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What Ring Shall I Make or Buy???

First of all, “to make” or “to buy” — let us consider the facts in the case, Watson:

  • You might find a ring already-made in my collection, in which case, you can decide whether you want to pay my price or make your own for far less, with materials that I can provide, giving you every single piece you need to assemble the finished article.
  • You might have found an already-made ring in my collection and the stone can’t be duplicated. In this case, you’re stuck with one of only two options — buy it or don’t.
  • You might have found a stone in my large collection of ancient stones, one that’s perfect for your work-needs. In this case, you need only the ring-shank, the .20 gauge wrapping wire, the spacer side-beads and the stone itself to make your very own magical tool.

Here are some of the uses to which the various types of stones canĀ  be put:

ATLANTIS — Stones designated as “Atlantis” or “Atlantean” are thus described regarding their approximate date of manufacture, but in this case dating back to at least 8,400 B.C.E., which is to say, before the Second Great Flood, the one recorded as the story of Noah in the Old Testament.

Many of my most ancient man-made beads date from around 12,600 B.C.E. and can be used to access the following:

  • Atlantean Lifetimes Access
  • Akashic Records Access & Recovery
  • Atlantean Healing Stone Access
  • Afterlife Access
  • Between-Lives World Access
  • Interdimensional Access
  • Underworld Access
  • Deep Levels of Subconscious Access
  • MetaProgramming Access
  • Gods & Goddesses
  • Osiris Orion Sirius B Connection
  • StarGates, Portals & Shrine Access Points

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Yet More Stuff Already, Hey


Here are a few more goodies from my goodie-wagon, all of which are prime candidates for Remote Readings & Viewings (I explain the difference elsewhere):


Not a reproduction, this elegantly and intricately hand-carved & glazed ancient steatite stone amulet is from XXXth Dynasty Egypt. This carved “faience” can be found in museum treasures around the world.


Not a reproduction, this this large rather common copper coin was in circulation from Late Rome, around 350 A.D., through the Medieval Period in Europe.


Not a reproduction, this ancient original Hellenic Greek Bronze Coin was struck at the Syracuse Mint, and was in circulation around 433 B.C..


Not a reproduction, this rare Medieval bronze coin was found at a site known to have been held by the Knights Templar during the Crusades into the Holyland until around 1187 A.D. when Saladin defeated the Crusaders.


Not reproductions, guaranteed authentic ancient Sumerian steatite beads were found in Uruk in 1957, and have been in the U.S. since 1964.

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More Real Things For Makers, Shakers & Resellers

At the Sci-Fi & Fine Art sections of my new online bookstore.

Here are a few more choice goodies from my goodies factory:


Not a reproduction, 100% Guaranteed authentic original Donner Family Relic. The Donner Party Tragedy at Donner Pass is one of the three most famous events in California History, along with the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake & Fire, and the 1849 California Gold Rush.

This is offered by a Donner family descendant, and is part of a very limited number of found items, all dating from about 1830 to 1847. It was in the winter of 1846/47 that the Donner Party experienced the tragedy, as retold in vivid detail in the book written by one of the survivors, a daughter of George Donner, the leader of the party which ended in disaster.


Not a reproduction, this 100% guaranteed authentic ancient bead dates anywhere between 8,000 B.C. and 1200 B.C., and was laboriously drilled from both ends and ground on stone with sand and silica carbide, to cut and polish the stone. Continue reading

Your Museum Donation Could Make History!!!

Original Signed Picasso Copperplate Engraving of Ballet Dancers, 1945.

I have several museum-grade collections just sitting in three bank vaults — important art historical art and literature collections that would be highly appreciated by any public institution that received them. They are of the highest caliber and significance. You might want to purchase one or more of them and donate them to your favorite museum, university or library or build a space to house one or more of these collections. All the collections are legal to own, and have been on public display in the United States for more than half a century.

Typically, museums don’t buy things — they expect them to be donated, and many people enjoy tax benefits from buying collections and then donating them to a museum, library or university, as well as other venues such as jazz schools, jazz clubs, jazz and art academies and even malls and shops, medical waiting rooms and hospital hallways, where the weight limitations are very important and easily met by our display team technologies, and several folks have donated their collections to local Elks clubs and other public benefit organizations.

There are many other benefits that might accrue for you or someone you know, resulting from the donation of an important art or history collection, not the least of which is the sheer pleasure you get from sharing with thousands of people the beauty that you have discovered in your life, possibly bringing love, joy and beauty to theirs as well.

In addition, if your gift is important enough, you might have a Hall or a Wing named after yourself, or a loved one in memoriam, or you might elect to donate anonymously or posthumously or both. I’d discuss Living Trusts and other instruments with my accountant and attorney before making any decisions, though — you never really know what your options are until you check with the professionals for professional advice that they can guarantee and for which they take responsibility. Continue reading

What Secrets Did the Ancients Possess?

Clay Seal Stamp dated 1354 B.C. mentions the Triad in Register III — “MEM TA NEF”.

What Secrets did the Ancients possess? Quite a few that have yet to be rediscovered, but people are always rediscovering things they have forgotten how to do, how to make and how to use.

CULTURAL AMNESIA happens every time a large and imposing empire collapses from its own massive weight. Cultural Amnesia is the result of a Dark Age, an age of darkness, when the advances of the previous civilization have worn off and are no longer part of daily life.

Was there an Atlantis?

Yes, of course there was, although “Atlantis” in the Platonic sense is a combination of at least three civilizations from the long-distant past, in human reckoning. I have items from about 30,000 B.C. and they show clearly that technology was very much a part of ancient life as far back as 100,000 B.C. when they flew airplanes and dropped hydrogen bombs on each other, just as they do today.

People before Homo Sap were pretty smart, too, and then there were a surviving race of lizard men, Sauroman, that were encountered infrequently by humanoids. Also on Earth are a new breed of robot that’s being tested by the Grey II researchers on Mount … oops, almost threw that one away, but I’m careful to not violate the Prime Directive. I can give hints, but not actual data.

What I mean is, “somewhere at some undisclosed location”, don’t I??? Yes, of course. Let’s start that over … Somewhere, at some undisclosed location, there’s a Grey II research lab that uses human enzymes for various purposes. Hybrids are easier to make than metals, plastics are organic science, and flesh is so damned vulnerable to accident and illness.

Robots are the dominant higher life form just about everywhere. It takes several thousand years of civilization past the warring states stage to develop anything like Distortion Bubble InterSpace and InterDimensional Travel, as have so many civilizations before and after humans. Continue reading

When is the Release Date for “The Portal Game”???


Cover illio for The Portal Game, which teaches how to use Ancient Triads.

Portal Keys are the main use of Triads in the game, although Healing and Higher Contact are the actual intentional uses of this ancient instrument that was introduced into the life of humans of Planet Earth sometime around 30,000 B.C. during one of the earlier civilizations, which has been long submerged under the sea.

Atlantis? Possibly, but there were thousands of city-states that were destroyed in several massive catastrophic sea-level risings, a repetitive event on Earth that is soon to be repeated in our time. What happens is that the seacoast disappears underwater when the ice caps melt, which they’ve been doing for the past 65,000 years, by my clock.

Don’t let that divert you from your Essence Quest, to find and learn to use the ten Triads of the Ancients, somewhere in the wilderness — that’s the first Triad, but there are nine more, and you’ll have to explore and traverse ten different worlds to find all the Triads you’ll be carrying and using from now on. Continue reading

Ancient Triad Reconstructions & Modern Triad Reproductions of Ancient Triads


CLASSIC Modern Atlantean Machine Triad with solid 24k gold focusing discs come in a beautiful genuine blue velvet gift box.

The CLASSIC Triad is made with Normal Blue Mermaid EMO color-changing beads for the focus points, Floral EMO Tubes and solid handmade pure copper HEDGEHOG beads, formed on a solid .16 gauge pure copper CORE wire, joined at the corners to form a powerful triangular focusing device used by the ancients in almost every early civilization.

This reconstructed Triad features Ancient Cobalt Glass & solid Electrum Gold Beads. Electrum is a natural amalgam of gold with some silver, in this case about .850 fine.

While they were used mostly for healing, the ancients had other purposes to which they put the Triad and other Atlantean Machines. The solid gold discs are hand-artisaned with the Atlantean symbol, and are used in the acrylic capsules for focusing the particle beam from the Triad to the target area.

In ancient times, gold coins were used, and genuine ancient gold coins from about 450 B.C. are available for about $4,000 apiece — you’ll need three of them to begin with. Ancient gold coins are so expensive that it’s just not worth it. The sold 24k gold discs I make are inexpensive and contain enough gold in them to interact with the energy beam. Continue reading

Famous Lost Civilizations — Author’s Preface —


I shipped on board this Fourth Way Liner, “The Minnow”, 2859 B.C.E.

If you’ve seen one Mayan Temple, you’ve seen them all. They all had the same plan, just as all temples everywhere are built on the same plan, which could be typically described as “something entirely overwhelming and impressive, with, if possible, a touch of weird.”

We’ll start our journey with the Mayan Culture, but before we begin, I’d like to explain the format and rationale of the present volume. Continue reading

How to Order Medicine Wheel Choker Necklaces


Museum Reconstruction of a 4500 B.C. Sumerian Lapis necklace.

The necklace in the photo above looks deceptively easy to acquire, but it isn’t. You can’t buy this necklace at any price. It is a “School Artifact”. Relics like these can be reconstructed from ancient materials. In this case, note that the maker of all the lapis beads is the same, from the same workshop. This is not the case with beads acquired through the ordinary marketplace. Matched sets of ancient beads is exceedingly rare.

The wonderful Hand-Crafted Bali Style Copper Beads available to me now makes an authentic reconstruction of ancient pieces more possible than ever before, although how long those handmades will be available is anybody’s guess in this mechanized world.

Copper and bronze were the Metals of Choice in antiquity, but they, along with silver, tend to corrode rapidly, oxidizing into oblivion in the wet soils of time-soaked earth. Gold doesn’t oxidize, at least pure or nearly pure gold doesn’t, so it tends to survive where the silver, bronze or copper items of daily use don’t.

I prefer to use copper in the reconstruction process for two reasons. Firstly, it is more like the ancient piece than the occasional royal piece produced for the ruling class. Secondly, it is less likely to get melted down for the metal than pure gold.

Reconstructed ancient necklaces are not as expensive as you might think, starting at a very affordable $450 for a Roman Glass Necklace powered by EMO beads, to $35,000 for a stunning Egyptian Broadcollar, up to $350,000 (how much I need to buy my 70-homesiteĀ  Ashram, fully licensed for community living and ready for occupancy now) for the incredible Ancient Eye Bead Necklace of Protection & Power, reconstructed with some of the very first glass beads ever made, dating to around 1200 B.C. in Western Asia, making it unique in the field of privately-held ancient magical devices. Continue reading

Your Customer Designs This Tribal Copper Drop Earring Set for only $4.95!!!


Ken Paulson built our West Hollywood  copper shop in 1974.
Ken Paulson built our West Hollywood copper shop in 1974 where we sold jewelry.

Selling jewelry is easy. All you have to do is find a heavily trafficked location at which to conduct your business, and engage everyone in the creative process; get them involved. Continue reading