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Greatest Kid’s Gift Ever


No matter how strapping and healthy I might be at age 76, and the issue is still in doubt, but getting better every day — I’m a short-timer on Planet Earth, and I’m not making any long-term personal plans that might involve the 22nd century.

I guess you’d place me in the “Oh, go f*ck yourself” stage of life, meaning that there’s nothing they can do to this country or to the national standards of decency and honesty that has any long-term effect on me, but Hell, that’s been true since the day I took rebirth, and it’s not likely to ever change, not now, not ever.

As for building personal wealth, I’ve had a running battle with government for years on the subject of Voluntary Poverty as a way of life that is accepted, but have not had much luck on that front.

I have no retirement fund, and no plans to build one. No medical insurance, if they take away medicare. I’m shit out of luck on that front. My only concern is that I’m not a burden, and I’ve done what I had to in order for that to happen. I’ve made sure that my personal voluntary poverty will at least do no harm.

Personal Poverty is one thing, cultural poverty quite another, and in this country, culture has gone rapidly downhill toward the days of Ancient Greece, Rome and Sumer, not to mention Babylon. Continue reading

Trump is a 4-Letter Word


Trump is a 4-Letter Word. It’s properly used in a sentence as in: “Trump you”, or “Go Trump yourself”, and can be applied correctly in this way: “Trumpsucker” or “Trumpfucker”, making it obvious that the word “Trump” is far more obsce than “fucker”, but I digress, and I haven’t even started yet.

Trump makes a habit of attacking people. I don’t have that habit, but thanks to our stupid and clearly insane leader, I’m learning.

But, like I said before, Trump Trump — there’s no time to hassle his world, no energy to take in the news every day, day after day, no room to fit the overflow of information about Trump. Try to spend the entire day never once saying “Trump”. Good luck on that. You’ll be muttering his name constantly, until he gets himself impeached.

That’s why I say, “Trump Trump” — I gotta concentrate on making a living, and at the age of 76, that’s no longer an easy task — it’s barely possible.



Maybe you’re in the same situation. Almost everyone is, these days, thanks to Trump’s incessant need for praise and public scorn. They go hand in hand, in case you didn’t know.

So — are you living from paycheck to paycheck or worse? What I mean is, are you living from day to day? That puts you in the “day-laborer” category, whether you know it or not.

If you’re living from hour to hour, that’d place you on a street, in a subway or sleeping in an all-night theater.

You need some cash, and fast.

Do you dine frequently in the local cafeteria? Do you count out the change when you board a bus? Are you worried that you might not have enough money in your bank account to cover the check you’re about to write? Has your credit card been chopped up by your mate?

If the answer to any of those questions is “Yes”, you’re in more trouble than I thought, and there might not be any hope.



Oh, Hell, we can always hope. Let’s hope. Are you hoping yet?

Kind of a “Mr. Rogers” way of handling things, eh? Can you spell “Up shit’s creek”???

It’s so simple to pull yourself out of it, but will you do it? Do you have the will, and if not, can you borrow the will?

I want to send you to a website page. When you get there, please scroll all the way down the page to note all the items. It took me an entire evening’s work to hang those there, and many thousands of hours to produce them in the first place.

Keep in mind that these are FREEBIES in the sense that YOU pay the same as I pay for these items, except that I have to order 24 at a time, but YOU can order just a six-pack carton to try out a title to see how it sells, or to use for an event that relates to the item.

These FREEBIES carry small versions of images that I sell and have sold throughout the decades for hundreds of dollars, and they are all available through Redbubble as prints, posters, metal prints, stretched canvas and  acrylic block prints, as well as a variety of additional products featured on Redbubble.

The presentation and premium value of these items cannot be overestimated. They make incredible corporate gifts, personal and family gifts, get-well gifts, wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, baby shower, baptism, confirmation, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and indeed any other holiday or festive occasion, including Celebrations of Life for short-timers who want to, as it were, attend their own wake.



These collectible tins come in two sizes, 3 ounce and 7 ounce, and the official worldwide wholesale price is $6.20 per tin. Keep that number in mind. Actually, memorize it.

The retail is $12.50, but you can vary this as $12.95 or $12.99 if you like those numbers better. They all work — I’m convinced that it’s a matter of superstition that one price tag makes more sales than another, and I’d be inclined to try $11.99 as a better alternative, but you’ll never really know what makes a looky-loo into a cash customer.

There are a wide variety of images on these things, but keep in mind that, no matter what they look like, THEY ARE ALWAYS THE SAME PRODUCT.

It’s just one product, called “The Product”.

Properly marketed — which means I need about $20,000 to make this happen — we’d put a single product into bulk form, dispense and package it up at need, and have a wide variety of images that could be put on the product, all of which make the product collectible.

Collectible tins. They can hold buttons, seeds, sea shells, antique iron keys and so much more. They can be traded, and in the case of the illustrations and fine art images, they can be collected in groups, if you can manage to connect the dots, which means, in a nutshell, that I put the things up as they came up on the screen, not in any particular order.

Consequently, you’ll inevitably find a few doubles that appear in two or more places at once, which is a feature — actually, it’s quite explainable as an effect of quantum entanglement, where a single object is bilocating — they do that, in my world, and it makes it hard as Hell to keep track of who’s who, and where they are, exactly.



Okay, so the point is that these FREEBIES are useful as marketing tools. They can be given as a premium in a much higher dollar sale, or placed at every place on a board table at a marketing meeting, or sold as “samples” at a mall, or sold in a fair, in a shop or taken into any kind of shop from beauty supply to builders & consumers lumber yards.

Every imaginable tie-in is available, and if it doesn’t already exist, I’ll make it for you and put it up for you.

If you want more than one six-pack flat, contact me. If you want any flavor other than DOUBLE DUTCH, you’ll have to order 24 tins or more to get the design through their process. They won’t run less than 24, unless the order comes from zazzle — that’s the only exception, and that’s part of a promotion operation that might not last forever.

What I mean is, get off your ass and DO something.

If you’ve wanted some of my artwork, or vintage historical photos and more, this is your ONE opportunity to get them in this great, saleable art-form that is SO inexpensive.

I’ve never had any of my artwork up for sale this cheap.

$6.20 per Unit of Product.

Again, don’t forget that important word, “Product”. It’s the only word you need to describe what you handle, use and sell.

It’s a magic product.



The magic is in the Blessing, but also partly in the image — but the image and the package have a greater use. They invite the buyer to bring this powerful magic into their lives.

Please take advantage while we still have the freedom and the means is still here for us.


There are two WHOLESALE ONLY collections at this time. Here’s the link for the second one, which I’ve just completed this morning, about an hour ago, before working on this blog.


Those two pages will give you more than enough to get started selling. You can use those pages as catalogs, and the whole idea is to shift the customer away from the basic six-pack order to a 24-count totally custom product for their business or shop or family event, so you can get a percentage out of it.

If they only want the six-pack, let them select and buy right there on zazzle. I’ll protect you on any custom orders, so not to worry about losing the sale.

Think of all these pieces on zazzle as merely samples. The real sale happens when you take an order for 1000 units or more of a single title.

See You At The Top!!!


Zen Teapots, Zen Platters

Please note that the above graphic is live-linked to the selling page that carries this product, but that same page is also a gateway to an entire shopful of hundreds of items that they might also find of interest.

Placing live-link graphics is part of the New Marketing, and using dozens or hundreds of websites to drive traffic to your selling “target” pages is called “Cluster Marketing”. Both social media and cluster marketing will be necessary to create serious wealth and to make a real impact in the art and fashion market.

Transgender Designer LeslieAnn introduces a new line branded “LeslieAnn’s Leggins”

LeslieAnn’s Leggins is, according to Claude’s estimate, and he’s seldom wrong on these matters, going to be a smash-hit viral sensation on the market.

I have a special set of diagrammatic and sparkly whammo designs just ready for the market, and for someone brave to take a chance and open a “LeslieAnn’s Leggins” Branded Store, either brick-and-mortar or just online.

You buy the UNIQUE designs for your shop for one low simple price and then all the profit is yours. There is a “hit clause” just in case your sales go over a million a week, but I know you’ll want that in there for the good of the work community.

So if you don’t have any money to throw around, what are the opportunities here???

Zen teapots, Zen platters. Doesn’t that sound awfully familiar? It should sound familiar, and if you’re immortal and have a decent Multitrack Memory, it should ring more than just a bell, it should ring several bells, because this isn’t the first time you’ve ever come this way.

You react to this world as if it’s all a big surprise.

It shouldn’t be. This level is always more or less the same, with more or less the same results — the major facts never change, just the details, but in this time-frame, Trump is always in power, always outrageous and always getting himself in trouble. Continue reading

You Ain’t Gonna Believe Yer Eyes!!!

This Ashram Sailing Keychain is only $39.99, while they last!

Boy, am I excited! I came across a great little formula for CAFEPRESS, something that really works, really cooks, and really is easy as pie to make and maintain! Wow, I can hardly wait to tell you!

Okay, I won’t wait.

That keychain you see above is the basis for an idea that is gonna set you free, bunkie. Continue reading

How to make a million in metal embossing

Make an angel step-by-step.
Make an angel step-by-step — it’s easy if you do it one step at a time — don’t rush it.

It’s really simple to make “1 Million Bucks” in metal embossing. Start with a 1 1/2″ circle of metal, on which you make an outer circle about four to five millimeters from the edge, then a close-by inner circle to create a thin one to two millimeter “barrier strip” between the outer band and the inner band, which become your “capture bands” for the interior illustration.

Then in the inside circle, draw “1 Million Bucks”, with the standard Gorby Balloon Lettering you learned from my book, “The Art of Fine-Art Scrapbooking”, which is now available as a full-color electronic version you can download and print out for your lettering and compositional guidance. Continue reading

Top Searchwords on eBay for Art & Artists

Graphite Drawing 1949, available as a 24″ x 36″ — spectacular fine art print on watercolor paper retail $950, new signed VERY limited edition of only 22 copies.

Read it and weep — we’re going to wade through a bit of negative news first, but I assure you that there’s GOOD NEWS at the end of the trail — here is a list of the top 14 eBay searchwords for ART, listed in the order of their relative importance, most-popular searchword in the first place, least popular searchword in last place, thus:

  1. Poster
  2. Wall Art
  3. Mondo
  4. Mondo Poster
  5. Antique Oil Painting
  6. Canvas Art
  7. Original Oil Painting
  8. Oil
  9. Canvas Painting
  10. Sculpture
  11. Etching
  12. Watercolor
  13. Metal Wall Art
  14. WPA (Work Progress Administration — Depression Era Art)
One of the less-objectionable Keith Haring “artworks” generated by the Warhol Marketing Plan, which was to rip off everyone mercilessly without regard for public safety, sanity or aesthetic.

Continue reading

A Brief History of Gold

Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Grass Valley, Ca. Performance, 2016.
Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center onstage with E.J. Gold JazzArt,  2016.

The list is long, but I’ll give you a brief history of my art exhibits over the years. I’ve left out hundreds of shows with the same galleries to avoid a boring list. I seem to have anywhere from five to fifteen shows a year every year, with the exception of my “vacation times”, short intervals between painting and sculpting and music and theater and dance and ceramic arts, paper arts, you know — exploration and application. I know you’ll want this for your eBay and other art listings, so here’s the SHORT list — the whole list can be found in the Linda Corriveau photobiography, “More Color, Less Soul”. Continue reading

Have You Missed The Boat???

E.J. Gold Acrylic on Canvas “Red Sky Sun” in the collection of King Hussein & Queen Noor of Jordan.

If you’re reading this, there’s still a chance to jump on board. I’m planning a full-frontal economic surge this spring, just to illustrate how it can be done with no money and just a little of your time. My goal is to raise an unspecified amount of funds — which means I haven’t got a specific target or a specific amount as a money-goal. The money is irrelevant. I’m just doing this to prove it can be done and, if you took the time and spent the energy, YOU could be doing it just as easily as I. Continue reading

Collections For Sale


Here is a list of the items or collections we are offering today:

  • Jerry Hodges Jurassic Paleontology Collection — $35,000-$50,000
  • Ancient Gold Collection — Sumerian, Greek, Roman — $100,000-$120,000
  • Renoir Collection Works on Paper Including 1 Unique — $50,000-$85,000
  • Ancient Faces Collection — $35,000-$50,000
  • Mummies, Myth & Magic TAP Tour Show & Licensed Program Script — $25,000
  • American & German Abstract Expressionists Works on Paper — $6,000-$12,000
  • Schwaderer Collection — $6,000-$8,000
  • Hudson Valley Painters Collection — $5,500-$8,500
  • Cedar Bar Celebrities 1950s Vintage Paintings by E.J. Gold — $110,000-$175,000
  • Chagall Litho Collection — $10,000-$12,000
  • Miro Litho Collection — $10,000-$12,000
  • Picasso Litho Collection — $8,000-$10,000
  • Dali Collection — $18,000-$22,000
  • Matisse Collection — $14,000-$18,000
  • Rembrandt Collection — open to discussion
  • van Ostade — open to discussion
  • Durer — open to discussion
  • Old Masters — open to discussion
  • Ancient Reconstructed Jewelry in Solid 24k Gold Granulation from $35,000-$450,000 — These are made with ancient glass or stone, dated about 3,500-4,500 years ago. They were made for Isis Gallery on Wilshire & Rodeo Drive, and are worn by very famous women, some of them Royals in Europe and the Middle East. The collection numbers some 150 pieces, literally Crown Jewels, these unique and incredibly rare works of personal adornment cannot be obtained elsewhere for any price.
  • Ancient Bead Collection — $22,000-$35,000
  • Degas Vollard Museum-Exhibited Ornately Framed Collection — $5,000-$8,000
  • JazzArt Marsalis Performance Backdrops & Monumentals — $35,000-$175,000
  • Tattoo-Fashions Performance Gear Collection — $5,000-$8,000
  • Golden Age Comic H.L. Gold Collection w/Jor-El Story & MADs — $5,000-$8,000
  • Theodora van Runkle Islamic Gold Collection — $110,000-$125,000
  • Mosaic Pottery from the Captivity & Exodus UNIQUE — $110,000-$300,000
  • Large C-6 Chondrite Meteorites — $8,000-$12,000
  • The Donner Unpublished Private Letters, Photos & Artifacts — $1,000,000 — Absolutely unique collection of Donner Party Memorabilia from a descendant of the Donner family.
  • The Spencerian Handwriting & Photo Collection — $8,000-$20,000 — Unique historical documents from Platt Rogers Spencer, inventor of handwriting penmanship technique taught in schools for almost 100 years. His handwritten documents appear in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol building.
  • Gurdjieff Library — $5,000-$8,000 —  Includes 1st Publication “All & Everything” in MINT with original Prospectus & Completely Intact Dustjacket, plus a very vintage copy of the 1941 prepublication manuscript, plus many rare Gurdjieffian publications not seen in many years.
  • Legacy Lincoln Collections with Keys Complete 4 Sets, $4,500-$8,500 each.
  • Legacy Ancient Jewish Coins — Mint Error Coins Very Rare — $5,000-$8,000
  • Ultra-Rare Greek Miniature Terra-Cotta Theater Masks & Statuettes of Actors, one as Socrates — $35,000-$50,000.
  • Artist’s Books Collection — $50,000-$100,000.
  • Chagall & Miro Complete Unplundered Catalogues Raisonne. $18,000-$22,000
  • Werkman Holocaust Museum Exhibit with Original Works on Paper — $5,000-$8,000
  • Claude Needham Stone Sculpture Garden — $45,000-$65,000.
  • EJ Gold Bronze Sculpture Collection — $200,000-$450,000.
  • EJ Gold 11-Foot Tall Lightweight Metal-Clad Architectural Sculpture — $22,000-$28,000 — Needs no special engineering or floor supports, can be installed in New York apartment or loft without problems.
  • EJ Gold Architectural Mural Installation — Price will vary depending on size & shipping weight, installation issues, etc. range: $50,000-$350,000.
  • Miniature Z-Scale Briefcase Train Set created for Bill Clinton by White House Artist E.J. Gold. — $5,000-$12,000 — Absolutely Unique Marklin set, handmade and fully weathered and populated, with an original watercolor backdrop.
  • EJ Gold Handpainted Original Terrarium Backdrop — $5,000-$8,000.
  • EJ Gold Handpainted Original Doggie Jacket — $5,000-$8,000.
  • EJ Gold Handpainted Reunion Blues Leather Gig Bags, All Instruments, estimates will vary from $5,000-$22,000 for the double-bass bag. Many famous jazz musicians have an EJ Gold Reunion Blues gig bag.
  • EJ Gold Designed Tiny House Furnished w/Artwork built on your property, all codes and permits included, from $110,000 to $1,450,000 — Your Tiny House is specially designed and fully engineer-architected to be environmentally friendly with all the amenities but none of the hassle of a full-sized house. The Tiny House is built on your property, to your written approval. Special non-offgassing flooring, wallboards, paints and carpeting are used.
  • Domain Names — hundreds of fabulous domain names, many very short, prices vary, NO ownership, copyright or trademark violations, guaranteed, all sites are up and working, many gathering very good traffic and interest, from s3xx.com all the way to paganwebsite.com — we bought when you could still buy. Realistically and competitively priced from $5,000 to $1,500,000.
EJ Gold paints a backdrop element for Jazz at Lincoln Center, 2015.

Those are just a few of the collections that I can put together for an auction or presentation. There’s everything from baseball cards and celebrity photos to rare perfumes and celebrity costumes seen in films and television.

See You At The Top!!!