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Sometimes it’s just best to roll with the punches, and in the case of the Amerikan economy in the Age of Trump, you’re pretty much on your own to scuffle about as best you can. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer, so it’s time to get even, and I intend to show you how.

Bracelet with Round Charm 7″ Brass bracelet with electroplated nickel, silver plating, finished with a non-tarnish overcoat glass, only $25.99 and you can use this as your basic bracelet, and add charms from my shops.

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There’s a world of difference between a money magnet and hoping for a break. If you have penetrated The Veil, you’ll easily be able to UNMASK THE SIM to reveal the workings behind the apparencies. Continue reading

How to Remote Read Fast & Easy!!!

Time/Space Configurations in breathing sculptures, Comara Gallery Los Angeles, 1966.
Time/Space Configurations in breathing sculptures, Comara Gallery, LA, 1966.

If you have a lot of impact from Past Lives in your present life, you’ll appreciate this breakthrough method, called “Remote Reading”, something I did for a living back in the day when Remote Reading was a respectable part of intelligence and counterintelligence operations, which it still is, regardless of what they will tell you — I run into Remote Readers all the time, and Remote Reading is still very much a part of the operations of the Intelligence Community around the world and far beyond.

You can disarm a lot of present-life impact from past lives, and you’d be surprised at how much impact they can have on you and your peace of mind. Remote Reading gives you the key to the Kingdom, and is a great first step toward Astral Projection, if out-of-body is what you have in mind.

Remote Reading is where you suddenly appear somewhere far away in time, space or both, without having traversed time or space to get there. I’ll explain more:

Remote Reading is far easier than Astral Projection, because you don’t have to lug your Astral Body around in order to Remote Read, and Remote Reading, truth to say, accomplishes pretty much the same thing as Astral Projection, without all the hassle.

To begin with, you don’t project with any body high or low — you merely L@@K at your target Time/Space Event, whatever and wherever it may be or have been. We won’t neglect Remote Readings of the Present Time/Space as well as far-distant worlds.

The whole key to time and space voyaging is TIME. Time is the Bridge between Now & Then, between Here & There, between the Seen and the Unseen. If you rely on space travel, you’ll need to accelerate to almost lightspeed to get anywhere at all, and then you’d be wasting a lot of time, fuel and planetary resources.

Just take a side-exit through a time-bridge, simple as ABC.

Time/space is interwoven, like muscles and nerves. There is no way to separate Time from Space, sort of inseparable threads of a cloth, the warp and the weft, or weave — move one, and the other distorts to accommodate and adjust to the new configuration.

Space/Time is sort of a floating cloud of streaming and dancing particles, existing within a multi-dimensional “cube” — actually a double folded tesseract — a cube made from six cubes all occupying the same space at the same time, but in different frequency vibrations — that develops its seemingly convoluted dimensions by mirroring opposing planes, but who’s counting?

Another way of understanding the MegaCreation MultiVerse is to visualize it as a giant cloud of expanding complex filaments, extending in every direction forever — and that doesn’t quite get it across.

Deep within all the huge cosmic spaces is the GRID, which is a bunch of tiny dots called “points”, which are nothing more than locations given in x, y and z coordinates, but it’s very large, using very large numbers and wildly complicated calculations, but since the calculations are all performed in Real Time on a quantum-connected information field, there’s an infinite number of possible points, minus one.

In Interstellar Travel, you don’t need to travel any faster than a car to get across a wormhole, and the same is doubly true when jumping through a TimeHole, which is a wormhole in time, rather than space, requiring no more effort to cross over than to merely decide to have a look-see.

In Remote Reading, you don’t have to cross any boundaries or separate yourself from your body, because you’re not taking a body on your journey — you’re just looking with your Special Attention, which you learned by taking coached Remote Reading Sessions.

In a coached Remote Reading Session, you’ll establish first the Time/Space that is MOST impacting your present life at the moment. Your coach will have a set of rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, pillow charms, medallions and earrings from which to select those relics that will most likely get you there the fastest with the most clarity of vision.

Earrings will be your own once you wear them — can’t return them and shouldn’t, once they’ve been through someone’s earlobe, but all the rest you can use just for the session, then hand back to your coach, who will return them to their places in his or her Remote Reading Session Kit.

In this way, the Relics serve more or less as snap-on tools for the exploration of a related Time/Space, the place from which the Relic came to the present Time/Space, which would be the Training Area set aside by your coach for this purpose. Continue reading

JAL Chapter 9 — How to Make Spoons & Paddles

This is the basic idea — several independent elements hanging on a main frame.

You can leave a large loop at the bottom of your earring element, so you can hang some dangling bits, called “spoons” and “paddles”, depending upon whether they are beaten or hammered with the ball part of your ballpein hammer, or the pein — flat — part.

A flat dangly bit is a paddle. A curved dangly bit is a spoon. I prefer paddles, because they’re easier and quicker to make and they run little risk of ending up sharp. Spoons must be hand-polished, paddles need no polish if made correctly.

I will run you through the drill for making paddles. Don’t forget that the only different between paddles and spoons is which end of the hammer-head you employ for the hammering.

Here’s what you do: Continue reading

JAL Chapter 4 — Get Paid to Work on Yourself!!! Cash Now For Your High Attention!!!

Copper Earrings with Gold-Flashed French-Style Surgical Steel Ear Wires.

To begin with, an unorganized and messy studio will have a powerful impact on your ability to produce items for the marketplace. If you don’t care what you make or how it turns out orĀ  whether it ever gets actually worn, you have no problem working in a junkpile, but if you want to know what resources you have, and you want those resources to be findable, you’ll have to make some decisions about how your workbench will be arranged and what places on the workbench will do what jobs. Continue reading

JAL Chapter 1 — Psychometry & Time Travel with Ancient Beads

Mill Street Gallery featured thousands of ancient and medieval beads back in the day.

If you’ve ever wanted to contact a past life, ancient beads are a great and inexpensive way to make solid and powerful quantum connections. Since I acquired my ancient beads, which was from 1960-1989, I’ve been salting them away for psychometric use.

Many of the more expensive beads went into Jewels of Ancient Lands productions, sold many years ago in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, New York & Atlanta jewelry boutiques for many thousands of dollars.

Those fabulous ancient and medieval glass and stone beads are long-gone, and cannot be repeated. The bead market that came out of Mali, Africa, has vanished forever — all you’ll find at that once-great international bead market are beads coming out of other places, notably Pakistan, China and Ethiopia. Continue reading