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Appraisal Time Means More Than Just the House


Just a catchup on what I’ve been up to the past several days, besides creating a line of historical and vintage postcards and trading cards. I’ve been wading through 39 years of accumulated household stuff, first organizing the “stuff” into piles of similar things, then sorting them into piles of “dump”, “sell” or “hold”, kinda like stocks in an estate portfolio. An “estate” does NOT mean “dead person’s leavings”, although it CAN mean that also. It merely indicates a condition of personal belongings, including any liens or encumbrances that may lie upon it. In short, it’s everything you own or derive any personal benefit from, see?

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FOR RENT — 56 Units Tibetan Retreat Chalets in Perrytown


Leslie Ann posing before the just-completed Tibetan Retreat Chalets at Perrytown.

There are a total of 56 Tibetan Retreat Chalets available. They are just outside Gorby’s Place. The homes are spacious and useful for meditation and other Ashram practices. Prices depend on location and furnishings. Unfurnished homes start at an extra $10 per month above the basic support. If you cannot afford this, a home will be furnished anyway. Closest to Gorby’s Place, fully furnished, we ask an additional $50 per month support to cover the prim count loss to the region.


Leslie Ann waving on Sunrise Street in the newly completed Perrytown.

These are first-come, first-served. You get a name post outside your door to identify your home. Doors are lockable, but it’s advised you keep a teleport to the inside of your home, just in case you lose the key or the door doesn’t work, which happens when you don’t click exactly right, or an internet packet-loss occurs.


Leslie Ann Showcasing an Unfurnished Tibetan Retreat Chalet, just completed.

Interiors are very spacious and generous. You can see out through the one-way windows, but they’re visually blocked when viewed from outside. The fireplace keeps the home very cozy in wintertime.