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I Have No Voice

Wouldn’t you love to work in an ancient Egyptian temple of your very own?

I have no voice. It doesn’t bother me, but it’s quite noticeable. when I speak, write, sing, act, paint, draw, sketch or sculpt, there’s no measurable impact on anything or anyone. I’m not a tweeter, but if I were a tweeter, I could literally tweet my ass off, but nobody will read it, and that’s just fine by me, or it was fine, until Donald Trump’s name became a household word, like “slopbucket”.

Whatever it looks like, however it seems to you today, Donald Trump is NOT an obstruction on the Path to Liberation, not if you know the secret.

What is the secret?

I’ll tell you right off. Live the good life. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted. Relax, stay calm, it will all work out just the way it should.

The universe is a sim. There’s a script. If you keep that in mind, you won’t fall off the horsie. Donald Trump is not alive — there’s nobody inside that thing, behind those cold, icy eyes.

He plays his “overwhelm” game and seems to be winning. His friends in Congress have their own nasty games and merely use him to gain advantages on their own ground.

You don’t need to know any of that. Just remember that ALL POLITICIANS ARE CROOKS and that ALL GOVERNMENT PEOPLE ARE MEAN AND NASTY,  and that ALL POLITICIANS AND MEDIA PEOPLE LIE ALL THE TIME, and you won’t be knocked out of your socks the next time you find yourself shoved into the ditch at the side of the road.

When Donald Trump tweets, billions of people are affected by every careless word. The difference between me and Donald Trump is our choice of weapons. I selected “voice” and “guitar” and he chose “nuclear holocaust” and “gas chamber”.

Trump is a hero among his worshipers and followers. They like Strongmen and Dictators who will step in, clean up the mess, restore them to their former glory, and give them personal favors and benefits, and that’s Donald Trump in a nutshell, at least on paper.

He knows he doesn’t have to actually KEEP his promises, just make them and blast right along claiming “victory” at every punchdown. Just keep insisting you won, and eventually that becomes the truth, at least to the general public. They have no memory and no discernment whatever.

As a matter of fact, they don’t really care about the details, just what’s in it for them.

Each faction of politics, news media and science has its own direction to pull the chain, and the general effect is one of chaos and mayhem, exactly what Putin and Trump both had in mind.

If the U.S. government can be shut down permanently, Trump can rule, and that is “Plan A”. Plan B involves an actual invasion of the homeland by Russian airborne troops, and that’s already in the works, as soon as the defense department can be unraveled.

How do I know all this? Continue reading



I never talk politics, couldn’t be less interested, and I’m not talking politics, now. I’m defending my freedoms, and yours, too, whether you know it or not, even if you don’t live in Amerika.

Am I a Democrat? No, emphatically not. A Republican, then? No, I’m not a Republican. I’m a visitor to this planet, an off-worlder, and have no local political interests or ambitions.

In fact, I have NO other interest than to bring the Teaching to a sad and angry little planet full of violent morons screaming in pain and agony, killing each other and destroying their legacy and history.

Bringing the Teaching. Haw, Haw!!! What a hopeless task THAT is, but I keep trying.

Push even the most peaceful of Pacifists up against the WALL and hold him there for a while, and sooner or later, you’ll wind up on the floor. Punch me once, you won’t get a second chance. Not ever.

That’s what happened when Senator Elizabeth Warren got pushed up against the wall by the Republican Majority in the Senate. READ ON… Continue reading

What is the Nature of a Game?

Faces of War original pastel by ej gold

Try to imagine what it’s like to be in the Void. There is no passage of time, no way to mark the passage of time. There is no space. No objects, no particles of matter, no energy, no nothing. It’s not necessary to imagine the state of the Void; you can enter it any time you wish to delve into the Void.

The Void has no properties. No height, no width, no depth, no color, no form, no shape, and in fact anything you can think of, just put a “no” in front of it, and that’s a good description of the indescribable Void.

In the Relative World, there is Life, and Life is Pain.

Sure, life hurts, and it hurts bad. It has its ups and downs, its good times, and its bad times, and life is pain, so it’s no wonder that anyone would want to crawl out of there, get off the wheel, and have a pain-free eternal existence in the Land of Pure Bliss.

So you spend thousands of lifetimes fighting, clawing your way out of Samsaric Illusion, and finally, you find yourself “Off the Wheel”, free at last, free at last!

You have achieved the Eternal Bliss of the Void. Wow. What a relief, like taking a huge dump after hours and hours of sweat, anxiety, and discomfort. Here it is, The Void.

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How to Use Movements for Healing

As outlined in Angel’s Healing Journey, Gateways Books 1997, various angels can be invoked for assistance with the Human Biological Machine. Consult Angel’s Healing Journey for specifics.

Exactly how to invoke the help of those angels is the subject of this little essay.

Make certain your space is clean and clear, then begin as follows: Continue reading

Oh, I Can’t Get You Out of my Mind…

diana doors
My friends Diana Dors and Dickie Dawson Announcing Engagement, photo credit: jeff gold publicity, circa 1965.

My longtime friends Diana Dors and Richard Dawson got married. It was the ideal marriage — two show biz success stories. Di was another Marilyn Monroe, and Dickie was the next exciting young male lead actor.

It looked from outside like the Perfect Couple in the Perfect Marriage.

I saw it from the inside, as a friend and frequent house visitor, as well as working with Dickie Dawson at KHJ-TV on his Tempo Show. I have a few photos of us doing the morning show, but we also did a radio show there and another one at KWIZ in Santa Ana for a few months.


I watched their Perfect Wedding, was a witness to the aftermath of their Perfect Honeymoon, and witnessed the not-very-slow disintegration of their love affair just about the time the wedding ceremony and reception were over. Continue reading

Angelic Harp Calls

Any computer programmer, certainly any game developer, will immediately understand when I refer to a “call”. It means that I’ve sent a uniquely recognizable prompt to the Central Processor asking for a specific response. I “call” for an action, perhaps an execution of a sound, plus an animation, say a “spin-around once, and jump up once”, when I trigger TAG=123, for instance.

And anyone with any kind of wired or wireless connection to the internet will know what a dropped call means. If you think of a smartphone as a communications device with unknown entities in some sort of electronic but not necessarily geophysical relationship to you, you’ll get the idea of what it is to “call”  or “to call down” an angel.

Uh, before you whip out your Angelic Harp or Singing Bowl or Portable Temple Bell or whatever you use to alert higher-ups that you’ve logged on and are asking for an open channel (I always use Channel “D”, an old habit left over from working at Arena Productions), I must warn you that calls cost you something, and it isn’t money. Continue reading

What is a Training Orb???


The thing is, if you compare my Orbs with contemporary video games, you’ll quickly see a major difference, which is that my experience field is not packed with a lot of unnecessary detail. The game companies have to sell their games to kids, and kids demand a lot of detail, pyrotechnics and grippingly realistic bloodshed & gore-splatter.

With the present GODD Engine, I can do that. Continue reading

How To Make $1 Million Selling Fine Art That You Don’t Own


          Oil Painting by David Teniers the Younger, about 1643 — Price on Request.

How To Make $1 Million Selling Fine Art That You Don’t Own? Nothing could be simpler. You’ll need at least a smartphone of some sort — an Android will do just fine in most areas of the local planet, although they work best back home, on Delta 55a. Of course they don’t work on any of the L3 levels, including 15a, because telepathics don’t tend to invent the telephone. Gosh, it hasn’t been more than a few seconds, and already I’ve wandered far off-subject…oh, yeh…selling $1 Million worth of fine art, that’s right…

So… you want to sell fine art, eh? And you wouldn’t mind making $1 Million with someone else’s fine art stockroom, too, right? And if you donate some of that $1 Million for the Ashram, you’ve got a triple-win. I’ve got the art, you’ve got the motivation and the skills, so okay, let’s get right down to basics. Here’s exactly how it’s done:

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Tonight’s Work Schedule


Very Special Good Wishes to Jedrik!!! (I built a prim sculpture that says “HI!” in the temple, will leave it up for the night. Interestingly I didn’t get bumped out until I’d completed the exclamation point, so my net connection is getting better.)

What I’m doing tonight… It’s almost 2 am (make that “well-past-2-am” now, and getting mysteriously later and later, all the time) and all I’ve done so far is categorize the orbs on which I’m working to get them ready for this weekend’s ICW if I can. Dick is working very hard to get the fixes in so my boat rides work correctly, which at the moment, they don’t. The slants are fixed on the boat, but not entirely sure they work on land. Some do, some don’t. Will be trying to debug that while I build boats out of prim type “rboxes”, which are what we call “prims” in the GODD engine.

Here are the orbs I’m working on concurrently:

RAFTER — Workout orb for boat and water problems and steering issues, etc.
SHIRE RAFT — Rafting Expedition through the Shire with lots of bulldozing & hills
RIVER BOAT — “Mark Twain” two-story Steamboat with passengers & lots of detail
00 RIVER — Steamboat paddle-wheeler — Really New Orleans style
BOATRIDE — Uncertain what the boat will look like atm, but the ride is beautiful)
CANAL ZONE — Canal boat ride similar to Team Fortress Canal Zone)
REBIRTH (a stunning variant of warftown that resembles actual rebirth events)
VENICE (waterworld version of HADRON — this will be the basis of some running orbs)
SEA RAFT (that’s the one in the video — this is a wide open space with tropical islands)


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