Edible Amulets???

You are what you eat, so eat an Edible Ammie for Courage, Knowledge, Love!

The very first Big Breakthrough in POD — Print-On-Demand — technology was the ability to print food-safe edible ink on a sheet of safe, edible dried frosting paste. This isn’t the first year we’ve had this — it’s now a staple of the wedding trade.

In fact if you think about it only a moment, the printed disk of dried frosting is absolutely the counterpart to the Heavenly Host, when properly transsubstantiated, although we don’t use the Eucharistic Mass or anything remotely like it.

Still, the Catholics have got the right idea — you eat what you want to bring into yourself, and presumably that would include spiritual energies and healing powers and restorative vibrations, yes?

The idea is that you eat the body of God and this brings power, health and happiness to you, although a hell of a lot of good it did for God.

So what? Big deal. I don’t need no stinkin’ badge. What I mean is, go ahead and be happy, be wise and be elevated to a great height, but how?

You are what you eat. That’s what they tell you. What if that were literally true? What if when you ate a wafer marked “Courage”, you all of a sudden felt courageous?

Suppose you ate a wafer marked “Blessings”, would you expect to be and feel more Blessed? Damn right you would, and rightly so!

Okay, so how about one that’s marked “Winning”, what if you ate that and hit big on the lottery? What I mean is, would you donate 10% to the community? You don’t actually have to do that, it was an irresistible half-joke, because of course we welcome any donation and most importantly, your participation in our activities.

Atlantis Magazine Cover Spread was widely distributed back in the day.

Okay, so the same with wine or Holy Water or any consumable, really. They can all work to enhance your spiritual situation. The trick is to determine exactly what it is you’re eating.

And why.

The why determines the what, if you get my meaning. If you don’t, it means more workshops up ahead in your near-future. You really need to keep up with the group.

Okay, so what’s in a name?

There is Power in a Name. It’s not just the name, it’s the construction and intention and a zillion other things that a good cook puts into a confectionary dish, and THE NAME is an important element in any recipe for conscious life.

This is important: it’s not what it LOOKS like, so much as what it IS.

That’s gonna be awfully hard to explain, but I intend to try, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

No, that’s not true. There are lots of things you could do to stop me. Say “No”, for instance, or return to your texting. You could watch Gilligan’s Island, or book a room in a hotel through Trivalgo just to see if the commercials are true.

Any commercial that raises doubts, you should always buy the product or service to see if your first impression was right. This is called the “Relationship Carousel” method of Reality-Checking For Fun & Profit.

Fun I can guarantee; profit is a lot harder to predict.

You can place a wafer on a cupcake if you wish.

The “Isness” of the wafer is the fact that it is a wafer, it’s edible and it carries an image on it, and a name associated with that image. This is what gives it its spiritual power.

So what about Edible Ammies? What’s the deal? Good question, and I’ll be only too happy to respond, even though you hadn’t yet asked.

Edible Ammies are, to begin with, edible. That IS the point of Edible Ammies, don’t you see?

Well, if they’re edible, someone must at some point inevitably eat them, which is okay, if they’re harmless, and it’s even better if they’re nutritional and supportive of good diet.

Okay, that means you gotta check out the ink and ALL the ingredients of the product, plus presence or absence of peanuts, etc., anything that can set off an allergic reaction or create unwanted abdominal effects.

So let’s do that, shall we? I’ll do the research and come up with the facts & figures:

Sugar & Cornstarch form the base of these wafers. The ink is “food-grade”, which means God Only Knows What, considering the bastards in Congress who wrote the law that governs this stuff.

What I mean is, they have no guts, no fortitude, no sense of honesty and rightness, so why would we depend on them to say what’s edible? Still, at some point, you hafta give some credence to something, so why not the Food & Drug Admin, the FDA?

So what does that leave us with? What’s the takeaway?

You get ammies by the sheet, and they pop out very easily.

The wafers are edible, meaning “they can be eaten”. There’s sugar in them, and cornstarch, and food-safe colored “ink”.

The one good thing I can assert about them is that they’re gluten-free.

So in advertising them, I’d announce in big letters, “GLUTEN-FREE!”. In much smaller letters, I’d advise them that there’s sugar in them things, and watch out for the cornstarch, too!

Can I get a sugar-free version? You bet I can, but it’ll cost ya plenty — I have to order a LOT of them to get custom stuff like that, because they’d have to test and test before they came up with a paste that worked in the printer, see?

So if you order what’s actually ON the menu, it’ll be what they happen to have and already make on a daily basis.

One thing you can trust about that is that they have a proven formula, no matter what it happens to be, and in this case, it’s sugar, cornstarch & food coloring.

Let’s start there. You have to start somewhere, and we haven’t got the financial backing to experiment with this stuff on our own. We’re forced, at the moment, to use commercial foods for this purpose, so buckle up and let’s do it.

Edible Belgian Chocolates come out of a Blessed Box.

One important factor is that we don’t have a food license, but the folks who make the Edible Ammies for us do have a license, and can ship just about anywhere, so belly up to the Chuckwagon of Light, or whatever Roach-Coach you yourself operate in your hometown  or backyard.

What I mean is, everyone has their own ways of applications, and you certainly have every right to find your own applications and timings for employment of spiritual enhancements such as Edible Ammies.

Rest assured that they fall well within the category of “legal foods” and are properly packaged and labeled so YOU can sell them or give them away at your workshops and conventions!

Now it’s time to consider the magical aspects of our Edible Ammies.

They’re very magical.

Healing Angel Belgian Chocolates are a kind of wafer, also.

Oh, you want more information than that? Okay, fair enough. I’ll run it down for you:

  • THE NAME — This is vital, naming the amulet correctly, in sync with an Actual Ammy that’s kept in a Charging Dome.
  • THE IMAGE — We use a Face-Up photo of the Actual Ammy Prime.
  • THE VIBRATION — Colors are important and all aspects are regarded and held in place by the processing of the image and frame.
  • THE CONNECTION — A Connecting Prayer, “Om Mani Padme Hum”, can be used to power the contact.

You can wash down the Edible Ammy with some Sacred Water, which is any water that is stored in a Sacred Water vessel or container, such as a flask, bottle or Bota.

Just kidding about the Bota.

Okay, so the whole process consists of eating the wafer, right? But it’s not just grab the wafer and glut it down.

Edible Ammies on chocolate-dipped cookies makes a Higher-World-Treat.

There’s a method to this particular madness.

Sure, eat the Body of God, Drink the Blood of God, but before you go through that exercise, how about you first Get the Attention Focused, and before that, get the space cleansed.


Scrambled, of course. Incense and candle, the usual space-cleansing operation, THEN eat the Edible Ammy. It’s not a casual event, not a cookie you’ve put aside at work for an eleven o’clock snack.

It’s an Inner-World Magical Action, and should thus be isolated from ordinary life, and from ordinary actions.

If you want a cookie, I have cookies. Let’s leave snack-time out of this for the moment, although that’s not a  bad idea in general, to have Holy Food lying about for that special treat you need to get you through the rest of the day, and we’ll talk about that sort of snack-treat another time, but for now, let’s concentrate on the PURPOSE of the Edible Amulet.

It’s meant to complete the Health Cycle, the Medicine Wheel of your organic form’s life-journey. In short, it’s a possible substitute for unavailable services in the ordinary course of events.

Enhancements can make your Edible Ammy work better.

If you’re facing any life-disaster, you need all the help you can get, and if that life-disaster is a health-issue, you need professional health-care people helping you.

Unfortunately, for a lot of Amerikans, health care won’t be affordable or available, and that includes me, so you can bet that I’m looking at all kinds of alternative medicines and care that the government will no longer supply or help with.

If we were all as rich as the Senators and Representatives who are taking away our healthcare benefits, we’d have no worries. Let the poor take care of themselves, or as many of the Congresspeople in Washington today would say, “Fuck the Poor”, and what’s more, they’d say it without asterisks.

Of course, the reporters, news stringers and anchors would all have to supply the asterisks to make it commercially broadcastable, although there have been notable exceptions, as in the case of poor, wretched Scaramouche — that was the right spelling, yes?

It’s amazing how precisely history repeats itself, and that’s something I’m working out in programming, but at the moment, we’re re-living the Nixon Era, with complications from North Korea, Iran and the Kingdom of Grand Fenwick, if memory serves me rightly.

How, exactly, do you use Edible Ammies? Now, that’s the first question you’ve asked that makes sense. Okay, fair enough. I’ll do my best to answer it.

Darshan Shortbread with special edible icing can make a great wedding cake!

Let’s say you wanted and needed courage. So you’d get hold of an Edible Ammy that is infused with “Courage”, and consume it with attention, after the usual cleansing ritual.

Which Edible Ammy does that? Let’s look at a short list:

  • CLASSIC AMMY — Based on real-life reports on file, some folks say they can expect from the “Classic” being friendlier with people and getting along better with pets and other animals, calmer better sleep, feeling “more lively, healthful and energetic”. None of those effects are organically based — they are all spiritual effects on the Being, not the body, although there will be organic effects stemming from the Being.
  • HEALING WATERS AMMY — Opens the heart in a special way, with compassion and understanding. Encourages and shows the way to Right Action, Opens Consciousness to different worlds and realms, Supports Choice, Opens Connection with Nature Spirits, Reveals Mystical Powers, Opens Medicine Wheel Spirit Path.
  • PROSPERITY — Based on actual reports, folks say that they can expect Improved Confidence, a Sense of Fulfillment, Inner Abundance, Flow, Right Action, Ability to make Conscious Decisions based on Spirit, General Abundance & Prosperity. Random Acts of Kindness can be expected with this particular ammy, especially the edible variety.
  • QUANTUM WITCH — Keeps you On The Path. My personal favorite. Reports from users mention “More Happiness” and “A New Inner Gentleness”, “Inner Work More Fluid” and “My Life Path Opens Up Before Me”. In addition to these virtues, the Quantum Witch helps you stay “On Purpose” and “On Subject”, and works to enhance compassion, creativity and communication. Higher Love, Anger Management and Spiritual Discipline are among its additional known virtues. Its “Circle of Peace” effect extends a full 16 meters, and makes it the strongest “Keep Away” public presence available at the moment.
  • DOUBLE BLACK DIODE — On a scale of 0-5, the Double Black Diode ranks as a +5 on every attribute, including Courage, Communication & Compassion, three absolute necessities on the Path to Total Wisdom, on which I’m assuming you are. Better focus on tasks at hand, higher state of awareness, attraction, knowledge of things previously unknown. A powerhouse ammy for the experienced Bardo Voyager.
  • LOVE POWER — Taps into your Capacity for Real Love. Compatibility, Higher Deeper Communication, Enhanced Harmony, Subtle Plane Emotions, Grace of God, Powerhouse Faith and more.
  • EL BRUJO — Shamanic Ammy designed for the experienced Shaman and Psychic Sensitive. Energetics Flow Dynamics, Relaxation & Ease, Healing Powers, Blocking Powers, Astral Travel and more.
  • FIBONACCI — Intended to intensify Aura Levels, works on a 13-20-33 ratio, Ascension, Skywalking, Altering Auric Field and more, strictly for the experienced Shaman, but it’s self-limiting by your level, so anyone can use it, just don’t expect what a pro would get from it.

Those are the Edible Ammies that are available so far, on zazzle. When I see that folks are using them, I’ll add more. If there’s an ammy you want as an Edible, just say so, and I’ll put it on the menu.

Edible means that there is a definite action that you take, bringing the food into your organic body and into the interior system of the body. In short, you are Taking Right Action, Conscious Action and Intentional Action. There is a high level of intention in this action, making it a very powerful Enervating Force.

What this means is that the energy effect is greater than merely wearing an ammy. You are making a very powerful ripple in the Field of The Force, and this will certainly cause further ripple effects outward from your immediate location.

Be especially watchful, sensitive to any results in your outer world, and be sure to note any interior effects. You can monitor the result and use these edible spiritual assets according to your lights and intuitions.

Well, those are the basics. There’s a world of subtleties and there are Edible Ammies available that are not listed, but you’ll have to work on the SuperBeacon to get them.

“Where can I get Edible Ammies?” you may well inquire. One way to get there is to follow this subtle link.

Another way to get there is to scramble about wildly on the internet until you happen to stumble across a reference in the social media. This is called “The Bad Method of Getting Hold of Coal”.

When and if you inquire and poke about, you’ll soon discover an entire world of consumable and wearable and usable magical tools that are available to the conscious Being and the Aware and Purposed Spiritual Essential Self.

In short, go ahead and ask!

See You At The Top!!!