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Hey, L@@KY Here!!!

dome01 T-Shirt Powerful Atlantean Crystal Cloud Chamber by E.J. Gold. Resonates with your SuperBeacon for healing, invocation and protection. $45.99

Do you believe it??? I just spent the past eight hours massaging and uploading images and describing sections and items, and I’ve only just got half a dozen of the things up at the moment, which makes a grand total of about 2400 items for you to shop.

But wait ’til you find out what I’ve put up there!

Most of the items you’ll find on my Cafe Press Shops are things you couldn’t buy for any price — some are part of our ancient relics collection which we use in our ceremonies.

Many of the art items are just plain NOT for sale at any price, and some are for sale, but for very high prices, totally out of reach to the average collector.

The whole idea in Rembrandt’s time was to make prints, an affordable way of collecting the art of a favorite artist. Another bestseller of the time was to have the artist make up a set of “calling cards” with the art patron’s face plastered on there as if they were someone important.

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Fall Lineup for Marketing Ashram Products

Here are the preliminary labels for some of the Ashram products I have in mind for public circulation:


These are just the beginning — I intend to release as much from our Magic Kitchen as I can possibly arrange and figure out how to package and ship them safely. Continue reading

Thunderbolt Series School Tools

Wearable Thunderbolt & Lantern Combination gives Total Power.

It’s all about the mathematical patterns. It doesn’t look like much from out here in the Einsteinian Universe, but in Quantum, those little ridges are mountain ranges, and the flats are deep valleys, Going deeper within, the patterns of zig-zag & swirl create momentary and persisting vortex & gravity well Negentropic clustering points. If you’re not following me on this, you need to read the countless blogs and view the numberless videos on the subject of Quantum Effects. Continue reading

Copper Dorje Earrings from EJ Gold’s Atelier Available Now!!!

Copper Dorje Earrings by EJ Gold.

You asked for it, you got it. Panniy Michele asked if we could produce them, and we can. This is the result, and if you’re a reseller, it’s only gonna set you back $35 a pair. If you know your beads, add the costs up, and you can see what a bargain you’re getting at this wholesale price. My Copper Dorje Earrings are meant to retail for an easy $69.95.

Stay tuned for more. I’ll be inserting prayer scrolls into earrings, making Talumudic Amulets and much, much more.

Back to work, I gotta fulfill another 85 orders tonight; jewelry kits and handmade earrings are flowing like water, exactly as intended … (IN A TIGHT, THROATY HISSING VOICE) it is exactly as I have foreseen.

Rather than turn Luke to the Dark Side, I have another, much better, mission for you. How about getting out there with these earrings and building kits and get yourself in motion???

This is not about money. I have much easier ways to earn a livelihood, and in fact every penny goes back into development of new ideas and new Reincarnation Awareness Kits such as the Stone Age Series, the Ancient Empires Kits and the Medieval & Pioneer Kits.

Messing about with ancient beads and placing beads into ancient and off-world designs will definitely trigger you into visions, but they won’t all crowd in at once, or overwhelm you with memories of thousands of lives all at once.

Memories flow through a Memory-Trap, which looks at them one at a time. Notice the memory flow you have every single day, all day long. Memories tend to be fugitive and flowing, and it’s going to be a tough job to try to actually SEE what’s passing through your memory bank and in some cases, disarming the effect of a past life on the present lifetime. Continue reading

Amy & LeslieAnn GIRLS ONLY Tats


Tattoo-Fashions lead designers LeslieAnn on left, Amy on right, inspecting full-color temp tats on a printed sale sheet.

My BBBBFF Amy and I stood around in 94 degree heat yesterday like a couple of teenage girls, chatting and giggling and carrying on to the point of attracting some attention from casual bystanders, but did we care??? Continue reading

Go-Go Gone Ga-Ga

There’s a certain “look” to dancing these days that disallows one to stray from the path of the Orthodox Dance of the Day, but actually, it’s always been that way. These girls have to work very hard at their craft, which clearly, from the moves used in the dance, involves attracting sex partners, object… possible relationship. Continue reading