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Rollin’ on the River


Been really busy lately. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took a day and a half. Actually, I’m nowhere near finished with it. I have four more major palatial buildings to put in, then all the detail work; the streets of Ancient Rome were packed with every hustle imaginable. There were no police, no justice system, nothing like that at all. Every citizen was responsible for the safety of his home, and houses had no windows, for protection against intrusion — the only light and air came from the atrium. I’ve taken a break from Roman towers and fortifications at 3200 metres, in order to do a little work on the Grand Tour…

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Shipping News: Titan in Soul Harbor — Giant Ashram Shipboard Party All Day!!!


Associated Press: Super-Cruise Ship U.S.S. Titan arrived in Prosperity Port today and, according to Captain Geoffrey P. Spaulding, she is here as the first Port of Call on her 2013 Cruise Around the Universe. You’re invited onboard to look around, and if you get tired of walking the decks, there are tons and tons of overstuffed deck chairs for relaxation.

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A School Time-Line


A School Time-Line

I have in my sweaty little digits a rather aged piece of parchment; a yellowed typewriter sheet with very dated typing, done by an IBM Selectric with a sans-serif type-ball, sometime in 1975, and lost for all the intervening years until this very morning as is, when my hand landed on it, stuffed in amongst a pile of long-forgotten papers…. The paper has just dates and a few words of notation on the side. I’ll elaborate that with commentary. I have photos of all these events, and they’re free to see on ihddb.com…

JUN 1964 — BACK FROM THE WAR — There never was ASA in Vietnam. I was a PFC Clerk-Typist Trainee 006, stationed permanently at Fort Devens, Mass. Ignore the sripes I wore at Fort Ord where I was a weapons instructor.

You’ll note my MOS designation: “006”. That’s only one number away from the infamous James Bond, “007”!!!

Double O Six meant “Licensed To Seriously Annoy”. I returned to a civilian job as a Remote Reader, which I quickly abandoned in favor of author — I landed a job as a writer at a fabulous .25 a word!

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Our Practices In A Nutshell


“The King” at the Psychedelic Area of the Ashram. Behind him is the Sculpture Garden, Grampa Henry’s Diner — the home of Prosperity Path Poets — Hot Air Balloon Ride and the ever-popular Upper Crust Yacht Club, a jazz and blues venue.

Had a visit the other day from a longtime friend, who brought a friend with him to meet me. I was asked a commonly-asked question — what is it exactly that we do do???

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Live-in-Person Music All Day Long???


Gorby’s Place — Live Music All Day Long — In the Ashram Tower — The address is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prosperity%20Ashram/127/173/178

There will be a lot of new folks visiting the Ashram today, so I thought a short tour of some of the high points might be in order… Click the thingy to read more about it…

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Amazing ThingsTo See…


Little Jenny from BardoTown visits Prosperity Ashram, May 21, 2013, photo by EJ Gold.

Today, I’m going to break my rule — no nudity on my blog — to bring you an amazing video of a ritual dance, performed to a fascinating violin interpretation of deFalla’s Ritual Dance of Fire. Well, she’s not actually nude…with more careful observation, I note a wispy, almost ethereal, thong and pasties. Okay, that’s beach-wear these days, so I’ll ignore the butt-cheeks and the full-frontal pulchritude. Here it is, then — after which I’ll show you a few incredible things that some very imaginative folks have done within the context of the sim worlds, notably Second Life. If you know your exotic dancing, you’ll note that there are very few repeats in her dance, with very few notable exceptions. Vanessa Mae was the artist for the soundtrack; the video was created and performed by Slappy Doobie. It was performed live at Ellie’s Burlesque Club in-world. Look for Virtual Burlesque for more.

And now, let’s look at some perhaps even more amazing performers on Second Life! Keep in mind that you’re not expected to watch the entire video — just enough to get the idea.

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Make My Day


This is me, EJ Goldwood, and I’m here at Prosperity Ashram to enforce Enlightenment. Need healing? Want to stay connected? Get energy, chakra balance, dance movements, prasad sacred food, contact friends and work and live here on the Ashram. Find out how, and create an Eternal Home for yourself in the Eternal World of the world’s first Quantum Ashram. You have a home and Extra-Dimensional friends waiting for you here. Go on, sign up now … make my day!

See You At The Top!!!


Strategy For A New Life


SMOGOPS party member going through the Tunnel of Love & Rebirth, in 2Forts CTF.

We can use the art and science of video game self-reprogramming by first of all motivating ourselves to do the work required to burn off the Karmic grit that has accumulated over the past several millenia. In short, to get rid of the encrusted barnacles on your hull, you’ll need to go into drydock and yes, that means you have to get out of the water for awhile. There are some “hooks” that keep you where you are.

What are the Basic Hooks that keep a BOT, any BOT, including the one you’re wearing, marching toward the sea with the other lemmings?

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My Life as a Chef


Here I am at the Kung-Fu Natural Foods restaurant that I set up along lines decided by David Carradine; he had to drop out when the studio refused to let him take part. The paintings that month were by Schwaderer and Hirschfeld.

Within one month, Kung-Fu was in the black. Cost to set up, including licenses, inspections, equipment and supplies, $9,000 flat. I couldn’t do the same today for under $150,000.

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Meet God Face-to-Face


Spent another six delightful hours on the angel orb, only now it’s called “Virtual Cathedral” as you can see on the loading screen. I’ll probably spend another hundred hours on it to get it just right. It contains all the angels necessary for a first-class convocation. You get two tiers to fill with angels, one God Almighty, plus all the gear you need to operate a full-scale cathedral, such as dozens of ammies, magical staff, wand, Matrix, SuperBeacon, Tesla Radio, plus miles and miles of catacombs, where you will find all manner of things for your Virtual Cathedral. Some things can be duped, but not angels. You will have to pick each one up individually, put it in your engie knapsack and carry, drop and place each angel in the chapel area, along with all the other paraphernalia of cathedral spaces. Paraphernalia used to mean “stuff”, like “bong” used to be what you did on the radiator to get the janitor to send up more heat. Like I said, you’ll find a large selection of Cathedral Paraphernalia. I’ll be completing Virtual Cathedral sometime this week, after which I’ll consider a Virtual Synagogue, Virtual Mosque, Virtual Temple with a much more generous selection of Gods and Goddesses, Virtual Pueblo Kiva, and Virtual Stonehenge with models made from actual Stonehenge artifacts. You can have any House of Worship from me; if enough folks ask for it, I’ll make it. If nobody asks for it and I want to do it, I’ll make it also, such as my latest fun project, Virtual Alchemical Laboratory.

See You At The Top!!!