Coin Cash Cow

I can show you how to create a “Coin Cash Cow” from pocket change, and I can do it in just 5 minutes a day in the privacy of your own home.

Coinology Searches are fun and productive and can yield a LOT of money while you’re doing good spiritual work at the same time. Let me tell you how to make TONS of money from coin searches:

Earn up to $173,820.16 a night.

  • It is no joke. Of course you won’t make all that in one night, but you can make a LOT of money in a single evening, if you know what mint-errors to look for and where to look for them, meaning where they’re likeliest to be found, and even more if you learn how to market the “oddballs” that you find in addition to the many mint errors that always popĀ  up in any search.
  • If you learn the “Good Dates”, you can instantly scan those dates as they pass through your hands, and if you have TRAINED YOURSELF to SEE the coins, you should be able to easily GRADE them accurately, thus determining their market value and degree of purity for altar use and other applications.
  • Training yourself to ACTUALLY SEE THE COIN is the real trick, and it takes about a year to get to the first level of “Coin Satori”, where you actually have the cathartic experience of SEEING THE COIN. It may seem an over-exaggeration to say that it’s a breakthrough experience, but it is.
  • If you follow the simple practice EXACTLY AS GIVEN, you will generate higher spiritual energies by performing The Search.
  • Dissolving Radiations are the key. They are generated automatically by the use of higher attentions, and turned on by your Personal Mantra.
  • Knowing where NOT to look is the most important factor in making your Sweep Search more efficient and effective.
  • The more repetitions you manage per session, the more result you get, measured in Cash Cow terms — add up the “finds” and value them.

In some cases, there are several ways to win on a single date. For instance, in the 1964 penny, there are three ways to win, as indicated by the prices listed — 95/125/125, meaning that there are three different DDO configurations on that date, each one of which could easily be on any penny with that date on it.

There are so many ways to win.

The 1983 Philadelphia penny gives you four different ways to win, four entirely different DDO errors, each of which pays different odds, and these are errors that you might find on any given 1983 penny.

It’s all a matter of luck which 1983 penny ends up on your Search Pad. Measuring your “Luck” from night to night will correspond roughly with your present karma and can be an indicator of direction or action.

Hey, listen — these coins are IN CIRCULATION. There is no reason to suppose that anyone has “searched” them at any time, for anything under the sun.

UNSEARCHED COINS are the Holy Grail of Coinology, and that goes double for the coin market. Unsearched coins are the dream of every coin searcher, but in Wheaties and other out-of-circulation coins, it’s a nightmare.

You can’t find unsearched Wheaties anywhere, even in sealed bank bags, bank boxes and bank rolls.

There isn’t an antique coin roll paper wrapper that hasn’t been duplicated, and for $9.50 you can get a machine roller with a supply of “authentic” antique wrappers, and what’s more, they pay the postage.

Rare variants of contemporary in-circulation coins have shown up absolutely EVERYWHERE, meaning that they have appeared all over the Continental United States and other territories where U.S. coinage is in use, as in Guam, for instance.

You might be sitting on a fortune but don’t know it.

There is no reason why any of the rare Lincoln Memorial and Shield pennies should not show up on YOUR pad.

The odds are very high against it, but it IS possible.

Basically, you’re looking at Lottery Odds, pretty much the same odds you’d encounter at a dollar slot machine in Vegas, only if you don’t hit on the pennies, you get your money back in a whole new box of pennies, provided you pay out the difference from the pennies you took out of the previous box, if you get my meaning.

If you consider the odds, the statistics are in your favor to find at least $200 worth of oddballs & mint errors per night, if you’re adept and agile at the search.

If you’re very, very lucky, a super-rare 1969-s in MS-67 might just magically appear on your search pad.

Of course, if you expect it, it won’t come, but that’s not “Luck”, it’s just Murphy’s Law expressed as “The Law of Irony” — whatever you think is going to happen, won’t.

I’ve never seen a drop of that magnitude, nor would I know what to do with it if I did. Keep it for exhibit at coinology classes? Rent it out? Take the money and run?

With luck, the subject will never come up for me. I’m quite content to find the occasional $50 Wonder, usually something strange & unusual, like a 1983 DDO that makes me certain that I might have inadvertently and unknowingly crossed my eyeballs.

That’s the effect of a DDO. Crosseyed Blurred Vision. Don’t search coins while driving.

A DDO, Doubled-Die Obverse, is easy to spot. It looks as if your vision has gone blurry — there are two of everything instead of one, kind of like the visual experience you get after a nonstop 22-hour drive down the coast.

At some point, there are at least two highways in front of you, and you have to decide which one of them is the real one, or pull over and get some shut-eye.

So what is a DDO, anyway?

What has happened to make a coin into a DDO Error Coin is that the HUB, which makes the die, has struck the DIE once too many times, and created a double image on the die itself, which transfers onto the coin when it passes through the coin stamper machine thingy.

It’s not a double strike, which can happen when the die hits the coin metal sheet twice in a sort of machine stutter. This machine doubling is worthless and can be easily distinguished from a real Doubled Die.

Whenever there’s an additional ding out of the die, the coin metal tends to ooze up into the extra negative space in the die, creating a RIDGE in the coin landscape, and you get a mint error coin worth plenty plenty money, and all while performing your spiritual obligations toward all beings everywhere, by plucking the Worthy Purified Souls off the Wheel of Death & Rebirth, which is what happened to you through the intervention of someone like yourself who gave their lives in spiritual practices, to benefit others without thought for oneself.

You can learn the practice of Coinology. It’s simple, effective and profitable beyond your wildest dreams, and you can do it in the privacy of your own home, and what’s more, you can do Coinology in your undershorts or bare-ass naked, if that’s how you sit around the house.

Not only is Coinology comfortable and family and hearth-inspired, it’s better than a retirement fund, because you can do it anywhere, anytime, and make a ton of money while you’re performing your spiritual obligations.

In fact, I believe that Coinology is the only spiritual practice that pays off in hard cold cash. That’s a joke, but at the same time, a reality.

In spite of anything you might do to louse it up, you’ll end up with more value than a penny in many of the coins you pass through your hands, and the more Coin Knowledge you have, the more likely you’ll see the Great Ones as they come through the portal of the coin.

Just by searching ordinary coins in current circulation, you can turn a walloping profit, which can help you turn yourself into a prophet your own self.

Disregarding for the moment all the off-center and broadstrucks and lamination errors and other mis-managed coin operations, there are so many “ordinary” mint errors that you’ll be swimming in Mint Error Coins in a matter of minutes.

We’re also disregarding the high-grade coins you’ll come across now and then, coins in the MS-66 through MS-69 range, which don’t need any other recommendation to make them candidates for a slab and grading treatment at the coin spa.

If you managed to find one example of all the ORDINARY ERROR coins in a single evening, and they were all at MS-66 or MS-67, which are the ONLY grades I bother to take in these days, here’s what you’d end up with on the money scale:


  • 1959 —– DDO — $35/$25
  • 1959-d — RPM — $20
  • 1960-d — DDO — $500
  • 1961-d — RPM — $35
  • 1963-d — DDO — $45
  • 1964 —- DDR — $95/$125/$125
  • 1966 —- DDO — $35
  • 1968-d — RPM — $25/25
  • 1969-d — FG Initials Missing — $50
  • 1969-s — DDO — $150,000
  • 1970-s — Large Date DDO — $18,000
  • 1970-s — Small Date $30
  • 1971 —– DDO — $150/$150
  • 1972 —– DDO — $400/$50/$15/$500/$20/$10/$10/$25/$25
  • 1980 —– DDO — $350
  • 1982 —– Large Date DDO — $95
  • 1982 —– Small Date DDR — $95
  • 1983 —– DDO — $45/$45/$45/$250
  • 1983 —– DDR — $360
  • 1984 —– DDO — $200/$95
  • 1984-d — DDO — $45
  • 1992-d — Close AM — $75
  • 1994 —– DDR — $75
  • 1995 —– DDO — $45
  • 1995-d — DDO — $500
  • 1997 —– Doubled Ear — $500
  • 1998 —– Wide AM — $50
  • 1999 —– Wide AM — $350
  • 2000 —– Wide AM — $50

Just one of each of those coins in a single evening would yield a grand total of $173,820.16 if you managed to find them in MS-67 or better. Hasn’t happened yet, but does ‘t mean it can’t or won’t happen someday, maybe even someday soon, maybe even to YOU.

Then there are all those Doubled Dies and such in the more recent coins, most of which bring about $10 bucks to the table, but some can bring a LOT more.

I can typically find well over $2,000 of rare oddballs & mint errors along with high-energy MS-67 examples of otherwise ordinary coins.

I’ve found my first 2017 DDO, although I’m not the first.

The very first 2017 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent was found by Leonard Matyjasik, notated in the Wexler Index as 2017-P 1 cent WDDO-1, pictured at the top of this article.

It is currently worth about $50-$100 and is rare enough at the moment to keep bringing those prices. Nobody knows how many of them are out there, so the price is still very spiky and rising rapidly as we enter the new year.

My singular example is not for sale. I’ll have it slabbed and graded — it’s gonna be MS-67 or better, is my bet, and I’m seldom wrong on grading issues.

Memorize the “Good Dates”, listed above.

Be Real. You have to recognize that the 1969-s valued at $1,50,000 isn’t going to drop into your lap, although theoretically and statistically speaking, it could.

Memorize that list.

Those are the coins you LOOK at real hard and study to see if there’s any value in them on the Mint Error side.

All the other dates are worthless and can be dumped, unless you want them for “Lucky Birthday Coins”.

If it’s jewelry you want to make, use dimes, quarters and halves, not pennies — unless you want them to rotate somewhat, contained in high-grade watch crystals and silver bezels, which means earrings, pendants and other such objects of personal adornment.

Silver and Silver-colored “Clad” dimes and quarters are pretty resilient to damage, and won’t show the wear as quickly, or dim into blobs of darkness, as will the copper and zinc pennies, if they’re mounted raw, without protective bubbles of crystal domes.

My preference is to tell the customer what the coin will do when worn, and let them decide. I have examples on hand of coins that have oxidized and look really good that way.

Is the U.S. Mint still making mistakes?

Well, let me ask you this: is the Federal Government any less insensitive and stupid than it has been for the past couple hundred years of fakery and foolishness in Washington?

Rest assured that there isn’t a single date U.S. penny that doesn’t have at least SOME examples of how they screw things up over there at the mint.

Things decided by committee never really work out.

So what about more recent coins?

First of all, they tend to L@@K a lot better, because they’ve had less chance to age and become corrupted and infected and banged around as they go around the block several times or more.

Secondly, recent coins are more common in the box than older coins, as you’ll soon note.

Thirdly, recent coins are made faster and cheaper by people who are less educated and less skillful than ever before, so the chances of errors popping up are higher then they were when good education was part of the American Dream.

Fourthly, the point I made way back at the beginning of this little dissertation — nobody has ever searched these coins. You get first dibs.

Fifthly, any coins you don’t want and can’t use or rescue go back into circulation, and you get to try again for the same money, less what you took out as prizes.

Sixth point is that recent coins have TRAILS and DIE BREAKS and OFF-CENTER errors, all of which are worth money, sometimes lots of it, if a variant is sufficiently rare to warrant a higher price-tag — I have several examples on that order, available for shipping.

I always have a few slabbed examples of what I’ve found in coin searches, on hand for showing and discussion, whenever a likely candidate for Coinology Initiation walks through the door.

That doesn’t happen all that often, so I’m ready for it when it does.

All the more recentĀ  dates on which you can expect DDOs manifest themselves with thicker letters and numbers, and some have corners of letters and numbers missing, an effect of the offsetting of the two characters.

You’ll want to concentrate on the “ERTY”, looking for a thicker left angle on the “Y” on the left than on the right branch of the “Y”, which you can see in the photo above.

Anything that makes a coin unique is worth money, and definitely worth your attention. This can include things that happen to a coin during manufacture, and they can also include things that happened as a result of environmental exposure, such as “Rainbow” pennies, which have psychedelic shimmering effluorescent colors emanating from them, sometimes on one side, sometimes both.

Extreme examples of Rainbow Effects can bring thousands on the open market. I have a few that are not for sale, that you’ve never seen the likes of in all your bornless days.

There are Worthy Souls to be saved, each corresponding to a coin passing through your fingertips at this very moment, as you compassionately and objectively weigh them in balance, removing the Worthies from the Wheel of Death & Rebirth, according to your Bodhisattva Vow.

Worthy Souls are out there waiting to be saved.

Won’t you take five minutes a day to find them and rescue them from the Wheel?


You can send for my Coinology Search Kit for only $49.95. The kit includes a real velvet search pad, two special collection boxes, coin wrappers, acrylic capsules & foam inserts and full instructions on the Basic Sweep Search, along with several “bagged” examples of “target coins” mounted in Reference Flips.

You can also send for my “Current Circulation Coin Variety Pack”, which gives you 20 examples of coins you can find in a current coin search, coins that are worth money for a variety of reasons, not all of which are “mint errors”.

The Sweep Search Kit also includes instructions on how to SELL your Self-Found Coins!!!

As you proceed in the Coinology Search Club, you’ll get a lot more information on how you can increase your spiritual and material profits by Deep Search Practices.

Sweep Search has an additional effect, “Dissolving Obstacles”, which includes personal upsets, household upsets, business upsets and more. I’ve provided a list of the variety of obstacles that are handled by Dissolving Radiation.

Too Buddhist for you? Okay, how about “Quantum Dis-Entanglement”?

Murray, the Coin-Searching Buddha.

See You At The Top!!!