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What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Why Do You Tolerate It???


david car

One kind of person you definitely do NOT want to marry is someone, male or female, with NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

What does an NPD look like, exactly?

An NPD is easy to spot. I’ll give you the basic clues in a simple rundown:

1    A very exaggerated sense of one’s talents, skills and importance in the world at large.

2.   An obvious and obsessive need for attention, lots of it, and admiration, if available.

3.   Fantasies of Great Romance. I don’t have to spell this one out for you.

4.   Fantasies of Great Insight, Great Ideas, Personal Greatness in general.

5.   Views people as objects or “dolls”, as in “my dolls came to help me give a party!”, or “hey, bitch, how about a blowjob?”.

6.   Easily offended, and when offended, crushed beyond hope, until he or she gets his or her way with you. For the NPD, everything, even the most harmless and exalted thing, is a weapon to be used to keep you under control.

7.   Self-criticism and NPD do not mix well. NPDs who are confronted with any issues problems will go immediately into a tailspin of rage and/or paranoiac accusations in every direction.

8.   Totally Unbelievably Powerful Sense of Righteousness. Even the most evil of acts can be easily rationalized by the NPD, because lying comes easier than telling the simple truth.

9.   An NPDs feelings are easily hurt. This is the first and sometimes last line of defense for the NPD who hasn’t yet crushed you down all the way to the ground.

10.   Seems very sympathetic and empathetic, but has a heart of stone, no feelings for other whatever, totally sociopathic in every respect, and a potential candidate for doing harm to others without a single drop of remorse.

11.   Has no respect for others, yet demands respect from others, and has a temper tantrum when that doesn’t happen to his or her expectations.

12.   Is able to easily rationalize and justify the most barbaric and animalistic acts, thinks of them as completely ordinary and in every respect totally normal. Doesn’t everyone do what I do??? Of course they do.

13.   Bad things tend to happen around an NPD. They get hurt easily and others get hurt just by being near them, either physically or emotionally or both.

14.   Sense of Personal Entitlement. The world owes them a living, and they tend to let their totally disrupted partner carry the weight of earning the living for both of them.

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What is Ashram Work?


Leslie-Ann conducts a London Bus Tour of the Higher Dimensions, Oct. 21, 2013.

If you’re really heavily into The Seduction Path, you won’t have much time for Ashram Work, if you get there at all. The Seduction Path is a very busy path, with all sorts of day-calendar and night-calendar appointments — they’re called “Assignations” in movies about the French courtiers and their carryings-on. Relationship maintenance takes a lot of effort and energy, but if you manage to remain in a stable relationship, you’ll be able to take a few minutes for your Ashram Work. Remember that you can do this work in your bathrobe, slippers and shower-cap on your laptop, and soon you’ll be able to enter the Ashram through your eyeglasses or wristwatch, and not long now before you’ll be able to browse the internet with that fantastic new Galaxian Internet Implant Device that enables your brain to assemble full-blown tactile hallucinatory shopping malls and never-ending reverberating mental infomercials. If you’ve got a few minutes on your hands and you’re near a laptop or a desktop computer and you happen to have downloaded and installed the second-life engine, you might consider working on your Personal Evolutionary Potential. Here’s how you can do that right now, today:

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Go-Go Gone Ga-Ga

There’s a certain “look” to dancing these days that disallows one to stray from the path of the Orthodox Dance of the Day, but actually, it’s always been that way. These girls have to work very hard at their craft, which clearly, from the moves used in the dance, involves attracting sex partners, object… possible relationship. Continue reading