Easy Steps to Remote Viewing Mastery


Here are the first beginning easy level-by-level steps to Remote Viewing Mastery. Remote Reading will be easy for you if you follow the step by step procedures:

  • PARK THE BODY — Learn how to Park the Body for a Remote Session.
  • READ THE TARGET — Learn the names & descriptions of the Training Targets.
  • DRAW THE TARGET — Learn how to draw each of the Training Targets.
  • PREDICT THE TARGET — Learn to scan for the correct Training Target & Name it.
  • GET THREE HITS IN A ROW TO PASS TO NEXT LEVEL — Self-Explanatory — do it.

This training can be given online, and could possibly be made available as a home study course or kit for the first level.

The placement of the Targets will become more occluded and occult — hidden — as one proceeds up the Levels.

Each “Pass” will require three correct “Remote Hits” in a row.

Once you have complete mastery on Training Targets, you can begin actual Remote Reading Sessions, starting with Atlantis, the easiest to reach and the brightest to see and definitely the most fun to visit.

Okay, it’s also productive on a spiritual level, but fun is definitely part of the picture.

You’ll need a number of personal tools for these experiments in spirit — notably, a bit of drawing skill that’s easy to learn and need not be terribly accurate. You’ll see what I mean when you start generating Remote Reading Sketches.

See You At The Top!!!



Yet More Stuff Already, Hey


Here are a few more goodies from my goodie-wagon, all of which are prime candidates for Remote Readings & Viewings (I explain the difference elsewhere):


Not a reproduction, this elegantly and intricately hand-carved & glazed ancient steatite stone amulet is from XXXth Dynasty Egypt. This carved “faience” can be found in museum treasures around the world.


Not a reproduction, this this large rather common copper coin was in circulation from Late Rome, around 350 A.D., through the Medieval Period in Europe.


Not a reproduction, this ancient original Hellenic Greek Bronze Coin was struck at the Syracuse Mint, and was in circulation around 433 B.C..


Not a reproduction, this rare Medieval bronze coin was found at a site known to have been held by the Knights Templar during the Crusades into the Holyland until around 1187 A.D. when Saladin defeated the Crusaders.


Not reproductions, guaranteed authentic ancient Sumerian steatite beads were found in Uruk in 1957, and have been in the U.S. since 1964.

More later,

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Chanukah Coins & Christmas Coins


I’ve already posted the Christmas/Easter coins — they are the “Widow’s Mite of Mark 12-41”. A slightly larger coin covers Chanukah:


The Hasmonean Prutah were issued by the Maccabees, leaders of a rebel army that took power from the Seleucid Empire, 164-35 BCE and founded the Hasmonean Dynasty in Judea, celebrated as “Chanukah” in the present time zone.

Unfortunately, these coins — actually anything from this area — are becoming ultra-scarce in any quality whatever, due to continual conflict. They are hard to find in good condition and impossible to find at wholesale prices, but they do have high value as Remote Reading Objects.

You can hold, carry or place a target object such as an ancient coin in your Cloud Chamber to charge it up and activate it. If you need instruction on this, just ask for it.

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More Real Things For Makers, Shakers & Resellers

At the Sci-Fi & Fine Art sections of my new online bookstore.

Here are a few more choice goodies from my goodies factory:


Not a reproduction, 100% Guaranteed authentic original Donner Family Relic. The Donner Party Tragedy at Donner Pass is one of the three most famous events in California History, along with the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake & Fire, and the 1849 California Gold Rush.

This is offered by a Donner family descendant, and is part of a very limited number of found items, all dating from about 1830 to 1847. It was in the winter of 1846/47 that the Donner Party experienced the tragedy, as retold in vivid detail in the book written by one of the survivors, a daughter of George Donner, the leader of the party which ended in disaster.


Not a reproduction, this 100% guaranteed authentic ancient bead dates anywhere between 8,000 B.C. and 1200 B.C., and was laboriously drilled from both ends and ground on stone with sand and silica carbide, to cut and polish the stone. Continue reading

Not a Reproduction, Not a Copy, Not an Imitation — The Real Thing

Spanish Shipwreck Treasure for Remote Viewing!

Coins like the ones you see in the photo above plus a few hundred more are waiting for you to need them, order them and use them in your Remote Readings.


Not a reproduction, this shipwreck treasure is an original Spanish coin that was made anywhere from 1516 to 1808. These, along with the famous “Pieces of 8”, were used in Early Colonial America.

They are not “Colonials” in the sense of coins produced by either one of the colonies or by the Federal Mint, primarily because there was no Federal to order up a mint or currency of any kind, not until the Continental Congress voted to establish a U.S. Mint with the Coinage Act of 1792, the first year of issue of any actual U.S. currency.

In the meantime, until the establishment of the Continental Congress, people used paper money, which they distrusted largely, along with Spanish, Dutch, English, German and French coins.

When they didn’t have coins or cash available to them, people traded ‘Barter Money’ such as gold flake or nuggets, silver scrap, copper, salt grains, peppercorns, tea leaves, rare or large stones, bead “wampum” belts, alcohol, cigarettes, cocoa beans, cowrie shells, wheat, barley, and in many areas, bronze ring castings and arrowheads were used as money.

These rare Early Colonial Era Coins come in a beautiful acrylic capsule which can be carried in pocket or purse. This is a great Remote Viewing device for any scene of the period to obtain great Remote Readings either in Spain or Early Americana.

Many of these coins might be valuable numismatics. I have not searched them for this — my interest is solely in their Remote Viewing capacities. These are not intended for resale — they are spiritual tools to be used for your Past Life Remote Readings. Continue reading

Your One-Stop Christmas Shop

Widow’s Mites of Mark 12-41

Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a fraction of a penny. Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, this poor widow put more into the treasury than all the others. For all of them have contributed out of their abundance; but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on.”

These coins are bronze lepta and prutot of Alexander Jannaeus, the Hasmonean King of Judaea from 103 to 76 B.C. Although these coins were minted long before Christ’s lifetime, they were still in circulation during the first century A.D. They were the lowest denomination coins circulated at the time of Jesus.

I’m making Christmas/Chanukah Gift Packets with these incredible 2,000 year-old genuine ancient Judean coins that were in circulation during the time of Jesus, and some dating to the time of the Macabees, and they’re only $35 a pop!

These are NOT replicas or reproductions. They are the Real Thing, and there are NOT that many around now, due to the war in that area of the world, and there’s no sign of it letting up anytime soon. Continue reading

Remote Viewing All the Time

Orm McGill & EJ Gold perform at convention time.
Orm McGill & EJ Gold perform at convention time.

Actually, you’re Remote Viewing almost all the time. When you visualize anything that you don’t see in the nearby space, you’re casting out into Time/Space, and catching a hook into a nearby Time/Space, but it isn’t the same as the one you’re in right now, and that’s Remote Viewing, no matter how you look at it.

Whenever you think, “Now, where did I put my keys (or wallet or purse)???” you automatically start a process of sifting through cut-scenes, looking for that elusive article.

Once in a while, you’re get a startlingly clear picture of something that happened years or decades ago. Just imagine how much memory you’d have to be able to haul around in that body’s brain and nervous system, if you weren’t able to instantly connect up with the actual event and “remember” it by Remote Viewing it, usually a procedure that’s tagged “in the name of memory”, but memory it isn’t — it’s Remote Viewing the target as a present-time Remote View. Continue reading

Learn to “Park the Body” for Astral Projection & Remote Viewing

Scene from "Seance" production at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, BC Canada.
“Seance” at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, B.C. Canada.

Here’s a breakdown of the exact induction I would use to train someone to Park the Body. It is a professional technique and should not be applied outside the realm of meditation science. It is NOT hypnotism, and should not be used as such.

This is a training induction that teaches how to Park a Body.

We are going to learn to transform this long induction into a simple suggestion, “Park the Body”, after which we merely park the body in a single moment, rather than go through the whole induction process, which means that it has become “instinctive” and no longer requires a step-by-step repetition.

It may take only once to master, or several times, but this induction is intended only as a guide for the meditation, “Park the Body” — the end result is that you will be able to park the body without the detailed induction.

The induction given verbatim below works best when it is part of a personally coached “Guided Meditation”.

Other than general relaxation, this induction has no known medical uses — it is strictly a meditation device which can be used with a beginner to indicate an easy way to relax the body while remaining fully awake and in control. Continue reading

Why Should I Remote Read?


Why should I Learn to Remote Read?

In a word, it leads to Astral Projection. If you’ve consistently failed to Astral Project, you need to read my short list of Why you MUST learn Astral Projection sometime during THIS lifetime. Don’t wait until you are FORCED to leave the body to learn this important Essence Skill.

But why should I Astral Project?

Okay, fair question, and here’s the short-form answer: Continue reading

Secrets of Remote Reading & Viewing

I'm the sergeant on the right of photo, taken at Fort Ord, California, circa 1962.
I’m the sergeant on the right — Trainfire at Fort Ord, California, circa 1962.

“Remote Reading”, otherwise known as “Remote Viewing”, is where you merely look at something and report what you see. Remote Viewing does not involve the movement of any mass in space or time, and exists entirely apart from the realm of the Einsteinian Newtonian Universe.

In 1963, while serving in the U.S. Army Security Agency, I was recruited for a Remote Reading unit, which I joined just three days after I received my Honorable Discharge from the service.

I did not go to the military Remote Viewing Unit at Fort Meade or, indeed, any other military agency Remote Viewing unit — there were four civilian units in Virginia and California, which our team verified through our own readings and encounters with members of other teams, open knowledge of which was kept from us, but believe it, we were in contact every day with psychic operatives both on our side and on other sides — and there are plenty of sides in the political arena — under the tight pressure of a high security position in the most secret agencies in U.S. history.

I can’t and won’t tell you what our targets were — I’ll leave that to others — but the nature of the targets were generally buildings, vehicles or people, and when I say “targets”, I mean only that they were selected and visualized by the readers, often using map coordinates as a guide when needed. Continue reading