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“The Job Makes the Man”


“The Job Makes the Man”. It’s a very familiar phrase, a popular saying, a wiseness from ancient times, already. As they say in TXT, baobnabniarbnjafbboihbnaboadjbfnmnanagn, know what I mean??? I know, right? Word. Apart from the Royally Offensive Masculine tense of “Man” meaning “everyone”, it’s very true, and it applies powerfully well to Bodhisattva Training.

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Evolution or Creation???


There are thousands of arguments for and against evolution, for and against creation, for and against “other”; they’re all so darn* smug, but none of them have got it right. The Evolutionists seem to believe that man evolved (see below for expansion on this comment). This is simply not true, and I can prove it any day of the week at any Raley’s supermarket or Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Toys-R-Us on December 24th of any year; there’s not a single speck of evidence that they’re evolved from anything. The Creationists, on the other hand, are equally convinced that the world is 4000 years old and that everything was created by the hand of God; they’ve got it almost right, but again, they miss the mark on the button. Want to know the real answer?

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Azwarpian Phormicolisticology


This is the 10 of Pentacles in the Falconetta Deck, which I just now completed with the addition of the lower arcana, with an interesting twist in the Royals of the suits. What I’m getting at is that it can now be ordered at $49.95 and wholesale is possible as well. Funny thing; I mentioned that my first GODD deck had taken about 5 1/2 hours to shoot, and that this deck had only taken 3 hours to make. “Not to make, to shoot,” I was corrected, “you put in hundreds of hours on the shooting set!!!” and it’s true, I did, and Claude put in hundreds of hours on the textures and models and skyboxes and Val put in thousands of hours on the engine and its effects and Barbara put in an equally hefty number of hours in the correction of orbs and design of effects, so my estimate of 3 hours was off by about 3,500 hours, plus or minus 3,497.

See You At The Top!!!


Am I a Boy or a Girl in my Alternate Worlds???

Notice I said “my” alternate worlds. It’s because you have your own unique set of alternate worlds. If you travel in a group or team, you share this set of alternate worlds in which you operate.

Note that I said “operate”.

It’s different. Very different. “Operating” doesn’t mean what you think it does.

I’ll explain:

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