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WTF Is Charisma???

I dig what you mean. What is charisma? What use is charisma? Why have any charisma at all? Who really cares? Who knows? Where are we? Is this where we came in?

Oh, sorry, I thought for a moment that you were on the Rebirth Carousel.

Well, the Magic Theater and Home can ding-dongy wait a while — we’re busy fighting for our very lives against our government’s intrusions and extensions. In short, they’re ripping us off to give the wealthiest our healthcare money, while we watch helplessly.

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Types of Triads

Using Triads is safe and fun and can be very healing and helpful.

You will find several different types of Triads in the latest game issues from GODD Games, each one of which can help you accomplish your aims, goals and purposes along your path in any reality on any level of scale, for any character class you happen to find yourself respawned into. Here is a list of the most commonly used Triads on this LifeStream lineage:

  • DISPERSING TRIAD — 221 — Dispels the Briggs Field.
  • BOOMERANG TRIAD — 1280 — Brings an object into reachr.
  • BLASTING TRIAD — 241 — Lob it like a bomb or grenade.
  • IRON BOLT TRIAD — 1000 — Like a crossbow, fast, straight and true.
  • PYRO TRIAD — 237 — Burns away stuff.
  • GRAPPLE TRIAD — 1222 — Brings Player to a distant wall.
  • AIR MISSILE TRIAD — 1223 — Sends a rocket on a ballistic curve.
  • HEALING TRIAD — 1225 — Healing force for yourself and your party.
  • RAPID FIRE TRIAD — 1220 —¬† Handy, if panic is your usual response.

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Androids on the March

Untitled-1 copy

Map of First Level in new game “X” — to find out what the game is and more about how to participate in the experiment, tune in to the Inner Circle Workshop (ICW) tomorrow at 6:30 am PDT or wait until someone tells you about it later.

Each of my mobile app games has 25 active levels. Claude has given me tons of great resources that work incredibly well in this tiny gaming environment. It’s easy to see detail in there, because there is none. It’s broad-stroke city, folks. Here’s an example of a screen:


This should be about the actual size of your mobile app screen, if I’ve calculated correctly. As I said, there are 25 levels, and each level is crammed with excitement and challenge. I’ve spent the past 6-7 weeks on an average of 10-16 hours a day, totally and unremittingly¬† dedicated to getting these mobile app games out there, and Claude has been chipping away at the brick wall that is the computer programming field, looking for solutions to online problems, such as sound, which we don’t yet have, but are close to working out. You’ll soon see why I’ve been delving at this, getting my level editing skills back up where they were 3 years ago, when we had to dump the project because the software wasn’t there yet to allow us to slip one of our games into the right “enrobement” for the app stores.

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There is Only One Song

Here is an amazing coincidence. For years, I’ve been wanting to find a way to explain the three-chord and four-chord music theory. The fact is that any song can be sung in any key, so creating a set of similar songs is actually easy — it’s been called a “medley” for years and years now — but this really demonstrates the absurdly simple and cave-man level of writing a pop song. Harry Nilsson told me at one particular recording studio luncheon straight off the roach-coach, that it was “stunningly easy” to write a pop song. Several pop song writers of the day including Randy Newman, Paul Williams and Jimmy Webb were at the table, and they all agreed, and by golly, all of them did it and they did well at it. Here’s evidence of the mind-numbing bone-chilling thoroughly Neanderthalic root of mechanical life. This is the stuff that keeps the wheels turning, and keeps thongs and botox running like bulls in the streets. We’ll talk more at this morning’s workshop.

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Something Entirely New & Different


I’m working with our GODD team on a project that will allow you to build your very own personalized Egyptian Temple, suitable for individual use or large processionals. You get to find and place the various god figures around the temple. You can select special pillars and altar items and much, much more. You spawn into a storeroom full of rare ancient Egyptian treasures, storeroom after storeroom. It’s your choice, your decision all the way. After you’ve made your personal Egyptian temple, you might get the opportunity to have it placed for download so your friends can see it, too! Oh, one item of some interest: it came to my attention through personal research that most folks on youtube don’t get there by logging onto youtube anymore. They mostly see the youtube vids on facebook or websites. So if you’re not visiting me at my youtube channel, you’re missing a lot of fun and interesting things that never make it to my blog. Please don’t say it. “Now you tell me.” Sigh. I asked you not to say that. I shoulda said it a long time ago, true, but it never occurred to me that people no longer go directly to youtube. Heck, that’s where the party is!

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Get the Bagel Deck Today!!!

bagels06six of bagels from gorby’s “fast foods tarot” — order now, delivery in 2 weeks!

Here’s a list of the GODD Level Tarot Decks I have completed in photography to date…the adjustments for printing and installation of images within the tarot deck layout are in progress as we speak…

Medieval Deck — Dragon Deck — Subway — Egyptian Deck — Space Buddha — and I just added one I’d forgotten was ready now — Norton Street — all of which can be ordered right now, today, for 2 week delivery.

I’m currently working on Falconetta and my very funny “Bagel Deck” featuring such lower arcana items as the 6 of Bagels. I’ll be presenting these decks at the ICW this morning at the usual time, 6:30 AM PST. Was just reminded that I’m also working on the Witches’ Moon Tarot and the Martian Tarot Deck which is set in Mars City, the new capital of Mars since the fall of Barsoom in A.D. 2012.

See You At The Top!!!¬† — gorby

What Happened to the Instructions???

When you travel through WarfTown now, you might or might not see screen-prompts telling you where to go and what to do next. The primary reason for this is that the Adventure Class Orbs are now fully outfitted for qualified Certified Coaches, and they’ll be using a reference chart. The chart itself is no secret. The coaches have LIVE ACTION admin control over what happens in the Orb when coaching.

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Gastown in East Side BardoTown, looking South toward the Overpass.

I took this snapper of the partially completed BardoTown, which is getting a total overhaul to accommodate the particle stuff in the new GODD engine. I’ll be working on BardoTown for a few weeks, hoping to get it ready for a holiday download day. I’m guessing December 1 for a release date. You can snap your own screenshots with F4 and use the shots as screen-savers. That’s how I’m using the above screenshot on my game-writing computer — this month. Yep, every month or so I change the screenshot according to Objective Whim.

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Joan of Arc is on the way

Joan of Arc appears from a mystical cloud of plasma — the usual Trans-Dimensional sort of thing you’d expect from a Multi-Dimensional Being Blessed with Sainthood by the local population. She’s available at your beck & call! She’s on the way, in testing right now!!! Oracles can be used to help you sort out issues that are currently blocking you. I’ve been kept abreast (you should pardon the expression) of the work that circle members are doing to propagate Prosperity Path. Wowsers! Keep it up!!!

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