Tuesday Night Massacre

Did I mention that Donald Trump is not only crazy, he’s also stupid?

I grossly underestimated the level of bone that sits inside his otherwise quite empty skull. He fired the head of the FBI, right in the middle of a counterespionage investigation that included Trump and his staffers and aides, then he said it was because Comey had been “mean to Hillary”, although Trump royally abused the quote from Comey to get himself elected.

How stupid is that???

When you take away the voice of the people, they take to the streets.

In his “You’re Fired!” letter — acutely reminiscent of his television reality series in which he fired employees whenever the fit came over him — which was never delivered directly to Comey, Trump “casually mentions” that although he was exonerated three times when he met with the director on three separate occasions with FBI Director Comey, NO SUCH MEETINGS TOOK PLACE, and Comey would have been in direct violation of the law had he said such a thing to Trump at that time.

Guess what happened then???

Sean Spicer can lie for the President — that’s his job. He’s the Press Secretary. But Kellyann Conway is his legal counsel. She should know better, and she ought to have some inkling of what happened to Nixon when he did the same thing on a smaller scale.

This is a BIG ONE, and goes way beyond what happened in WaterGate, because it didn’t involve belligerent nations committing open espionage on our election process.

Gosh, I can’t remember what happens to her, but she DOES get hers in the end, according to the Law of Karma, which I can’t and won’t repeal.

Although I can’t remember my history lesson on Kellyann Conway in particular, and we don’t have a lot of surviving information about this time zone, I do seem to recall something about “obstruction of justice” being invoked in this case, and I think she’s somehow involved in that, although as I said, I didn’t read the 37th century textbooks at all, and I seldom do my homework, but hey, my classroom and test scores are 4.0, bringing my overall grade to a whalloping 2.4, if you include math and history, and they do.

So although I can’t remember the details, I do remember that Conway does have to answer for her actions in covering Trump’s trail of corruption — oh, yeah, that’s another heading I have in my school composition notebook under “to be verified”, for which I have to take incarnation, which I clearly did, back in 1941, and here I am to tell the tale.

You might be interested to know that those black-and-white marble cover composition notebooks are very popular in my day.

I’ll remind you that I am actually sitting in the HISTORY SIM STUDY HALL at the AKASHIC DATABASE, and I’ve taken rebirth inside the history department’s terrific new simulator, where I can observe events and take notes, especially on this crazy hootnanny we see in Washington, D.C. on this history day, the Darkest Day in DOJ history

It’s really stupid to destroy your investigating arm, your prosecuting arm and the jurisprudence system in general by attacking judges, prosecutors and directors, UNLESS you are a foreign agent, a sleeper agent, working to destroy our Republic, which you will soon be convinced has happened.

Even today, Trump is meeting with a dangerous Russian spy, and they will be passing secrets between them. If Trump has been compromised, there wouldn’t be a better way for that compromise to be executed than to meet “on other issues”.

One subject of this meeting is to set up a meeting between Trump and his Puppet Master, Putin.

Good luck handling this one. It’s going to be a rough ride, and I can’t guarantee that the Union will remain intact at the end of the day, going forward — I know, right?

All the robots will merely do what their instructions and programs tell them to do. You can’t and won’t change the mind, opinions, attitudes, beliefs or actions of a robot, so don’t even try.

Arguing with reason will do no good. You are speaking to a brick wall. Only ridicule and the Power of Song and the Power of Prayer will have any effect.

I’m using my own special brand of prayer, something I dreamed up back a few dozen centuries ago, and I’ve employed it in “Oval Office”, an Orb that allows you to channel Healing Energies and Waves of Enlightenment into the Oval Office, in a last-minute attempt to give Trump an opportunity to be an Enlightened Ruler, something you desperately need in these trying times.


Ignore all the hysteria, the fear, the rage, the anger, the accusations and counter-accusations, the shame, the blame and the finger-pointing of children who are playing with our lives.

Thanks to Donald Trump, you’ll never be able to trust the Department of Justice again. By the way, it was DONALD TRUMP who ordered the firing, and who instructed his puppets at the Justice Department to “arrange a reason” for the firing of Comey, and all this will come out in time.

Anyhow, I’m always amused at 21st century hootnannies, and this date marks the most important DARK DAY in my history term paper, so I’m paying real close attention to the news as it breaks and making very careful notes, because this account might be the only one that makes it into my future, and I need my notes if I’m to make a good presentation back in San Dimas, where the clock is ALWAYS ticking.

So where does this leave us?

First of all, what do you mean, “us”? I’m a visitor, not from around here, have no interest nor much tolerance for partisan politics, which is all that Earth humans seem to be able to manifest, with each side trying to tear down the other, rather than get some constructive cooperative work done that satisfies both sides a little.

I have no stake in this fracas, and frankly, could handle it in a single minute just by taking a Near-Earth Asteroid out of orbit and ticking it slightly in the direction of the Earth.

Lest you think I’m bullshitting, ask the Apollo 11 astronauts how many taps they heard on the capsule at the halfway point to the moon, then check my published account of that Astral Journey I made back in July of 1969, for the benefit of my Cosmo Street students.

There won’t be any compromise, because both Democrats and Republicans are assholes, incapable of adult thought and action, and they ALWAYS PLAY TO THEIR CONSTITUENTS. They’re always posing for the camera, making sure they do the expedient thing.

Any compromise is BOUND to satisfy no one, when everyone is pulling in a different direction. What happened last night is a dark, dark day for American freedom, and as I recall, the Justice Department never does recover credibility, which is a great tragedy — they’re your only defense against Dictator Trump, and if something isn’t done real fast, he WILL become dictator and rule Amerika with an iron hand, like his friend Putin does.

It’s very possible that Trump has an “Ace in the Hole” up his sleeve. He DOES cheat, and his cheating CAN and DOES include the betrayal of Amerika into foreign hands. He denies that the Russians hacked the election, but you can’t, you mustn’t, believe that he really thinks that they didn’t hack the election.

He knows full well they did.

He’s afraid. He’s very afraid, even more afraid of being UNMASKED than of dying alone. It’s obvious that the investigation is getting close, and that he’s “feeling the heat”, as it was described even on the very rigidly and vigorously far-right FOX News.

Many commentators both Democratic and Republican were actively denouncing this attack on the Constitution, meaning that I checked CNBC, CNN, REUTERS and FOX News, FOX being essentially a spokesperson for Donald Trump, defending every position regardless of how ludicrous, and the other stations glorying in victory.

There is no victory, and there should be no cheering. This is the blackest day in U.S. history next to the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy, and no, I’m not kidding.

In effect, the President just closed down the Department of Justice and rendered it ineffective and helpless ON ANY ISSUE. He can direct, destroy, fire, hire and totally negate the findings of the Justice Department, the FBI or any investigating body, and he can’t and won’t sign a bill that allows Congress to prevent him from doing this.

There is no way to trust the outcome of ANY investigation.

I’ll bet you money that you didn’t know that the President has to sign any legislation appointing an FBI Director, so if it’s someone he fears, he won’t sign him into office.

I’ll also bet that you didn’t know that the President can order an investigation closed, if he  controls the DOJ and the FBI directors, but he shouldn’t be able to fire someone in the middle of an investigating against him, and although he says that he was “exonerated” by Comey, he emphatically was NOT excluded from the criminal investigation, and history will bear me out — Trump will get caught with his hand DEEP inside the cookie jar.

Every Republican Senator and Congressperson who stood with him will go down with him when he falls, and fall he will.

FBI Directors have a ten-year tenure which guarantees that they can’t be tampered with to prevent them from investigating or carrying out their duties. In short, they have autonomy, the first and foremost freedom guaranteed to the FBI Director and the FBI in general.

Theoretically, the FBI cannot be controlled by the President of the United States, at least not now, not under the present laws, but Trump has worked to erode the Justice Department with SIX very targeted firings, and has effectively slowed down the investigation — he’s hoping he can last out his term before Congress can nail him.

Again, remember his television show and his fears, his needs, and his reliance on that audience to give him reinforcement. This is a very sick man, who desperately needs your help.

Can he get away with it?

Sure he can, if the Republicans care more about their jobs than their country, but in the end, anyone who supports Trump will go down in history with him. His name does not appear in the updated version of “Profiles in Courage”.

Unfortunately, most politicians are NOT patriots. They’re dirty, they’re slimy and they lie, lie, lie to protect a President that they know is cheating, lying, stealing and committing horrible crimes against the people.

This is the man who wants to take $860 BILLION DOLLARS from the poor and give their medical insurance money to his 15 friends who appear with him in that notorious photo of his “Good Old Boys” money managers.

Corruption is the name of the game, and Donald Trump and his family play it well, to the ruin of the country, and like most filthy rich people, they really don’t care who gets hurt.

Trump is a coward and a liar, and I can prove it really simply.

All year long, Trump used Comey quotes to get himself elected, then just as Comey is about to close in on Trump, Trump fires him, claiming the reason is the Clinton issue, which has been dead for months.

Sadly, no Trump supporter will ever hear what I say, and that’s Trump’s total strength — unquestioning loyalty from his True Believers, and they will be rewarded for their faith, but not the way they think they will. True Faith depends on Unquestioning Loyalty, the kind you see from Kellyann Conway — remember, she did warn you that she’s a liar — oops, sorry, that was a typo. I of course meant “Lawyer”.

If you sue me, Conway, I’ll be happy to see you in court, along with a few of my ficus amicus friends. I know things, and can name dates, places, people, all  with the power of Remote Viewing. With RV, I can dig anywhere, even in a protected environment. I can bust through a Faraday Cage, and come out with raw data. Wanna try me?

Hey — Remember Nixon?

He fired the guy who was investigating him, but keep this in mind — Nixon was a lawyer, too hip to balance of power of branches of government to go a step further and fire the Director of the FBI.

“I’m Agent I, of the FBI” — Henny Youngman

Your biggest fear right now should be whether or not the three branches of government will stand or not, and that will probably play out today, within the next 24 hours.

If this government still stands, if the Republic still stands, it won’t be from the efforts of Donald Trump. It will be from the cooperative efforts of the people.

Donald Trump is surprised at the outrage. They always are. They never get it until they see the torches, the pitchforks and the sea of angry faces.

Sure, Trump supporters will see all this, but to them, it’s just a big Democratic Witchhunt, a fantasy, a non-event, fake news, and that’s what they’ll still be calling it when Donald Trump gets carried away in a strait-jacket or handcuffs.

When he yelled out, “Hillary for Prison,” he pronounced his own doom.

I’m sad to see him go, but I’ll quickly find someone else equally stupid about whom to write and sing my People’s Protest Songbook which is normally $24.95 and comes hand-signed with a drawing and is ON SALE TODAY, 40% OFF while supplies last.

There’s no reason to hurry — I’ll be selling these songbooks long after Trump is gone from the White House, but I could use a couple extra bucks to handle the increase in my Medical coverage — my entire Social Security check goes to cover my medical insurance, doesn’t yours?

Hey, not to worry. If Donald Trump has his way, you’ll have a cool job rebuilding a road somewhere in the middle of the Red States, where they need it the most and where law is what you wear in a holster on your hip.

See You At The Top!!!