Beautiful Black & Blue Danube Waltz

Yep, I just couldn’t resist taking a few moments from my HAPI drumming class live on www.// to post this extra-funny Spike Jones sendup of the famous Blue Danube, which most folks today associate with the Earth to Moon travel in 2001 A Space Odyssey. Here it is…get a good grip on the arms of your favorite chair before you press the “play” button:

But enough poking fun at a beautiful classic. Here’s Spike Jones making up for the phony balony joking around…the Blue Danube as she should have been played…this time, with a live television production. You get to see him doing his thing:

And  here’s one of my favorite customers — and after I left Hammacher-Schlemmers, a valued and terrifically humorous personal friend– from Hammacher-Schlemmer days in New York City circa 1959 … Danish import Victor Borge, doing his bit to preserve dignity in classical style music:

You want a solid thread for a subject? Forget it; I’ve just stumbled across a live performance by Myron Cohen, whom I consider by far the greatest storytelling comedian of modern times.

And lest you bring up the name as a rebuff to the above claim, here’s Jackie Mason, at his very best, in his prime:

I was fortunate enough to see Will Jordan, who taught me the significance of the walk in understanding the Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus.

Oh, that Henny Youngman!!! Never underestimate his power to get a laugh out of even the drunkest, rudest audience in the bar under the whorehouse. Here he is at the height of his career:

Johnny Carson did his own version of Celebrity Roasts… Here’s a rip-roaring piece with Don Rickles…I personally saw Rickles and Jerry Lewis play and hug and clown around the house (Jerry’s house) and have great times together during film shoots and all sorts of private times — they were the closest of friends.

On this particular roast, the teleprompter broke down and left Rickles without prepared roast material, so he went into improv the whole time and you get to see his recovery into fast-paced insult comedy and heckler-handling (there weren’t any, but he attacked poor Bill in the audience) at its very best!!!