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LeslieAnn’s Winter Fashions

My Fall Fashions Lines are done now. They were all “experimental”, in the sense that the medium and website requirements were new to me, so they represent a sort of “fitting myself into” the mold of online designer.

It’s a little different from actually crafting up the originals in cloth and putting them out there on the sales floor.

For one thing, with brick-and-mortar and physical inventory, I’m limited to about a dozen items I can afford to make and put out there on the racks, and that’s not enough, simply not enough, to start a serious boutique or fashion line, so another solution is needed, and I think I have it pretty well “knocked”, as it were.

You can make as many designs as you like, when you don’t have to make up the items in physical stuff. Continue reading

More New From LeslieAnn

Here’s a second grouping of PAOM fashions that I’ve made up just for your elucidation and possible acquisition, should you decide to order — the prices are as-marked, and you order from me, I send for them and reship to you or have them drop-ship to you, depending on whether I’m going to hand-sign an item or not. If you want hand-signed, add $25 plus shipping & handling, and I’ll be glad to do it for you, with, of course, a permanent marker.



Superpowers Unitard, $225

I’ll keep these list pages short, so the download is tolerable. These will form part of my new Fall & Winter Line Catalog, which comes printed or in download format for $35, from which you can sell both wholesale and retail. Continue reading

My Fall Dress Line

I have brought you some incredible fashions, fabrics and textures this Season!!!

See below for specifics and details of my Fall Line “Numbers”, which is the industry standard when referring to a model of dress.

As you can see, I’ve kept the images small — it’s all supposed to be “phone-friendly” these days, so these images play well on a cell phone search, and that’s what I’m using. That, at least, is my takeaway going forward chewing gum and walking at the end of the day.

Shamanic Cloaking

I’m hoping to have at least one sample of everything on hand for magazine-style advertisements and display photography, but that’s an expensive proposition for me at the moment —  perhaps someone out there will help to establish this line of shamanic apparel and accessories with an unspeakably large donation???

Wouldn’t you like to enable me to get a set of “Enlightenment” golf balls to Trump? He could use some.

Or how about a “World Peace” keychain in the hands of Mitch McConnell, or a “Don’t Tread On Me” Patriotic Wallet to a Congressperson of your choice?

What would you pay to be able to send a “For the Benefit of All Beings Everywhere” charm to every one of the G-20 leaders?

I can do that, but ONLY with your help. I have access to high places that you might not, but YOU have to initiate the wish to benefit all beings everywhere by sending your support donations so that I can deliver these magically delicious items where they can do some good.

What I mean is, you can directly benefit all beings everywhere, and have a powerful impact on the future peace of the planet simply by getting some of my magical accessories and dress into the hands of those who push and shove — you know, the movers and shakers.

You can also have a powerful effect by wearing and carrying and placing these “legoministic” shamanic power-prayer items. They can influence where words and actions cannot.

I can easily get these shamanic influence fashions onto the bodies of very influential people, people in the  news, but YOU have to help me do that.

I’ll give you a rundown of the textures available in these fashions I’ve posted below — you’ll find the texture samples at the bottom of this page — you can scroll down right away, if you like — and if you are one of the few folks who know how to scroll down a page anymore!

So, here’s a SNEAK PREVIEW of my Fall Fashion Line from LeslieAnn at LA Fashions! Continue reading

Time-Warping Strings & Threads

South Seas Island Paradise by ProsperityPath

South Seas Island Paradise Contrast Tank, only $53.34 — Click Here

Warping Time is easy. Space and Time are bound together. When you bend space, time bends right along with it, like the combination of nerves and muscles in the human body, and the combination of dark matter and stars to make the strings that make the universe. This fact that time and space are bound together, not merely “associated” with each other as separate entities, has long been known, but only recently proven by Einstein with the help of his math associate, Nathan Rosen.

You need to put Trump and his goons out of your mind for the moment — concentrate on something other than the continual State of Emergency that we’ve experienced for the past five and a half months.

Just relax and take it easy, and join me on a tour of my Fall Fashion Line with a twist — these are graphically generated special field energetics with attributes similar to those found on our Real Life RPG sites, among which is WIZARD3D.com, which is currently up for reconstruction, so you go there at your own risk. Continue reading

My Fall Line

This is my Late Summer Line of Swimwear, Beachwear and Poolwear, plus anything else I happen to chance upon in the course of constructing this line of durable goods called “LesliAnn Fashions” also known as LA Fashions. So come on into my little boutique and see some of the fun Magically Imbued Armor & Accessory items I have made for your continued game play in the SIM called “Planet Earth”, currently set to: RUN: CENTURY 21.

Continue reading

Fresh Space-Bender TempTats For Sale Here Today!!!


“Fresh Space-Bender Tramp-Stamps For Sale Here Today!!!” — that’s what I told the sign-maker at Staples yesterday afternoon that I wanted for a sign over my street booth, because this will be my 36th year at both the Victorian Christmas in Nevada City, now also in its 36th year of Christmas Cheer & Tradition, featuring roasted chestnuts, gas lighting in a quaint 19th century atmospheric setting — the town is basically as it was 150 years ago.

I’ll also be, as usual, in my booth at the world-famous Cornish Christmas celebration in Grass Valley, which began in 1967 as a way to preserve Grass Valley’s Cornish traditions and history. Food & drink from Gold Rush Days are served, and strolling musicians, jugglers, fire-eaters and belly-dancers abound, as well as Cornish Choir and the Tommyknocker Cloggers, an amazing and popular act.

I’ll of course be doing my contact juggling, hoop work, stick twirling and the ever-popular 2,000 year old Miracle of the Chinese Linking Rings and my Atlantean Crystal Ball and Lemurian Floating Zombie Ball. I will also undoubtedly want to bring along a few Houdini Lights and a change-bag full of health-food candy.

“So, LeslieAnn,” she replied, “you want a sign that says ‘Fresh Space-Bender TempTats For Sale Here Today!!!’???” she smiled, obviously ready to make the sign the moment I nodded “yes”.

“Okay, that’ll be $80, is that ok? It’s $10 a word, and I can count Tramp-Stamps as one word, because it’s hyphenated.”

“Um, wait a minute,” I said. “Ten bucks a word?”

“Yep,” she nodded. Continue reading

BIG DOWNLOAD WARNING — My Whole Body Large Tattoos Blogalog


I haven’t really had a chance to put a catalog together — it’s only been a week since I created these designs for the Celtic Fair and our 2015 spring fashion line for tattoo-fashions.com. It will definitely be Girl’s Day at the fair for us this year, and we’ll be doing all sorts of Mehndi Henna Full-Body and Face Tattooing next Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the fairgrounds. It should be really, really fun and very, very magical.

You can order my Magical Temporary Tattoos and become a living signed work of art by a listed American artist, just by scrolling down on this page, noting the name of the tattoo — the name is underneath the tattoo — and calling us or emailing us; I can’t ship until after the Celtic Fair, anyway, so you might prefer to wait; we’ll have them up on the website pretty soon, so you can order there if you like. Quantity orders will be discounted as low as I can go without losing money for the community. If you can’t wait, order now and I’ll fulfill as fast as I possibly can. Continue reading

An Arm & A Leg???


Ooooh, (feminine squeaks & squeals) we had a great five minute photo session in town with Amy, showing my newest latest arm AND LEG designs for shamanic healers, but we only took snappers of the arms.

I’ll be doing lots of photos of my temp tats and body art as we go through the next season. Amy is a tattoo designer of note, and I hope to be able to work with her on my shamanic transfer tats, something I’ve been working on for the past seven years, but now, it’s the right time.


See, on the other side of the Shift, you didn’t see tattoos on virtually everyone you saw on the street, right? And now you do. Another sign of the Shift, but we tend to discredit our memories as soon as we pass, whether it’s a Shift or Death & Transfiguration. Continue reading

Tattoo-Fashions.com Handpainted Upcycled Jeans, Shorts & Tops

What with all this about charity fundraising auctions and all, I started looking at what other items we could sell at a fundraiser, and came up with Tattoo-Fashions.com — it’s all about wearable art, upcycled jeans, shorts & tops, hand-painted abstract images and peace and love hippie graffiti by listed American artist ej gold. Instead of taking up a lot of space here, I’ll just give you the link to go look & see… tattoo fashions website


Ready for Prim-Time


I spent a good portion of the night creating these jumpsuit fashions just for you. Each outfit takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1/2 hour to complete. Eight outfits=4 hours of intense graphics work. The animal prints might suggest dressing as your totem. I’ll be creating Totem Fashions for you in the next few days. The silks are just a hint of things to come. Join me at Higher Fashions, right here in the Dark Mall. Here are the coordinates:


Did I mention Moonlight Madness Bargain Prices??? Well, get ’em while they’re cheap!

See You At The Top!!!