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Brane-Power Mind Control

Yep, we’ve got our own brand of Mind Control, and it has nothing to do with controlling others — it’s about how powerfully you can interface with this dimension. Any other benefit is strictly collateral improvement, such as healing, pacification and other Mind Control Effects which I will outline here and now.

What happens when someone comes into your Brane-Control Center for mental-power training?

They will learn to manifest electricity in midair, to make an object move without touching it, to communicate successfully and provably with the dead, to levitate another person or object, to levitate a sphere, to link solid metal through solid metal, to send an object into another universe.

At some point in their training as a coach, they will learn how to safety extend the right hand and arm through a wormhole directly into another dimension, and while it’s in there, they will grasp something on the Other Side, squeeze it gently, and let it go, then withdraw the arm back into this dimension. That’s by far the weirdest sensation you will ever experience in this lifetime — believe it. Doubt is the Enemy. Continue reading