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Cost Breakdown for Atlantean Sigils — UPDATED corrected text


Atlantean Sigils indicate your membership in the Atlantean Society, and your willingness to communicate telepathically or verbally with off-worlders and inter-dimensional voyagers. These Sigils are extremely powerful — I mean EXTREMELY POWERFUL — beacon focus points, with lots of internal quantum activity, and the higher the karat the more powerful and the more active.

The absolute highest power you will get out of these sigils will be the SOLID PURE 24k GOLD sigil, but it’s soft, very soft, because it’s pure solid gold, so a sort of exotic care must be taken in the wearing. Many people in the Far East will wear only solid 14k gold, so it can be done safely, but you have to remember that you’re wearing pure, soft solid gold. Continue reading

Healing Assist & Occult Powers Gemstone Jewelry Kits



Metaphysical and Healing Properties of gemstones has long been known and appreciated, dating back at least 50,000 years of human history. The healing power of gemstones was known and understood by the ancient technologically advanced and stone-age cultures, and through millenia of observation, gemstones have been associated with very specific healing ASSIST attributes.

What is a Healing Assist? Continue reading

Trained Basilisk For Sale


dragon breeding center sunset boulevard 1967
Dragon, Basilisk, Cockatrice, Familiar & Elemental Spirit Breeding Center, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood circa 1967

“Psst….Wanna buy a trained Basilisk, cheap?” you hear the whispered voice from the darkest part of the already pretty darned dark alley.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” you reply, “where would I keep a trained Basilisk in a two bedroom two and a half bath apartment?”

“How about two for the price of one?” the mysterious seller prompts hopefully.

“Hey, now you’re talking,” you nod happily. “I have only one question… What’s a trained Basilisk?”

Funny you should ask, because that’s the very thing I wanted to blog about today. Trained Basilisks for sale.

Sure, anyone can have a Basilisk — they’re not uncommon. But a TRAINED Basilisk is something else altogether. Hmmmm….. I wonder what it takes to train a Basilisk, whatever the heck a Basilisk is…so what is a Basilisk, anyway?

If we go to the Source of All Human Knowledge, which these days happens to be wikipedia, a collection of opinions expressed as encyclopedic fact, we find that no one seems to know what exactly is a Basilisk, anyway.

That’s all to the good, because we don’t want a bunch of trained Basilisks running amok and raising Hell everywhere, do we? Especially if we don’t know what they are, what they look like, or what they do, right?

And in point of fact, it doesn’t really matter what they look like. You see one, you’ve seen them all.

Except that they all look different.

When I read this back to myself, it doesn’t sound very educational or informative. Gosh, I really want to try to explain this, so hang on, be patient. That is the essence of Basilisk Training, anyway. Patience is not merely a virtue; it’s the only important one.

I guess the best way to explain the Basilisk is that it serves as a guardian to your Altar Space and/or Work Laboratory, and has two other definitely useful attributes, to wit:

1.   It can serve as a portal or gateway to XDA entities that might be interested in helping you. XDA Entities are Xtra Dimensional Allies, known to shaman as “totems”, to priests as “Holy Guardian Angels” and to many other cultures as “helpers” or “spirits from beyond”. All are accurate descriptions of a local population trying to explain their experiences with Extra-Dimensional Voyagers.

2.   The Basilisk can serve as a teacher/guide, in much the same way that Yoda teaches young Luke how to understand the Force and become a Jedi Knight.

The Basilisk is not the stuff of which movies are made, but there are some important Hollywood references here:

The Raven — Vincent Price version with Jack Nicholson — try to find the restored color and sound DVD release.

Bell, Book & Candle — Kim Novak — excellent for an understanding of the Familiar.

“Catspaw” — Star Trek Episode #30 written by Robert Bloch and directed by my friend Joe Pevney, based on Bob’s short story, “Broomstick Ride”.

I suppose I should mention that something vaguely resembling the concept of the Basilisk was used in Harry Potter films, sigh. Don’t use anything from that fantasy series as a basis for understanding anything actually real. There are plenty of Hollywood references to Basilisks and other Familiars, Allies and Contacts.

What does it take to train a Basilisk?

Years and years of experience handling them and working with the entities that control them and manifest through them, in much the same way that you would manifest through an avatar in the Ashram.

How much is the Basilisk?

The price is irrelevant. You don’t have the knowledge to care for one yet, and you don’t appreciate the training. When you do, you’ll be worthy and capable of caring for and working with a Basilisk. End of Line.

See You At The Top!!!









Rollin’ on the River


Been really busy lately. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took a day and a half. Actually, I’m nowhere near finished with it. I have four more major palatial buildings to put in, then all the detail work; the streets of Ancient Rome were packed with every hustle imaginable. There were no police, no justice system, nothing like that at all. Every citizen was responsible for the safety of his home, and houses had no windows, for protection against intrusion — the only light and air came from the atrium. I’ve taken a break from Roman towers and fortifications at 3200 metres, in order to do a little work on the Grand Tour…

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SongBirds in Asparagus Sauce…

FOOD - Authentic for ancient RP - Garlic roast chicken x 1

Songbirds were a favorite in the Ancient World, and some folks still eat birds even today… We live and work in Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and Planet Ten by way of the 8th Dimension here at the Ashram, so how about a feast dinner with Nefer-Ah and friends at her newly rebuilt Palace of Exile? Jedrik has the food for the feast already in the oven. Here’s the menu:

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Shipping News: Titan in Soul Harbor — Giant Ashram Shipboard Party All Day!!!


Associated Press: Super-Cruise Ship U.S.S. Titan arrived in Prosperity Port today and, according to Captain Geoffrey P. Spaulding, she is here as the first Port of Call on her 2013 Cruise Around the Universe. You’re invited onboard to look around, and if you get tired of walking the decks, there are tons and tons of overstuffed deck chairs for relaxation.

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FREE Yacht Party Next Weekend — Bring a Friend


Leslie Ann at the Upper Crust Yacht Club during building session June 3, 2013.

Yep, it’s bulldozing and building time once again here at the Virtual Ashram. What I’ve done so far is to simplify and reduce the number of things encountered on the main level, placing them instead in skyboxes and platforms, available through teleport. What else I’ve done is to create a multiple-level terrain with water features. You should be able to walk the length and breadth of the ground level quite easily, although there may be a water break in there yet somewhere or other. If you find a problem, note the x/y/z coordinates and let me know about it, and I’ll handle it right away. Still ahead, adding buildings and some height via mountaintops in addition to what’s there already. You’ll find a variety of vehicle and boat rezzers all about the place; feel free to use them to your heart’s content.

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