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Why Are You Here???

St. MIke at Cosmo Street, 1969.

Back at Cosmo Street, when St. Mike uttered those now-infamous words, “Why are you here?”, newcomers would brighten up, and old-timers would groan, “Not again.”, and that’s where they were wrong.

Of course, again.

Repetition is the key to the mysteries. Only when the initial novelty has worn off can one actually penetrate into any order of knowledge.

In short, you gotta do it a million times just to get the rhythm.

Why you are here is not a casual question, nor is it all-inclusive. In that particular case, it meant, “Why are you on Earth in a human incarnation?”

You should have some idea of what you’re trying to do with your lifetime, other than just spend it on vacation, on a continual quest for absence of pain and persistence of pleasure.

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Reincarnation Awareness BardoMania Online Gaming

BardoMania Is Here At Last. The fulfillment of my visionary dreams so many years ago, long before computers existed. Now, at last, you can experience First-Person what I had envisioned as a training environment for you to learn how to maneuver in the Afterlife and other-worldly alternate universes.

I think I have in my hands what might be the Ultimate Immersive Death, Rebirth, Afterlife, Alternative Universes and Alien Dimensions of Otherness Experience of Your Lifetime, all for the price of a cup of coffee and a donut!!!

Here’s what I know so far:

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