Government Meltdown Blues — Lyrics & Tabulature


Government Meltdown Blues

( Bm – Em – Am7 – Bb7 )

I thought I’d weigh in on the subject of the most recent government shutdown as a result of a few nasty people in the well-publicized “Caucus Suicide Pact”, a power-hungry political conspiracy which is currently holding the rest of the country hostage.

(guitar lead short solo here)

It’s interesting for me to note, with the broad view of history gained by many conscious lifetimes lived amongst the hairless breed of ape called “man”, that the present government of the United States — which are anything but — is going about business pretty much the same way as former governments in Earth’s past (hold for one beat) … did.

(guitar lead short solo here)

What I mean is this: the rich Senators, raging religious fanatics and the usual gang of corrupt officials, not all of whom are on the take, but the ones who aren’t are not trusted by the rest, and you’ll notice that almost all politicians and high agency officials are liars. Gosh, I of course meant “lawyers”. Turns out, there is no “catch”.

CHORUS: The thrill is gone, the thrill is gone away, The thrill has gone and you be on your way.

HONEST MAN RETURNS WALLET WITH CASH INTACT! Yeah, it’s uncommon enough that it still makes headlines. Once a year, around Christmas. So here are these self-interests in Washington, including lobbyists, emotional politicians, axe-grinders of all sorts, PLAYING “CHICKEN” WITH OUR GODDAM MONEY.

The cost to aggrandize their personal careers and further their own immature interests and greed? About a billion dollars an hour, when you include the future damage. Plus hundreds of wrongful deaths, mostly those who missed the opportunity for a cure because of paperwork hangups. Plenty of suicides of people who were already just on the edge of coping.

CHORUS: The thrill is gone, the thrill is gone away, The thrill has gone and you be on your way.

And last but not least, the harm to the reputation of the United States, which always likes to bust up rows between two or more religious factions, sort of like born-again Christians and other kinds of Christians, because that’s what this government shutdown is really all about.

To the rest of the world, the U.S. is starting to look like the Soviet “Union”, which wasn’t very unionized in the end. What I mean is, the signs of faltering are here. Look at the U.S. economy in the past. How many total failures of the mint have there been? It leaves people with barter and privately issued currency, a favorite amongst coin collectors. You can find plenty of U.S. Mint Failure privately-issued coinage collectibles on eBay, under the heading “exonumia”.

CHORUS: The thrill is gone, the thrill is gone away, The thrill has gone and you be on your way.

I’m not making this up; the U.S. Mint has failed a number of times, almost bringing it down completely. Foreign troops have, in the past, burned a number of U.S. cities. It can’t, of course, happen here, but it did. Signs of weakness like the government shutdown can only be interpreted as a sign of the imminent collapse of those held responsible.

Lucky for them, there’s no war going on — people like that often get prosecuted long after the damage has been done. There are millions of innocent lives at stake, and these bastards don’t care. They have a personal agenda, and don’t give a damn about you and yours.

(guitar lead short solo here) What is their personal agenda?

Why, to stay on top, of course, by staying in the public eye. No better way than at the head of a controversy. By the way, the actual disagreement has nothing to do with ObamaCare or government spending or any of that. It’s on religious lines, drawn by the Tea Party Born-Again Gang. I will be proven correct on this in about two years, when data is released by a whistle-blower in their deepest camp.

It makes no difference now who started the row; it will proceed with the help of both personal and political greed, All In the Name of Progress.

Gosh, will this sense of “deja-vu” never end?

CHORUS: The thrill is gone, the thrill is gone away, The thrill has gone and you be on your way.

I’ve seen it all before a million million times, and there’s only one way it can end.


1.   Government spending will exceed the ability to pay, certainly within two years.

2.   Bank panics will cause new regulations on withdrawals.

3.   U.S. Currency will devalue to about half its present value. Gold will inversely rise to about $5,500 give or take a couple hundred bucks.

4.   Millions of personal and business bankruptcies, closures and reductions of personnel will be the end result of the government bust being conducted by a few ruthless politicians. Millions more will be out of work. The unemployment rate will be high, but the cover-up and resultant scandal won’t be uncovered until spring of 2036.

5.   In the end, all the people responsible will get away with it.

Pardon me while I laugh, but as I said, I’ve seen it all before, and they never seem to learn. (guitar lead short solo here) Ah, pardon me … it’s time for a snack and some blues. Maybe I’ll write a “Government Shutdown Misery Blues” tonight, and record it in the morning.

CHORUS: The thrill is gone, the thrill is gone away, The thrill has gone and you be on your way.

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