Spooky Healing At A Distance

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Jesus, the dreaded and horrible name and visage of Donald J. Trump are absolutely everywhere. It’s nearly impossible to ignore him, and his massive ego demands yet MORE attention, even at the cost of his personal freedom.

In short, he lied, and he’s just belligerent enough — and disconnected enough — to DEMAND that his deposition get taken down as sworn testimony. He’s that sure of himself and his ability to withstand truth and revelation.

Meanwhile, let him sweat it out. Let’s turn our attention firmly and unswervingly away from the antics of an addled and befuddled dictatorial leader, and toward our goal of SPOOKY HEALING AT A DISTANCE.

For this, we will need several things, among which quite chiefly is a clear understanding of what the heck Spooky Healing At A Distance is, exactly.

Healing Action is an action taken by a Healer to INDICATE a place where HEALING IS NEEDED.

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The Healer does not actually heal anything. It’s the job of the Healer to point out the spot, and indicate the problem, then to step back and let the Angelic Presence do the healing.

This Healing Action is directly linkaged to Higher Realms and to Higher Entitites, among whom will be angels, archangels, bodhisattvas, arhats, hidden masters, ascended masters and masters of all manner and description.

You get the help you actually need.

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If you’re a Healer, you aren’t asking on your own behalf. It is vital that the Healer be totally balanced in the request for healing from any member of the Medicine Wheel, regardless of belief system attached to it by humans of planet Earth.

In short, just do your healing job and don’t try to figure out WHY it’s happening — just feed the healing agent the information, location in x,y & z coordinates as you’ve been trained to do, and let the Healing Agent do ALL the work — and take all the credit.

If you’re a real Healer, you don’t need the credit, nor are you interested in approbation of any kind. You’re here to provide Healing Care, and that’s through the agency of angels.

Okay, so how exactly do we go about Spooky Healing At A Distance, anyway?

I’m glad you asked. I’ll explain:

  • Cleanse the space with incense & candle.
  • Establish a connection between Healer & Healee.
  • Energize the Session with 3 Minutes of SuperBeacon Contact.
  • Establish a connection with a Healing Agent such as Archangel Michael.
  • Use your Healer’s Crystal to direct the Healing Agent’s attention to the area where Healing is needed.
  • Create the Soundbyte or use a recorded soundbyte for the Activation.
  • Trigger the Healing Loop through sound and action as you are trained to do.
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It doesn’t matter how near or far the Healer is from the Healee, anywhere from 2 feet away to 2 trillion light-years distant, it matters not.

What counts is the quantum entanglement, which is and has been the same and has been accomplished pretty much the same way for trillions of billenia, at least everywhere that I’ve taken rebirth.

You connect two things using your standard invocational “good practices”, that’s all there is to it. Just connect them up in the usual way, and you’re all set.

Healing Actions take place once the conditions have been met.

There are a LOT of specifics about how to handle various problems through Spooky Healing At A Distance, but that’s all handled in training.

Most important factor, NEVER TOUCH THE SUBJECT.

Not ever, not ever, not ever.

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First of all, you don’t need to, and secondly, who wants the liability? I know that a LOT of fundamentalist Christian churches “lay on hands” and press on the forehead when blessing someone or casting out demons, as the case may be.

If you have an item worn or carried or used in some way by the subject, well, you’ve got an even better quantum entanglement than if you created one in your own studio, but both will do, although it’s easier with the natural entanglement, of course.

Objects that can be used in Spooky Healing At A Distance certainly include items that I’m posting on cafepress.com, and you can shop ALL my shops by clicking on the NAVIGATION BUTTONS on the left side of each front page of every section and every item on the site.

In short, if you get lost, it’s you, not the website.


Hey, I’m outta here…time for breakfast and the ICW —

See You At The Top!!!