which carry a link to the product page or the seller’s store main page. You could use the “widgets” that I’m using to connect these images back to my selling pages. These little things are just loaded with “find my product page and take me there” commands as can be crammed in there. In short, if you SHARED these graphics as Insta-Grams, you’d be helping me to promote my merchandise on zazzle and other selling sites, so I can maybe attract a crowd by using widget links in my blogs or on the descriptions on youtube videos.

One viral video connected to a merchandising page can quickly put you into a new tax category.


This works really well, I’m told, but you need for this a cell phone, which I refuse to own or operate.

Then there’s social media, like twitter and facebook and youtube. I’m on youtube, but I no longer make my own videos, I leave that to others.

I’m not at all on facebook, although I’m told I have a page that I could use if I wanted to, but there’s no point.

Twitter I leave to your Resident Pendejo, Donald J. Trump, who is currently destroying Amerika bit by bit — today it’s the transgenders, tomorrow the gays and the next day it’s YOUR turn.

Everybody’s on that list.


Only way to save yourself from Trump’s Storm Troopers is to GET A LOT OF MONEY REALLY FAST and stay the Hell out of the way of the Far Right Extremist mobs that are sure to scour the countryside looking for “fags”, “queers”, “homos” and “geeks” and anyone else that isn’t EXACTLY like them.

I’ve seen all this before, and they never learn. They’re not built to learn. They’re made to do what they do, which is kill, eat, run away or have sex with whatever they bump into, pretty much like any amoeba or paramecium.

I know, it’s a hell of a way to run a planet, but what can I do? The program is limited to 140 characters, and that’s not a lot of Move-Act Code to throw into what otherwise looks to all appearances like a very complicated machine.

That’s the beauty of it.

Unfortunately, it also makes for a very violent planet, so I’ve devised this plan to avoid contact with the roving mobs during The Great Disturbance, which is coming soon to a neighborhood theater near you.


The Plan is simple — Get Rich Quick.

There are so many ways to do this, not the least of which is to find dozens of 1909s VDB Lincoln Cents lying about, but that’s not something upon which you can count for a regular, dependable, income.

You need a Cash Cow.

Well, truthfully, the only way a Cash Cow works is to put it on a bicycle and “peddle it around town”.

Once again, the dredge doesn’t work by just dropping the nozzle down into the water. You have to put on a dry suit, get down there with a comealong wench and pry-bars and move the boulders so you can get at the bedrock underneath them.

Even then, you have to gouge out the false bedrock to expose the gold deep inside the crevices.


Gold is heavy, dude. It always goes toward a gravity well. It also perfectly reflects infra-red radiated energy, which makes it a great tool for space vehicle coatings, but also makes it great for deflecting psychic invasions, such as the sight of Donald Trump picking his nose — did you see that photo?

It’s impossible to tell which is fake news and which is the reality, except that Trump seems to believe the news media that is friendly to him is the real media, and any media outlet that makes fun of him is fake news.

To a totally raving insane moron with no talent or skill other than being a cyber-bully with a pulpit, this makes sense.

Don’t ever forget that in Trump World, YOU ARE EXPENDABLE.

Everyone except Donald J. Trump can be thrown under the bus without shame or hesitation, and that includes family, friends, anyone who can be tossed out of the plane with the battle-cry, “Remember the Alamo!”.

Yeah, it’s about Corn Belt Politics, and that’s the long and short of it.

The reason Trump put a GAY BAN ON THE MILITARY is because he needs the support of the Southwestern Senators, and he knows they LOVE the gay ban almost as much as the MUSLIM BAN which he’s already imposed, and the upcoming JEWISH BAN, which prevents Jews from owning property and traveling to restricted Christian Zones.

You think I’m kidding?


Re-read my blogs. Note the dates and timing of my blogs, the specific predictions I made well ahead of the fact, and then tremble and be afraid. If you’ve not yet read “SlimeWars”, you have no plan and no idea what’s really going on and what’s about to happen in your world.

SlimeWars is the Back-Story for this Level — but you already knew that. I don’t care if you read it or don’t, it’s your funeral.

So without social media, how do I drive clients to my online shops?

Simple. I put a widget on the front page of every single one of my 655 websites, promote the Hell out of the websites, and drive the traffic first to my page, THEN to the buying page.

Why promote THEIR site?


Also, if I change my providers, or one of them goes down for some reason, I’m not sending people to a dead “404” url — I merely redirect them to another more current url page.

So think of each website as a sort of “funnel”.

Large opening at the top, cram a bunch of clients into the funnel, drive them down through the sqeezy thing into the selling site, the target page.

One out of a thousand will respond with an “ADD TO CART”, but it does eventually add up, and soon you could see checks pouring in with dozens of dollars.

Okay, that’s not a great definition of “Rich”, but it will do just fine. You don’t actually need very much money to get over the hump of Trump, as it were.

Just enough to get past the “RNC Storm Troopers” — that’s right, the RNC eventually has its very own army, to keep the peace and take undesirables away to the labor camps, death camps or to be shot on Fifth Avenue, something which Trump has promised to do.

He says he intends to take out a few of them himself, and I quote his actual brag, one of many such brags, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters”, he said as reported by every news outlet on the planet, and the actual soundbyte exists, along with the soundbyte of him bragging about his sexual assaults on women.


It helps if you DO have the Power of the Force, at least enough to say, “These are not the droids you’re looking for,” and make it stick.

This is easier than you think. Look how easy it is to control the conservative extremists — they obey without question any strong leader, and that could be you, but if you’re smart, you’ll leave that particular potato alone.

Once you have enough clients for your merchandise, you’ll also have some money to move around and stay out of trouble with, plus a voice.

You’ll have a voice, because you’ll have hundreds or thousands of followers, subscribers, and right there you’ll be tempted to make some items making fun of Trump, and it would be so easy to take advantage of his dumbness and his hilarious comedy relief actions, but if you can refrain, you should.

Just concentrate on making a lot of money with your artwork on thousands of desirable items, which is the fulfillment of a lifetime for any visual artist, but can be also a source of considerable income, if you’re not limited to selling paintings on canvas.

That’s a hard ass-busting way to make a living from art, and Thanks To All That’s Holy, you don’t have to stand around near a city park with your paintings wired to the iron fence, hoping for a sale that brings enough money to afford another canvas plus a cup of hot coffee.

Forget about that game. Don’t be standing out there waiting to be discovered by a famous art gallery dealer or the Head Curator of Contemporary & Modern Art at MoMa, because that just isn’t going to happen, not for you, not under the present life conditions, it isn’t.


Okay, so what’s left?

If you play this game right, you can establish a name brand and get out there with it big-time — there’s nothing stopping you.

Make a line of goods, get in front of the Shark Tank crew and defend your work, and raise millions of dollars to bring your work to the marketplace, and when you’ve got a few extra bucks, put it to work for The Work.

Money is not the goal, freedom is the goal. You’ll need some megabucks to ride this particular tiger.

Trump is set to destroy all Amerikan institutions, including the military. He received orders from Putin at that secret meeting they had at the G-19 Summit.

I’m not kidding, wish I were. Trump’s mission is to disarm the United States, corrupt its government, call the elective process into question, destroy the department of justice, the bureau, the cia and anything else he can get his hands on.

The attack on Transgenders in the Military — I of course was one, well-documented in my six-volume Trilogy, “My Life as a Boy”, which predicted all this stuff, by the way — are just the beginning of the end for Trump.


He has finally crossed a line that even a Republican Senator cannot ignore. They’ve held their noses long enough, now they’re in for the fart odor of TrumpWorld, and it’s bad, it’s real, real bad. SAD! BAD! DAD! If you knew how much Donald Trump’s father’s rejection is ruining your life, you’d be more than merely mad.

Trump is dumb and very limited in intelligence. He lives on slogans and mottoes, and can’t dig his way out of a two-word sentence.

He has no idea how many gays there are out here, and how powerful they are — they tend to have business power and political power and most of all, magical power, and he has very much underestimated his enemy, and it was he who made them an enemy, after promising his support, which is his style.

He backstabs, therefore he is revealed as — yes, a spy. Each character class has its own style and limitations of weapons, armor, magic and restore life, and a Trump is no exception.


All Trumps are alike, by the way, for which I make no apology — I have only four letters with which to write the code, and only “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe” and “None of the Above”, with which to convey the message through the transmitting medium.

In the case of art, there is no medium in between the artist and the viewer, because art, especially planar art, is quantum.

When quantum is expressed as art, you get non-spatial relationships — in short, you get Spooky Action at a Distance, which creates automatically a time-warp to accommodate the spatial warp initiated by the disruption in the local reflective/absorptive field of the artwork.

In short, the effect of Objective Art is the same as Objective Prayer — both are quantum, both exist at all points equally until viewed, both are examples of quantum linkage, often commonly but wrongly called “quantum entanglement”.

Still, it gets the idea across, don’t it? Quantum Entanglement they used to call “Bonding” or “Spellbinding” or “Binding”, all three of which you heard plenty if you were a citizen of most of the spiritualist and pagan movements of the 1960s.


Quantum Entanglement is what makes clothing into Cloaking, and fashion is what makes a Cloak into a Ball Gown.

As you explore all these areas of creativity, which will now include a lot of administration, something that the average artist shuns like the Evil One — not a veiled reference to anybody, just a personification of maleficence — and through that admin, you’ll learn things you never thought possible to master, but master them you will, or die trying.

What I mean is, when all else fails, when you have no voice, no power, no personal freedoms, no hope, no chance, no health, all that remains to you is magic.

That’s what this is really all about.

It’s a matter of YOU learning to use several things about Trump World to help you get your work done this lifetime so you can move on to a Higher Level, which is the whole damn point of Life on Earth.

You are here to learn, to develop ethics, to grow and to learn to help others. Not TRY to help others, actually help others. That takes training, most of which is self-training, and that’s why I’ve developed the Zen Teapot Project, as described above.


So get on Cafe Press and get started, then we’ll talk about the other sites and how to approach them. In the meantime, you need some Experience Points on Cafe Press.

Think about it — how else could you create your very own startup art products store and all those factories you’d need to produce the products you see on these sites.

Soon, if you see enough and pay enough attention, you’ll see what I mean — you couldn’t possibly do this with less than a million dollars before the advent of the print on demand market and equipment to accomplish that, which is significant.

Imagine trying to print a decal consisting of ceramic paints onto a curved ceramic surface. You start with a Cone 10 firing to get your ceramic plate or bowl or cup or platter to the level of dryness and compaction which we call “Porcelain”, a very expensive process that takes a LOT of energy in the form of gas or electrically driven heat.

Porcelain, like Stoneware, doesn’t do well with colors, so you have to put a “decal” of ceramic paints over the porcelain and refire the piece at Cone .05 or .06 in order to melt the colored ground glass they call “glaze” onto the porcelain base.

You’d pay plenty to produce that yourself, and there’s no reason to make them or to eat the failures from your kiln, and there are always plenty of them to go around and dig into your profit-margin, which is already slight enough.


I glossed over it earlier, but perhaps you took note of the fact that the same website that makes the stuff also sells the stuff.

Your client goes to their site, orders the stuff, and they ship direct to your customer. When it comes to food items, this is profoundly, doubly important. You don’t have a food license, at least, not yet, so you want to find a food item that you can endorse and put it up for sale with your artwork, making the food into a collectible, in case you hadn’t considered that fact.

I’ve made a few stamps — for which you need Postal Authority approval on every design, because these are ACTUAL U.S. POSTAGE STAMPS and can be used as such.

Jesus, think about it for a moment — a sheet of postage stamps. Duh, what does that make me think of???

Oh, my stamp collection, when I was a kid, included some sheets of “First Issue” stamps and such, and they fetched a nice price on eBay, but then I had no more to sell.

That’s not the case now, because on a daily basis, you could be manufacturing your own “private issue” art stamps.

Did you ever think that you’d be an official stamp designer for the United States Post Office? But technically, you’re using your art to sell their stamps for them so technically, you’re an official stamp designer, and it will take a few days or a week to get approval, and some they don’t approve, and they don’t explain why.


When they’re labeled “Collector Stamps”, they take on a different meaning, a new significance, and a new value, much higher than the face value of the stamps, to be determined by you and the market.

When you’re ready for it, you might like to make a Tarot deck, card deck, magic card deck or a gaming card deck or special deck for stage magic tricks like “Mirror Dimension”.

A card deck can be very collectible, and so can a deck of sports cards. You can’t use someone else’s photos, nor can you use your own photos of known players without their permission, but maybe that’s possible.

Jimmy Piersall and I were longtime friends, and he’d have been only too happy to help me set up a sports memorabilia shop with the help of a few Angels of the Anaheim variety.


You can get a celebrity or fashionista to wear one of your outfits and bring your offerings to public attention, but this only works once per lifetime. One splash per customer, and then, when you’ve had your 15 minutes, it’s back to work as usual.

Which means the drawing board, not the sweatshop.

Make an effort or die trying. Unfortunately, these days, that’s all-too-true, and the outcome is as uncertain and clouded as Trump’s Mind, such as it is.

Again, I apologize for the limited vocabulary of The Trump — I kept it down to threats, snarls and slogans for the sake of efficiency, and if I ever get a processor universe that can run faster than this one, you’ll be the first to know.

In the meantime, please do your best to work with the lag in Trump World — it’s overloaded with players today, because this is the Big Deal coming up, where we get into the Throne Room and get to take on Trump’s Minions!


Don’t forget your main Ace-in-the-Hole, which is that Trump is built to advance, always win at ANY COST, to cheat, to fight ruthlessly, to throw the enemy into the ground and drive his fist into the media person’s face, especially if he or she is a transgender.

Gosh, I’m a transgender. I guess I better go pack my things. They’ll be coming to get me when Transgenders are BANNED FROM VOTING.

Hey, that’s a thought — some inferior minorities shouldn’t even be allowed to vote. Gotta weed out all the undesirables and stop them from breeding, especially the ones with pre-existing conditions.

That’d also be me.

Haw, haw, always remember, the most they can do is kill you, and you’ll be back, while they’re part of the level, part of the machine. Yes, that means billions of “no soul” human droids. So what? Big deal.

See You At The Top!!!