Where Does It Hurt?

When you’re digging around looking for pathways through space to ancient times in which you lived and died, you need some way to lock onto the thing, and I have just the ticket — phantom pain.

It doesn’t have to hurt — it can be an odor, a special lighting, an emotion, a conversational fragment, even an episode of “Walker, Texas Ranger” can do it for some.

What happens is that something “gets stuck” from a past lifetime, and impinges on the present life in some way. In order to actually be aware of this, there must be some noticeable effect, and usually it takes the form of a phantom of some kind.

It can take the form of a pain, an ache a sensation, an emotion, a thought or an idea, a fragment of a song or tune, an upset, almost anything that isn’t directly attributable to anything happening in the present time/space.

I’ll try to explain, but first, you’ll need to understand a ROOT PRIM.

On the left of the above screenshot, you’ll see a PHANTOM cube, which rests on a BRIDGE which in turn is connected to the ROOT PRIM on the right.

You can walk right through the PHANTOM CUBE. It doesn’t exist and can be thrust out of the SIM quite far without losing it to the computer’s scrambled sense of location — it seems to exist over there where you can see it dangling across a SHARED BORDER into another dimension, but you can’t touch it, and you can’t influence it.

If that unwanted habit, phantom pain, worry or upset is getting you by the short hairs all the way from the ancient past — represented by the ROOT PRIM — coming to hurt you here in the present time-frame — represented by the PHANTOM PRIM — it would be quite impervious to any direct action.

You can’t touch it if it’s a phantom, and you can’t touch the ROOT PRIM if it’s hidden away in a past life.

The only way to get at it is to TOUCH THE ROOT PRIM, and that means somehow getting your TOUCH skills into the ancient past, to release and free yourself from the nagging effect of past life pain.

You can walk right through the connecting bar that connects up the present to the past. It’s as phantom and wispy and vaporous and untouchable as the cube on the left in the above screenshot.

In fact, the only thing that’s actually REAL in any sense of the word in the screenshot above, besides the CREATOR, is the cube on the right, the ROOT PRIM cube.

It registers. The phantom parts don’t.

The PHANTOM parts are connected to the ROOT PRIM by the simple action of LINKING THEM, with the last linkage going to the ROOT PRIM, which also carries the information tag and other data with it.

Nothing whatever exists in the PHANTOMS, except APPARENCY — it’s not how you feel, it’s how you look.

Now imagine a ROOT PRIM of a whack in your right side, delivered to you in the somewhat distant past, such as Ancient Rome.

The ROOT PRIM has been LINKED to the PHANTOM PRIM with a CONNECTING ROD which is quite phantom, at the “PRESENT TIME” end of which, is some sort of PRESENT-TIME effect, such as a PHANTOM PAIN in the right side.

We trace it back with the INFLUENCES DECK, only to discover that this ancient pain comes to us in the present time all the way from Ancient Rome — but it still hurts after two thousand years of incarnations.

Even though it’s a long-ago hurt from a very ancient wound — a bronze short-sword through the midsection — yet, here you are, to tell the tale.

If you’re a client who has come in for a PAST LIFE REMEDIAL, you’ll be wearing or carrying or sporting a DISSOLVER Ammy or Pendant.

The silver bezeled more expensive variety is the Ammy, and the acrylic capsuled version is the Pendant.

You’ll shuffle the 30-card INFLUENCES DECK, and when you’ve identified the SOURCE of the PHANTOM PAIN, PHANTOM UPSET or PHANTOM HABIT that’s influencing you right now, you TOUCH the CARD to your PENDANT or AMMY.

This creates a torque in time/space, just enough of a nano-hit that it produces the QUANTUM DISENTANGLEMENT EFFECT, and the pain or emotion or bad thought goes away, instantly, zap!

That’s all there is to it.

You will be amazed at the instant result, if you hit it right. Whatever it was, it’s gone, dissolved, vaporized, dissipated — just plain gone.

It might come back. If it does, remember WHY these things cling to you from rebirth to rebirth in the first place — they’re part of your COMFORT ZONE.

Yes, you like them, feel good with them, it feels like home, and you’ve gotten used to the misery and pain and suffering and torment and agony and …

Wait a minute — do you really want to continue that bullshit? Aren’t you tired of the same old crap lifetime after lifetime?

Well, the only place to make the change is in the incarnations. Between-Lives, you’re stuck with who and what you are.

Right now, it’s changeable, malleable, flexible and available to hand, if you know how to reach out and touch it, and that’s the subject of this dissertation.

Your client comes to you with what is known to be a non-medical issue, a PHANTOM PAIN in the right midsection, and nothing shows up at a physician’s investigation.

When there’s NOTHING THERE and it still hurts, it’s a PHANTOM PAIN.

It can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, but it HURTS. This is what brings the client in, not a quest for the metaphysical over-reality of ultimate truth.

Not at first.

In the beginning, it’s about doing something to FEEL BETTER, and nothing else has worked so far, and they’ve tried everything else before they came to you broke, disappointed, bitter and miserable, but it’s not from this lifetime.

If you can find the SOURCE of the PAIN, you can make it stop, because the SOURCE of the pain is the ROOT PRIM.

It exists somewhere in the past, perhaps even the ancient past. If you can LOCATE it, you can make it go “poof!”, and if you haven’t got a NEED for the pain, it won’t come back, if you actually DISSOLVE the QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT between your past self and your present self.

DISSOLUTION is the key to PERSONAL FREEDOM and SECURITY, but in order to TOUCH something, you have to actually TOUCH IT, and that’s what the ROOT PRIM is all about.

With this simple technique, it’s easy to DISSOLVE those connections to ancient aches and pains, worries and regrets, upsets and agonies.

Oh, sure, the pain in the side will go away, and the client will become bored with showing up every week, unless the pain comes back, or a new pain develops or is revealed by the absence of the dominating misery.

In short, there’s BOUND to be more, because LIFE IS PAIN.

Your Higher Law commandments require you to demand of the client that they exhaust ALL OTHER POSSIBLE EXPLANATIONS for the pain before you look in past lifetimes for their cause.

One rather bizarre thing that is likely to occur as much for you as for me is that people tend to bang themselves up in the same place where there’s already some sort of PHANTOM PAIN.

I don’t know the reason for this, but it might relate to the varsity kid I coached in Remedial English 101 at LACC — he’d broken an arm in TWO PLACES, and naturally I asked him what happened the second time.

Turns out he broke it the second time while demonstrating how he’d broken it the first time, and that might be your experience, too.

If you’re trying to track down the ROOT PRIM of some sort of personal misery or upset or some kind of non-medical issue that HURTS even though it “doesn’t exist” according to medical science, you’ll be wasting your time if you look in the present.

That ROOT PRIM is going to be somewhere in the past. How ancient a past is it in? Do we have the tools to get there? These questions have to be answered, and I do have an answer for you.

We can reach as far back into the ancient past as we need to in order to track a PHANTOM, and we DO have all the tools necessary to get there.

I’ve eliminated the need for actual artifacts in this incredible spiritual healing practice — you can use your DISSOLVING Ammy or Pendant or use the POWER BASE & CANDLE loaded with the Acrylic Pendant.

This means that the kit is far less expensive. You’ll use the artifacts to achieve POWERFUL CONNECTIONS with ancient times, places and people, and to automatically re-acquire your ancient skills and knowledge.

You can PERM those skills — did you know that? Ask me how, if you’re interested.

Look, you’re trying to lure clients into your contact space in order to expose them to their past lives, to help them reconnect and recover their ancient skills and knowledge and, most importantly, to get a solid sense that they’ve been around a long, long time, through many lifetimes, and here they still are to tell the tale, and that’s the whole point.

If you tell your clients that they can recover their past life memories, skills and knowledge, they’ll just look at you funny.

That’s the fastest way to discourage someone from looking at their past lives.

You need to help them in a more subtle way, and nothing is more subtle than healing what hurts.

The thing is, you’re only using the pain and discomfort to bring the client head-to-head with their past lives, but there is another effect that helps you to see the benefit for the client, and to map out their progress along the Path.

You’re helping them TOUCH THE ANCIENT PAST.

This is a major effect — it causes a LOOP to exist between past and present, and therefore an EINSTEIN-ROSEN BRIDGE between now and then, and that in turn causes an inevitable “wobble”, a nano-disturbance in The Force.

In short, your client goes slightly “Out of Phase”.

Please remember that it is, after all is said and done, all in the Phase Phactor. We’ll talk about that stuff later on — meanwhile, let’s get to what works right now.

If you’re fishing for clients — and most folks are, whether they admit it or not, because the majority don’t live alone in a forest or in a high mountain cave — the best way is through the alleviation of SOME kind of pain, discomfort or worry.

We are NOT talking medical here, nor are we talking psychological. We’re strictly talking about aches and pains and worries and personal miseries that are NOT related to body things, and we have ALREADY CHECKED WITH OUR DOCTOR to make sure that it isn’t something physical that’s happening to us.

NOW we’re ready to DISSOLVE the PHANTOM. Remember that we can’t DESTROY the ROOT PRIM, just DISARM it by DISSOLUTION of the QUANTUM-ENTANGLEMENT CONNECTING ROD with a simple TOUCH.

Touching the TARGET CARD that indicates the LOCATION of the SOURCE of the PAIN or DISCOMFORT will DISSOLVE the LINKING ROD, and you should see an INSTANT RELIEF from the offending sensation, emotion or distraction.

It’s not a medical victory — the pain serves as an INDICATOR of powerful CONTACT with the lifetime in the ancient past, and that’s the actual purpose, not the healing.

The healing is the bait. The Past Life Awareness is the prize.

You can get Pendants that produce more powerful CONNECTIONS with ancient or past lives or parallel world lives — they are coins, beads, pebbles or terra-cotta fragments from the target cultures from which you want to recover your past-life skills and knowledge.

By the way, I want to re-mention that the INFLUENCE DECK now has 30 cards, not 80 — we don’t need 80 cards to make this happen. Thirty cards means for the pro readers that they only need to acquire 30 artifacts to correspond to the current deck, which might be expanded at a later date, with additional expense for the associated cultural artifacts.

These are all ancient Earthian towns in which we have lived, worked and died, and from which you have derived all your present experiential data.

A closer look creates a bond, which makes quantum connection possible. Emotion, pain and frustrations make it work.

Without the FEELINGS and SENSATIONS CONNECTIONS, none of this will work. You need to connect up the PHANTOM PAIN with the PAST LIFE, and you’ll get a GREAT RESULT!

Artifacts bring the cost up, and we don’t really need all that many of them for a professional practice of past life survey work, so I’ve designed the INFLUENCES DECK to be a complete and simple WORK ON SELF system that is engineered to operate without cultural artifacts.

You don’t need them for the purpose of ISOLATION and IDENTIFICATION of the ROOT PRIMS in ancient time frames.

The following is a list of the ancient towns covered in the INFLUENCES DECK:

  • ROME
  • NARA
  • TYRE
  • XI’AN
  • URUK

You need only the INFLUENCES DECK and the INFLUENCES PENDANT to make all this happen for yourself and a few close friends who might like the results.

You can order the artifacts later on, for more advanced Past Life Coaching Sessions.

You can get certification as a Past Life Coach and Afterlife Coach by taking our workshops and clinics, or showing up for certification on your own.

The ANCIENT ARTIFACTS that we use to connect up with ancient lifetimes are intended to be used to enhance the connections, specifically to give you access to your ancient skills, knowledge and even higher powers.

Don’t forget, the object of the INFLUENCES DECK reading is NOT the reduction of pain, but the opening up of the experiential self into the distant past and into alternate realities existing all around us.

The alleviation of pain is just the gimmick that gets them there to restore the soul.

You can do this! Get in touch to find out what you need to do!

See You At The Top!!!