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Oy, Another Day of White House Misery!!!

It’s summer workshop time again, and the Labor Day Convention is up ahead!

Forget what’s happening or not happening in Washington. It will all settle out in a horrible way, you can rest assured, as long as the primitives are beating their chests and brandishing their spears at each other.


You will soon see the end of the totally demoralized and splintered Democratic Party in favor of “no party at all”, and soon after that, the Two-Party System will be a thing of the past, along with more than one candidate for “President for Life”, which marks the beginning of the Trump Dynasty in the Age of Trump.

Like I said so many times before –forget about it, the most they can do is kill you. Continue reading

More Science High School Yearbook

On a lunch break at More Science High. Party On, Dudes!!! Rufus Lives!!!

As you probably already know from the CNN, FOX & CNBC news media, I’m a visitor on “Guest” status with the U.S. Government, from the 37th century.

Oh, not your 37th century. You live in a SIM — a World-Simulation — and SIMS don’t have time, not in the sense you’re thinking of it.

Here in the 37th century, I’m enrolled as a sophomore in high school — More Science High — and I have a small grade problem. I’m presently carrying a D-Minus, slightly lower than a plain D Minus.

My classroom participation rated me an A+ and I have my hand in the air all the time at a pop quiz, don’t you?

I get A and A+ test scores all the time, but that’s dragged down slightly by an “F” in homework — I’ve yet to crack a textbook or do a homework assignment, because when I get home, I have a responsibility to my online clan to defend the base until dinner time.

Okay, so how does this affect YOU? Continue reading

Tuesday Night Massacre

Did I mention that Donald Trump is not only crazy, he’s also stupid?

I grossly underestimated the level of bone that sits inside his otherwise quite empty skull. He fired the head of the FBI, right in the middle of a counterespionage investigation that included Trump and his staffers and aides, then he said it was because Comey had been “mean to Hillary”, although Trump royally abused the quote from Comey to get himself elected.

How stupid is that???

When you take away the voice of the people, they take to the streets.

In his “You’re Fired!” letter — acutely reminiscent of his television reality series in which he fired employees whenever the fit came over him — which was never delivered directly to Comey, Trump “casually mentions” that although he was exonerated three times when he met with the director on three separate occasions with FBI Director Comey, NO SUCH MEETINGS TOOK PLACE, and Comey would have been in direct violation of the law had he said such a thing to Trump at that time.

Guess what happened then??? Continue reading

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off??? NO!!! Bust the Heads of the Bullies, and Stick Around!!!

BACKSTORY FOR “EXECUTIVE ORDER #1”, a comedic satire film parody.

By now our femme superhero Waxonn Waxoff realizes that Trumplestilskin the Conqueror cannot be stopped, that his policies will surely lead not only to war with other nations, but to war within the boundaries of her native land, Annunakkia, and it’s not just a single war, with a single purpose and two adversaries face-to-face, but a multiplicity of wars all going on at the same time, like World War I and the Russian Revolution and The Jewish Problem.

Waxoff finds herself in the midst of a race war, a religious war, a war of territory, a war of attrition and a war of total revenge, when the population finally catches up with the surviving leaders, and then, to top it all off, the Ancient Alien Invaders destroy what’s left of human cities and centers of commerce and industry.

In short, they lay waste to the land, but after the Evil Avatar Trumplestilskin gets through with it, there’s little left to crush into rubble.

Trumplestilskin himself is never personally at risk. His minions take care of everything. They defend him and destroy his enemies, for which they are well-paid.

His only concerns are a fear of the dark, a fear of being alone, and a deep, insatiable craving for attention by any means necessary. Continue reading

A Brief History of Gold

Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Grass Valley, Ca. Performance, 2016.
Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center onstage with E.J. Gold JazzArt,  2016.

The list is long, but I’ll give you a brief history of my art exhibits over the years. I’ve left out hundreds of shows with the same galleries to avoid a boring list. I seem to have anywhere from five to fifteen shows a year every year, with the exception of my “vacation times”, short intervals between painting and sculpting and music and theater and dance and ceramic arts, paper arts, you know — exploration and application. I know you’ll want this for your eBay and other art listings, so here’s the SHORT list — the whole list can be found in the Linda Corriveau photobiography, “More Color, Less Soul”. Continue reading

Your Museum Donation Could Make History!!!

Original Signed Picasso Copperplate Engraving of Ballet Dancers, 1945.

I have several museum-grade collections just sitting in three bank vaults — important art historical art and literature collections that would be highly appreciated by any public institution that received them. They are of the highest caliber and significance. You might want to purchase one or more of them and donate them to your favorite museum, university or library or build a space to house one or more of these collections. All the collections are legal to own, and have been on public display in the United States for more than half a century.

Typically, museums don’t buy things — they expect them to be donated, and many people enjoy tax benefits from buying collections and then donating them to a museum, library or university, as well as other venues such as jazz schools, jazz clubs, jazz and art academies and even malls and shops, medical waiting rooms and hospital hallways, where the weight limitations are very important and easily met by our display team technologies, and several folks have donated their collections to local Elks clubs and other public benefit organizations.

There are many other benefits that might accrue for you or someone you know, resulting from the donation of an important art or history collection, not the least of which is the sheer pleasure you get from sharing with thousands of people the beauty that you have discovered in your life, possibly bringing love, joy and beauty to theirs as well.

In addition, if your gift is important enough, you might have a Hall or a Wing named after yourself, or a loved one in memoriam, or you might elect to donate anonymously or posthumously or both. I’d discuss Living Trusts and other instruments with my accountant and attorney before making any decisions, though — you never really know what your options are until you check with the professionals for professional advice that they can guarantee and for which they take responsibility. Continue reading

A School Time-Line


A School Time-Line

I have in my sweaty little digits a rather aged piece of parchment; a yellowed typewriter sheet with very dated typing, done by an IBM Selectric with a sans-serif type-ball, sometime in 1975, and lost for all the intervening years until this very morning as is, when my hand landed on it, stuffed in amongst a pile of long-forgotten papers…. The paper has just dates and a few words of notation on the side. I’ll elaborate that with commentary. I have photos of all these events, and they’re free to see on ihddb.com…

JUN 1964 — BACK FROM THE WAR — There never was ASA in Vietnam. I was a PFC Clerk-Typist Trainee 006, stationed permanently at Fort Devens, Mass. Ignore the sripes I wore at Fort Ord where I was a weapons instructor.

You’ll note my MOS designation: “006”. That’s only one number away from the infamous James Bond, “007”!!!

Double O Six meant “Licensed To Seriously Annoy”. I returned to a civilian job as a Remote Reader, which I quickly abandoned in favor of author — I landed a job as a writer at a fabulous .25 a word!

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