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Transgender Green Card Military?



I think by now, even the stupidest Republican — it was Trump who called them “So stupid they’d even elect me President!” — is aware that Trump is vague, incoherent, unable to connect two words, and is exhibiting clear signs of rather advanced insanity of the NPD variety, which involves psychotic episodes and possibly hallucinations.

There’s no telling what that crazy man might do today, tonight or is doing right now, without the knowledge or consent of his military advisors, political advisors or personal advisors.

He’s a wild card, a loose cannon, someone whose toast is clearly burning, whose elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top and who is doing things that will surely bring him down by his own incoherent words and vague and confused actions and knee-jerk reactions.

He’s real sensitive about himself, so if you’re anywhere around him, it would be good to remember that this is not the kind of guy who actively seeks out interesting people. You can’t be part of his team if you’re more famous than he is, even for one single day.

That’s why The Mooch was fired, even though he loves Trump, more than anyone can ever know. Talk about a robot, where do you wind that turkey up?

There’s no point arguing with a robot, a zombie or a storm-trooper. They’re not set for rational thought, so save your breath for running and run away, run away, don’t stop to look behind you or you’ll turn into a pillar of salt, or worse. Continue reading

“I Want Things To Continue To Be Lousy!!!”

Go ahead, say it aloud, with me: “I want things to continue to be lousy!!!”

Nobody in their right mind would say a thing like that, would they? Certainly not my friend Bill Shatner, who survived homelessness to fame and fortune.

Yet, strangely, that’s exactly what I’ve heard for the past 70 years from a wide variety of otherwise seemingly intelligent human beings. Here’s their argument:

“It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. If we’d been meant to be happy, there wouldn’t be death, taxes, politics, wage slavery, marriage and poverty!”

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