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The Therapeutic Value of Work

Crushing Anxiety, Hopelessness and Despair are your Christmas gifts from the present administration. Donald Trump is doing everything he can to make you, personally, the target of his contempt and social pathology.

Even without Donald J. Trump and his mean-spirited friends, you’d be hard-pressed these days to get through the Dark Hours of the Soul, and if those Dark Hours are happening every night and well into the daylight, you need what I’m selling.

It’s not just your ordinary everyday run-of-the-mill snake oil, either. It’s something you make yourself, and you control your destiny in this regard all the way through the project. I’ll explain:

You’re sitting or standing around minding your own business, when all of a sudden, a million bad thoughts and worries and fears come crashing into your brain, just when you most need quietude and calm, serenity and peace. No matter what you do, it’s bothering you and it won’t stop. Continue reading

Gemini Dancer

Just took a few fun minutes to explore the dance move potential in this model when I walked her into the Gemini to check on a few items, notably a bunch of missing lava lamps and a funny countertop. All was resolved, and as I had her stand there in admiration of the work I’d done, she all of a sudden started dancing to the music. It is a rather upbeat tune, eh?

I thought you might enjoy the challenge, so I invite you folks who are running any of the Prosperity Path orbs, whether they’re Remedials or Classes, to make a video of your avatar dancing to the music thereof. You’ll find the best music in the Classes and Higher Levels, where I’ve put most of the really good stuff.