Past Life Orbs & Deck Available NOW!!!

I just now finished Orb #30 — Tikal — for the Past Life Orb Cluster. Each Orb is differently decorated, but is the same architecture, to make it easier for the professional Runner or Coach to assess and run effectively & efficiently.

It’s all about the swing & sway, and that’s what the Coach’s job is all about — getting the Runner to feel comfortable and competent in the Orb Run.

But which Orb to run?

Easy answer — you lightly and gently shuffle the Past Life Deck, and when it feels “right”, deal out the ten-card layout, addressing each card as it comes out of the pack, but landing on the FINAL OUTCOME CARD as the “Hot Card”, and that’s the Orb you or your Runner will run.

You can run Orbs for another, if they’re unable to do so. Merely type in the name of the person for whom you are doing a Remote Run.

You can also run for individuals who are not in body. Ask about how to accomplish this — it takes some skill and training is needed for this or any Afterlife or Between-Lives Operation.

Don’t forget that when you run through an Orb, you are touching and setting off specific and powerful quantum magic elements, unfolding in a coherent and sequential “recipe” of affirmations, every bit as powerful and effective as anything you could do in the organic body, but it’s all enacted in the Quantum Digital Realm of “Gorebagg’s World”.

You get 30 Past Life Cards in the Past Life Deck — each one connects to a time-zone that has formed a large and important part of your spiritual life over thousands of years, local time.

Impingements from these past lives into the present life cause an incredible amount of impact on daily life and activities.

Sometimes it can bring you down into the depths of despair. Sometimes it leaves you feeling weak and helpless, with no voice and no power to change the present.

Most people, if you ask them, will tell you honestly that they’re at their wit’s end trying to cope with the present economy and tribal tensions in American society.

If you analyze the situation, you’ll quickly realize that you are helpless.

Not only are you helpless, but you have no voice, no way to ask for help, no way to let anyone know you’re hurting.

Normally, you wouldn’t stand a chance. You’d be ground down right into the pavement by the passing parade of tanks and steamrollers.

Nothing you know how to do will work — or perhaps you’ve already noticed that. There isn’t any ordinary way out.

You may have discovered, as have so many hopeless and helpless individuals throughout the millennia, that there IS something that even we poor and powerless people can do — it’s called “Magic”.

Today’s Magic is tomorrow’s Science, just as today’s Science was Yesterday’s Magic.

I call this modern method of constructing mega-prayers “Quantum Magic”, and yes, Virginia, it really works.

As you’ll note on the above opening screenshots, it declares “It’s Not a Game”.

Well, as it turns out, I really mean it. It’s NOT a game, and it should not be taken lightly or performed casually.

It’s not here for your entertainment, as the song says.

Every single moment of every hour of every day you experience life on Planet Earth, you’re bombarded by influences, coming from just about everywhere.

Maybe you’ve noticed it, maybe not, but there are a million voices going off in all directions from everywhere you’ve ever been and some places you haven’t, and they don’t shut up, not ever.

You’re being directed from outside by those voices and impulses.

Some of those influences are clearly visible and obvious. Your Third Grade teacher is one prime example of a voice that just doesn’t ever shut up.

If you ever dare to color outside the lines, you’ll feel the pain.

You can FEEL the energy sapping out of you every time one of these snapping turtles gets hold of you from wherever they originate, and some of them originate far outside the galaxy.

Once in a while, you’ll run into an XD, an Extra-Dimensional, and you’ll be hard-pressed to get a release from that bulldog grip.

I’m working on a deck and set of 30 Orbs dealing with Parallel World influences and intrusions, and there’s a lot of work going into it at the moment, hopefully leading to an early release sometime in the next month or so.

Some of those influences are, as I said, obvious and easy to spot — family, friends, neighbors and other folks you encounter both online and off.

This stacks up to a LOT of influence coming at you, and most of it remains far outside the boundaries of your attention and awareness, but they are there, creating internal chaos that you don’t have to suffer with.

Of course, if you do nothing about it, there is no cure.

Maybe you enjoy being run by others or by the environment. Some folks prefer being ordered around silently and invisibly by a variety of influences that remainĀ  tantalizingly out of reach.

Out of sight, out of mind.

That means something quite different than what you’d suppose it means. If you can see the thing coming at you, or spot the source of the influence, it has no power.

These influences can’t slip in unless YOU remain unaware of their influence and power, and most folks are very accommodating on this issue.

Unawareness gives them power.

Putting your hands on the controls gives power back to you, and puts your power where it belongs.

There are several major sources of influence coming in at you all the time.

  • PRESENT LIFE — From the Present Life there are all sorts of influences, but you should be able to see them quite clearly and deal with them. If you can’t, you’ll need some sort of help, and that’s on the way soon, in the PRESENT LIFE DECK.
  • PAST LIFE — These influences are hard to spot, but they can be turned up with the INFLUENCE DECK, and then run out in the corresponding Orbs.
  • PARALLEL WORLDS — This category is red hot — MOST of the more powerful urges and influences are in this hard-to-see category. They are strong simply because they run parallel to this universal configuration. Universes are like game levels.
  • HIGHER SCALE DIMENSIONS — The real Key is “Scale” — if you understand how scale works, you understand your potential role in the universe and the Great Work.

In addition to these influences, we’ll be working to clear an entire range and realm of lower influences, and to expose ourselves to higher influences, hopefully under Divine Will & Guidance.

Everything in the Orb happens automatically when YOU decide to trigger the effects and merge the elements into a complex affirmation, with power enough and to spare.

You can’t make a mistake — the affirmations are all in place, and all you need to do to let their power out is to touch them and trigger the compound effects one after the other.

Learning from a Coach how to effectively run an Orb will make your day go so much better.

Learn to MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT with Orb runs.

Get FREE from the clutches of unseen influences! Get out from under TODAY! Send for your INFLUENCES DECK and Thumb Drive with all 30 Past Life Orbs ready to roll.

Get some Runners on course and GET ‘ER DONE!

See You At The Top!!!