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Why Are You Here???

St. MIke at Cosmo Street, 1969.

Back at Cosmo Street, when St. Mike uttered those now-infamous words, “Why are you here?”, newcomers would brighten up, and old-timers would groan, “Not again.”, and that’s where they were wrong.

Of course, again.

Repetition is the key to the mysteries. Only when the initial novelty has worn off can one actually penetrate into any order of knowledge.

In short, you gotta do it a million times just to get the rhythm.

Why you are here is not a casual question, nor is it all-inclusive. In that particular case, it meant, “Why are you on Earth in a human incarnation?”

You should have some idea of what you’re trying to do with your lifetime, other than just spend it on vacation, on a continual quest for absence of pain and persistence of pleasure.

Basically, that’s what a paramecium does all day long. Continue reading

What is a Higher Being???


Has someone been cooking your goose???

Folks have recently, in the past few days, been asking me questions about Higher Beings and a lot of folks asked if their efforts are all in vain. I suspect that there’s something behind this, perhaps something in the news???

I haven’t been in circulation of late — I’m too busy with the new AndyGoDD engine to converse with others, but I did overhear a few vague rumors of something not so good, related in some way to Higher Beings, as best I can determine without getting the actual facts.

I can’t claim to know everything about Higher Beings, but every Higher Being I ever met was definitely among the “unclassifiable”.

Without getting specific about any one Higher Being or another, I plan to treat the subject in a general way, with kindness, courtesy, consideration and empathy for others, which is the way of the Higher Being. So how can you tell if someone is a Higher Being? So, okay, here’s a short dissertation on what I know about Higher Beings: Continue reading

The University is to Learning what Wikipedia is to Knowledge

People have, over the decades, inquired of me why it is that, although I attended college and art school, I have never made use of my credentials. It’s the same with my creds as a midwife, birthing instructor, chief admin at Center for Conscious Birthing in Los Angeles in 1974, and at Cowichan Centre for Gestalt Learning through the early 1970s, plus many teaching jobs at schools and colleges throughout the California Southland. I taught Old English, Middle English (I can read, write and speak both) and of course, painting, sculpture, drawing and more.

Gosh, I can’t remember a time when anybody actually asked me for my credentials. Continue reading