Take America Back!

Goddess Power — Take America Back!!! Use your spellcrafting, not your pitchfork!
Just in case you think there’s a chance that the United States will pull out of this slump, that people will rise up and take back their country, get used to disappointment. There is no courage in Washington, which is what made it into such a dump that an idiot could get elected to “fix” it, which can’t happen as long as assholes are in charge, and they are.
Don’t sucker into the marches. Don’t take up pitchfork & torch. No need to take to the streets — those who are hip to spell-casting know a better way, a quieter way, an invisible and subtle way.

Trump is thoroughly committed to the course of nuclear war. He lives on the Dark Side all the time. Even though he’s the President and has access to any information he wants, he still believes that the astronauts live in the NBC studios in Burbank, that the moon is hollow, and the Earth is flat.

He is in fact a “Flat-Earther”, which rhymes with “Birther”.

Nuclear weapons are so tempting. Those nukes are toys that Trump — who lives at the mental and emotional age of about three —  just can’t resist playing with, and NOKO is an easy target — just some tiny country near China, no problem, nuke them out of existence, and they won’t bother anybody again.

Of course this only makes sense to an under-achieving loser like Trump.

If he and his cronies pass the so-called “Healthcare Bill”, there will be blood in the streets, and it will probably be yours and mine.

The White Supremacists have taken over not just the White House, but both Houses of Congress, and they’re looking at us funny, with that butcherous gleam in their eyes, and they seem to have little hatchets in their hands, which they’re fondling as they stare at us, hatred and evil emanating from their squinty beady little eyes, the drool dribbling down their weak chins toward their neckties.

Speaking of neckties, how about having a party?

Speaking of Parties, the Republican Party becomes known as the “Death Party”, and back home in the 37th century, I’ve occasionally wondered why — now I know. They signed the Death Warrants on some 65 million poor and middle-class Americans, which I know from my history lessons here in the 37th century.



Nobody gets away with murder for very long, and they don’t, but in the meantime, you and I will be reduced to rubble, along with the major cities of the U.S. after the mobs get through with them.

Unfortunately for me and my family and friends, we’re among those easy victims that the Republicans have scheduled for the death-camps, so we definitely will get a close-up view of how it went down back here in the 21st century.

I had the century wrong on my term paper, which is one of the reasons I’m here now, suffering through Trump World with the rest of the morons who flunked history here at More Science High, in the 37th century, of course, which is the world outside the History SIM, the world in which you seem to be living.

Haw, haw.

I really get such a charge out of teasing the morons who fall asleep in here. Would you be one of them? In which case, “Haw, haw, haw!”

That’s sort of similar to “rofl”, or “lmfao”, but it’s more like how we speak back home, outside the SIM world.

One thing for sure — it’s impossible to convert shaded photons into capital cash. That’s what they mean, when you’re inside the SIM, “You can’t take it with you.”, and boy, is that ever true!



You can’t take it with you, but you can send it on ahead.

In the world outside the SIM, all objects are considered to be 3D print, even though they of course are merely containments of boundaried domains, and Altered States of Carbon — but you already knew that, didn’t you?

So when is Trump’s finger finally going to be off the nuclear trigger?

Hey, what are you, some kind of anti-nuke wimpass commie pinko pro-fluoride alien-dominated undocumented apocalyptic zombie?

Ease up on the nuclear war complaints. I got enough trouble handling the earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters I’ve cooked up, just to make things a little more interesting, kind of like playing poker for your partner and putting up a penny a point just to enliven the game.

See? It’s all about motivation.



So besides complaining about how utterly stupid Trump is, and how incomprehensively nasty and mean the Republican Senators and House Leaders are, what am I actually DOING about all this shit?


Absolutely nothing. I have no interest in handling this world. I intend to ignore it. I know, from the perspective of future history, how it all comes out, anyway.

It’s really none of my concern.

You might still be stuck in the organic plane, and you might have some worries about what will happen to you and your family and friends.

The fact is, you will at some point inevitably die — everyone will — it’s just a question of time.



In the meanwhile, what about getting some work done, some real work? What about handling your transition to a higher plane?

What about getting trained to handle the Bodhisattva Path? How about getting chilled on the subject of yourself and your feelings? How about handling the resentments and disappointments that you inflicted on yourself and are always looking to blame on others?

How about looking deeply within, to clean out and clear out the darkness?

How about learning the skills that you’ll need as a high-level operator in the real world? What about actually waking up, rather than talking about what it might be like?

How about actually taking part in the flow, by getting involved in our outreach program, in the form of creating and selling hot chocolate mixes?

What about dealing with people on a whole new level?

Okay, so first of all, put aside all considerations, worries and concerns about Trump and what he’s about to do to America. As an immortal being, it’s not your problem.



Will they get you?

Of course they’ll get you. So what? Big deal. If you will do your goddam work on the PLS course, you’ll discover that they’ve come to get you countless times before, and they’ll be coming to get you this time, too.

They can’t let you live. You’re too free, and you’re having too much fun.

If you don’t look like them, sound like them, act like them, believe like them and smell like them, they will destroy you.

Oh, not the obvious way, not by shooting you. They don’t have to shoot you, just cancel your healthcare.

If you’re dead, you can’t vote Demo.



That’s the whole plan, and you’re the victim. Like I said, tell me something new. It’s nothing different this time — you’re going to get it, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I try to remember the saying, “If I’m to be hanged as a horse-thief, I might as well have the horse”.

Keep in mind that every single thing done by Trump is overturned when he goes down. This is a given, and it happens to all dictators. The people who put them in power tend to take them down when they finally learn that they’ve been betrayed.

The very people who voted for Trump are the ones who will lose their medical coverage and eventually their lives, but not to worry — I’ve got a dollar bet down in the Lunch Fund Pool here at More Science High, and that’s more than enough to cover both sides of the aisle.

What I mean is, I’m certain to collect the bet.



I always bet against the humans. Once in a while, they win the world series, like the Dodgers did back in 1956, but on the whole, they’re a bunch of losers.

When they take away your voice, your vote and your freedom, you have but one choice left, as a qualified Bardo Voyager — Magic.

I don’t mean the stage or parlor variety. I mean Magic.

If your planet is still important to you — and I can’t imagine why it would be — you can use Applied Magic to break the chains.

Of course, you then have to live with a bunch of Democrats in power, and that’s no better than the nut-jobs in the White House and Congress right now.

If you really want to know what’s going on, listen to the comments made by Will Rogers back in the 1930s, or Lenny Bruce in the 1960s, or anyone on Saturday Night Live today, and you’ll get it.

You’ll REALLY get it if you read Mark Twain’s comments on government, published around 1870 to 1880 — you’ll think he’s writing about Trump and McConnell and the other Washington Demons currently yanking your strings while pulling the rug out from under.



Don’t let it stop you for one single second. Keep on plugging away at your Being Task. Sell chocolate drinks. Sell chocolate drinks.

I know it seems awfully crass and commercial, and you can’t see how selling chocolate drinks could possibly help the situation, but it can.

The chocolate carries with it a Blessing — a spell, or prayer, if you like — that will eventually make people safe again, which requires the Quelling of Trumpism, and that’s what this century is all about.

Is there Life After Trump?

Not if you don’t do your job, there isn’t. The only real answer to tyranny is ridicule. The king has no clothes, but only a child will have the honesty to say so. Unless you become as a small child, you shall not enter the kingdom, and you can quote me on that.

Sell chocolates to be free!

See You At The Top!!!