I’m Back From the Front!

I’m back from the front, ready for more blogging, after a month’s vacation from blogging and writing in general, although I have written a few new Protest Songs, to insure that when they do eventually come for me, I’ll have a protest song ready for them.

Besides the development of Hot Popcorn Spices for our popcorn machine vending business, I’ve been extremely busy developing a new Practice, that of “Rockology” and “Stone Magic”, and I’ve got a bunch of goodies just for you, all under the auspices of “Brane-Power” at brane-power.com, where you’ll find all my Tools for Transformation.

Tonight, I’ll be working on the teaching methodology that goes along with the Practice, beginning with Mandala Magic Stones, the easiest to produce and the exercise providing the best beginning moves for the novice rock artist.

In the meanwhile, I’m also preparing for the big Studio Tour event that happens two weekends in a row, in the middle of this month of October, as is.

Featured in that particular annual art event will be Tom X., Kelly Rivera and E.J. Gold. That’s the total lineup, and that’s what we’ll exhibit — Kelly and I will host the event at ej gallery, and Tommy will be there for autographs & pictures, accessible through our FREE SuperBeacon setup and, yes, he really is available for contact, but he’s already busy with art projects and commissions at your Next Stop.

In fact, we’re all due there, in the not too distant future, and as Tom Lehrer says, “We Will All Go Together When We Go…” but in the meantime, Let’s Make a Buck!!!

I know what you’re going to say — you’re not materialistic, you live in the deep well of spirit and hardly note the goings-on of the material world, but you DO need to get around a bit and have a little personal freedom, and that’s going to take more and more money until it becomes totally impossible, and you have to flee with whatever’s on your back.

It’s not Trump that’s doing this — like the Beatles, the Wright Brothers and Neil Armstrong, he’s a product of these times.

He belongs here. You don’t.

You travel from lifetime to lifetime, doing the Work, making sure that the Dharma is planted in fertile soil, sort of a Johnny Appleseed of the Labyrinth, and LRS membership throughout the galaxy is one short-term goal of the LRS.

“It’s not what you take away — it’s what you leave behind.” That’s my main message, along with the primary message of the ABD, “Learn to Ask for Help”, which of course includes the companion message, “Learn HOW to Ask for Help”.

If you’re caved in by all this Trump Shit, just remember that he’s in constant fear and pain, and that it’s only assuaged by being in the public spotlight, more or less every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year, and he plans to keep on doing it, even after he’s long gone.

Long gone.

Getting on, learning to move along to the Next Level and how to get along once you get there, that’s what eludes most ghosts on the organic level, and most of them should not be moving on — they belong here, just like all the rest of the Set Dressing.

Moving On and working to prepare yourself for the Work in the Next Level, your very next lifetime, is covered and fully explored — where? Why, in the Bardo Safaris that we run several times a week, that’s where.

A large part of Safari Work is learning how to cooperate with a group and how to add to the group’s effectiveness, but it’s also about perception and realization, decision-making and clarity of judgment and effort, and how to have an effect.

One thing you’ll notice, and that is that you CAN have a profound effect without having money, power or connections. I’ve demonstrated that enough to make the point, and there’s nothing stopping YOU from doing the same.

The secret is to pull in those skills from other lifetimes, which is easily done through the PLS Course and SuperBeacon Work.

You’ll find that painting rocks is a very productive part of your work, and that it has far-reaching effects that you might guess, such as meeting new people, getting in touch with the Earth and making a legacy for future generations.

Hey, there’s more to rock painting than merely painting rocks, and what’s more, you have a group with which to do it.

You’re here on Planet Earth with a Soul Group — and as a group, you have a group task, only part of which is for you personally to survive on a basic organic level.

There’s a lot more to The Work than merely surviving, and maybe there’s time enough to learn how to make it happen in this lifetime.

Most of the fear about Past Lives is that the past memories will crowd out and overwhelm the present state. This is, of course, ridiculous.

A quick examination and test will prove that there’s no danger of being flooded with past lifetime memories.

Just try to remember what was said at lunch yesterday, or where your keys or wallet might be hanging out, or what someone was wearing the day you met.

Your memories of THIS lifetime are at best, vague and momentary, mere flashes of impression rather than clear, steady vision, and that’s the way it is with everything, just an IMPRESSION of memory, not an unwavering stream of reliable data.

In order to get a Bigger Footprint, you don’t need every memory of every event that ever happened to you. All you need is a general impression of a past life you actually lived.

That’s easily obtained.

You need certainty on past lives, and that’s what the PLS Course gives you, a definite sense of having lived before.

There is no clutter of memories, no flood of memories from the past, any more than there are clutters and floods of memories from this lifetime.

Oh, sure, you have memories of this lifetime, but most of them are false — either total constructs, or twisted remnants of clear visions of things that never happened or that happened in a totally different way.

Distortion is common to memory. Don’t let that get you down. All you need is to get an IMPRESSION of past lives, not the particulars, although you will get a flash now and then, and you might develop a more holistic view of one or two past lives that stand out.

Mostly what stands out is your most recent lifetime, the one just before this one. All you’ll be able to remember will be a few notable points, plus the death — no death is pleasant, and they tend to be rather sticky in the end.

Listen, sensation wasn’t my idea. It just plain happened all by itself, as a result of the mechanical nature of elastic polymers — you need to react fast to food and danger, even as a single-celled creature.

Life as a Paramecium does not further The Work awfully terribly much, but it IS a step in the right direction.

All development comes as a result of experience, and there is no substitute for experience personally experienced.

Had we not entered into this configuration, we’d never have had the sheer comic relief of Donald Trump. Of course, there is a down-side to this, but the upside is that of gaining certainty on Past Lives.

There’s nothing quite so bracing as a reliable certainty on Past Lives, and that’s what’s going to get you through the sheer hell and horror of Trump Amerika.

Surviving Trump World is certainly not for YOUR sake.

It’s for the sake of The Work, the Dharma, the Teaching, which will be lost temporarily in the book-burning stage of this emerging psychosis of dictatorship and civil war.

If you have copies of things, they will be less likely to vanish from the face of the Earth, and that includes painting, sculptures, books, anything that can end up in the Bonfires of Rage.

If you think terrorism is horrific, just wait until you see ten thousand zombies, all headed your way, with pitchforks waving in the wind. The eeriest thing about this scene, the most indelible memory of all, will be the moaning groaning sound they make as they get closer and closer, like the sound of a train rolling by.

Hey, it all works out. Just stay on course. Stay on course.

In the meantime, Let’s Get Stoned! What that means is, let’s start painting rocks and selling them and asking a dollar or more donation for each rock we sell.

If you can get a good corner to work, it adds up fast, unless you’re presenting as Toxic Waste.

If you want to include some busking into the sales pitch and Painted Rock Hustle, that would work well, as long as you can also conduct sales business at the same time.

By the way, the hot sauces are selling here, with not much pushing, and we’ve ordered the Hot Popcorn Seasoning for our Zombie Family food line, plus popcorn bags and other ordinance for carnival food sales.

You can find out more about this by watching our ICW this morning, which is a Saturday — that gets lost in publication when read later on.

My main task right now is to convey as much out of the DANGER ZONE as possible, which means getting the art and jewelry and other collectibles out of range of Trump’s Minions — they’ll be burning whatever they can of “Degenerate Art”, which means anything that doesn’t photographically represent a smiling and happy Donald J. Trump.

Sound familiar?

If you can recall your life in Hitler’s World, you’ll be armpit-deep in nostalgia and deja-vu. If you can’t, well, maybe this is the time to perform a little PLS training.

If you’re ready to work IN THE FLOW, join our Army of Rock Painters!

You can use artwork, write messages or symbols onto rocks, and rocks are fairly easy to find, especially if you’re forced to break them into road gravel all day long.

If you don’t want to end up on a work gang, you need to move fast, get in the flow and get out of harm’s way, you and your family, and I’m prepared to point the way out.

Get in touch right now. Order my Gorby’s Magic Shaman Stones Starter Sample Kit at only $50, which includes several hundred dollars of retail value in a number of handpainted rocks from my workbench.

For another $50, I’ll add three more unusual handpainted stones plus a large stone on which I’ve painted a detailed “Dutch Landscape” that you can retail at $350.

You can help in the dissemination of our Work Materials by ordering the special collection of hundreds of talks on one single Thumb Drive, and there are other collections of my audio and video productions that you can obtain incredibly reasonably, just to get them out of the Danger Zone, as I said.

The Studio Tour will be happening just before the Mid-Term Elections, so be prepared for a total zombie-walk, meaning that nobody will be focused on buying anything — it’s a period of breath-holding and wincing in anticipation of the political bloodbath that is to come.

No matter what else happens, the FBI will always have the stain of a Cover-Up after Kavanaugh, and the Bench will always be held suspect of political polarization, but who cares, really?

Sure, Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and rage will be the result, which means that Trump can declare emergency powers and that’s his opportunity to dismiss Congress forever.

The next thing that happens is that you start to fight to stay alive from hour to hour and day to day, and that’s why you need to train yourself to address the nearest threat first, which happens in Bardo Safaris.

It’s all about making split-second decisions and not picking up money. It’s about selling armor and finding your way and getting some weapons and magic and life pots and a great helm, but mostly it’s about supporting your local MERC, which brings us to another Life Motto, “Let the Merc Do the Work”.

If you stop in to view one of Uncle Raggy’s guitar lessons on youtube, you’ll express it as “Don’t Knock Yourself Out Where You Don’t Have To”, which is the Geezer Method of Anything.

You don’t have the energy to muck around, and you certainly are unwilling to spend an ounce of energy on something that’s entirely frivolous, like sex, politics and religion.

Yes, religion is frivolous. Work is not.

The Work is not ALL work, however, some play there must be. Think of the Multiverse as God’s Playground, and you’ll be halfway there.

Then realize that there is only one entity here — it’s ALL ONE THING.

That’s the comment you can count on from anyone coming back from a spiritual or psychedelic experience. “It’s all one thing!!!”, as if they’d never realized that before.

What really happens is that the thing you knew all along turns out to be true. There IS only ONE, and all phenomena is illusion, and once you have the SuperBeacon Technology working for you, you can prove it.

Yes, prove it.

You can use my Work Tools to easily achieve the Waking State.

That’s where you learn to deal with everything and anything. That’s where you get enlightened, and that’s the place where you learn Objective Prayer, Objective Medicine and Objective Life.

It’s all One.

How many times have you heard that without really hearing it? What that means to you is that your worst fears are realized, and that the joke is, as you suspected all along, on you.

There’s no one Out There. All Phenomena is Illusion. Not just some.

So there is no escape from the you-ness of you, and escape should not be your plan. “Play it as it lays”, or “Play it as it lies”, in the case of Trump.

Okay, so how? What do I do?

Get in touch. Ask for help. Be prepared to take some personal actions to get yourself into THE FLOW.

Look around at some of the folks who have taken such steps. It typically takes only intention, not money.

You don’t need any money or equipment or magic find or any other gimmick to get into THE FLOW. Just determination and a few easily learned skills.

Paint a Rock. Sell a Rock. Be a Rock Star.

See You At The Top!!!