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Can’t Get Into Second Life? No Problem! Try This Solution!


You’re looking — from quite a long distance — at the Temple of Karnak in the GODD gaming engine. I’ve got about 100 hours into it so far, and it’s far from done, but on the other hand, it’s well on its way to Ready for Prime Time. Notice that I didn’t say “prim” this time. That’s because in GODD, all things are possible; in short, we don’t have to count no prims. I guess I might as well take a snapper closeup of the Great Palace at Karnak… here ’tis:


There’s plenty of room for a processional, and you have your choice of over 100 different Egyptian characters from ordinary slaves, freemen and laborers to high aristocracy and dozens of male, female and unspecified gender gods and goddesses of the ancient sort. As a matter of fact, some of them are guarding the Palace. Living Gods as statuary? Yeh. We ancient guys do it all the time. Marble and bronze? That’s strictly for amateurs.

Here’s a Medieval Village that’s going in just down the road… actually, up the river:


This orb will handle many many avatars all at once. You’ll be able to try it real soon. Oh, one more item — FAXL band members dedicated our show yesterday to Pete Seeger, apparently at about the time he passed. He’ll be at the StarLite Lounge and the OtherSider Cafe in the ashram, I’m told by those in the know. See ya there, Pete!

Folks who can’t get into Second Life quite often find that the GODD engine runs just fine in their old, crappy computer or underpowered laptop. Can’t guarantee it, the whole thing’s a total crapshoot until the computer industry grows up, but try it, maybe it’ll work, and you can squeeze a few hundred avatars in there and see the effect. You’ll be whizzing around like the Goddess Zippididoodah herself!

See You At The Top!!!





Government Meltdown Blues — Lyrics & Tabulature


Government Meltdown Blues

( Bm – Em – Am7 – Bb7 )

I thought I’d weigh in on the subject of the most recent government shutdown as a result of a few nasty people in the well-publicized “Caucus Suicide Pact”, a power-hungry political conspiracy which is currently holding the rest of the country hostage.

(guitar lead short solo here)

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